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After about 50 games of PH I got 1 time DSed

RayrafLPPRayrafLPP Member Posts: 618

This killer is a miracle. If sounds would work correctly now the game would be actually enjoyable.

You can play killer without being rushed at from Survivors with DS active, i love it so much.

Not tunneling a lot, not camping at all.

The difference is huge though.

I mained Oni before and you got DSed after hooking two other people it was insane.

Thx for making killer fun again, it may be just 1 out of 20 but I dont care.

I have an average of 2 DS in my games (Rank 1 PS4) and its just nice to see people not getting something out of their meta perk.

Just had a Game against a SWF who overcommited on gens. They wanted them get done sooo badly even if im in their face, but bad luck for them i can hit them all at once now.

PH is a killer that does fine against death squads.

I have to say that I think im pretty good with his range attack, so many people say hes not that good.

I think hes like A Demogorgon with the abillity of fast hooking and countering half of the meta perks.

A Tier killer for me, dont care if its a C for you guys ;)

out of all my games I only had two times where I got no one, I dont think I ever did a 1k, some 2ks and because of whispers never a 3k. roundabout 40 4ks i guess with some of them at 5 gens because they overcommited on the first one.

I LOVE HIM actually pretty good job this time.

Now nerf OoO and get haddonfield and ormond fixed and maybe I will start losing to people better then me and not because they ran meta perks and bad map design.

It is a joy!


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