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  • ayayaayaya Member Posts: 163

    You all wanted custom chase music for every killer and they gave you non directional crap LUL

  • TWiXTTWiXT Member Posts: 1,697

    This, and the fact that unlike all other killers in the game, he has a whopping 5 separate slowdowns just for using his power:

    Blade wipe, successful hit or miss reeling, cooldown, reload, and aiming.

    The most any other killer has is 3, like GF for example:

    blade wipe, crouch, and stalking.

    And the majority of other killers have 2 slowdowns:

    Blade wipe, power use/power cooldown

    With Deathslinger, an already slower than average movement speed killer with a limited ranged attack, its actually absurd that he has so many slowdowns in comparison to all of the other killers in the game, and because of that, his kit is far too lenient on survivor teams. To be good with him you have to nail every shot you take with his power or the survivors will get away while you are reeling your missed shot back in, on cooldown, and reloading. Every time he uses his power he ends up giving up more time for the survivors to accomplish their objectives regardless of whether or not he succeeds in his attempt. Huntress just slows down for blade wipes and when she winds up a hatchet, and she can actually down survivors from across the map with a good aim, whereas Deathslinger has to be much closer, hit with his spear, and spend up to 5 seconds slowed down while reeling in the survivor just to do some damage to them. Quite honestly, if he didn't have a lower TR, he'd never even get close enough in range of survivors to attempt to use his power in the first place let alone pursue them.

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