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The new map and killer proved the devs don't care about balance.

Pyramid head is broken. It's not even a "git gud" situation. Another killer released that is the master of everything. With his "rites of judgement" he gets a free perk that is territorial imperative for every hook and it doesn't even have a limit. The major problem with this is that when you are unhooked, you are forced to run through his trail, thereby giving him an extremely quick "hook" or kill. It also counters all survivor perks that disincentivize tunneling.

His range power is also the most broken of all the range powers. It can go through everything and has a wider range. All you have to do on a loop is put down some trail from rites of judgement, wait till the survivor gets into an area with a pallet, and then hit punishment of damned. You can also quickly chain your primary attack right into a punishment attack. There is 0 skill with this killer involved. He is broken.

You can also tell that the devs lost all respect for balance with the release of the new "map". There is little to no indication of where gens are, loops are either long or nonexistent, and the entire map design appears fairly samey and convoluted.

So not only do killer-mains get an absolutely busted killer and busted map, but they also have the gall to continue to cry about gen time? I swear people who constantly come on this forum don't understand how terrible it is to play gen simulator. To stare at gens. I'm at red ranks and I'm not seeing this game that is being described here. Where all killers are just being bullied and games are done in 4 minutes. It will never be enough. No amount of nerfs, broken killers, or dumb maps will every satisfy people on this forum.


  • ThatbrownmonsterThatbrownmonster Member Posts: 1,578

    "free perk that is territorial imperative for every hook and it doesn't even have a limit"

    You do know that you can't use that next to hooks right? Also you can counter that like the hag by crouch walking over it, hag can teleport to you, pyramid head can't

    "His range power is also the most broken of all the range powers"

    Is nurse and the huntress fine then? He is pretty use to dodge, he also gives a warning of where his power is landing

    I can agree regarding the new map that is hard to find gens, also the fact that there are 4 staircases and 2 of them depend of the killer breaking a wall

    The game is a better state, but swfs still ruin the exprience by gen rushing as much as possible

  • Ascended4HeadAscended4Head Member Posts: 55

    For your first point you completely forget about killer shack and basement. Any Pyramid with above a 20IQ puts down rite at the window and both exit gates. All it takes is a small amount. This means you are being warned at any range when a survivor enters the killer shack for a hook save. You may not be able to do it a certain distant from gens, but there is no issue making a circle around a hook, thereby being able to tunnel and counteract any type of D-Strike by just sending them to the cage right off the ground.

    The only perk that it counters in regards to killer is BBQ and Cheater. Which doesn't matter because you are getting a very nice tradeoff in the form of countering all survivor perks, not having to pick up the survivor, and potentially having them go to a distant place, away from gens - this is especially beneficial if you are doing a 3 gen strat.

    Your third point, is all subjective. Like my point about it being harder to dodge. However, his attacks can go through any object, unlike death slinger. I don't even like to compare to death slinger since deathslinger is another smooth brained anti-chase killer that is extremely easy to play. He might not have extreme map pressure, but he can shut down any chase easily and is extremely effective around hooks and very powerful with 3 gen strats.

  • HamletEagleHamletEagle Member Posts: 1,200
    edited June 20

    You can crouch over it. TBH i'd love it was walking as well... Not all of us are running urban evasion... Which is yet, another reason to run that perk...

    As of now, PH has no cooldown when he stops from his Trail of Judgment, he can easily fake it out while maintaining the same speed, then quickly swing after. People say just don't unsafe hooks... They obviously haven't played against him, especially when he has range addons... At that point he becomes Bubba when trying to unhook, but with a twist, he can reach you from 10+ meters away, He doesn't even need to see you doing the unhook as it can go trough walls.... If you don't have BT, you just lost the game, because you either gave the killer a down, two downs or 2 injured survivors which is the best outcome.

    What pisses me off is the fact they gave a reason for people to Tunnel and Camp, since PH is by far the best at doing so.. How? He ignores DS and BT. He is very unhealthy for the game right now. Every day there are 5+ posts about tunneling and camping, and releasing a killer that promotes this kind of behaviour is just not good ...

    Nothing but the same tactic, in all ranks, occasionally you'd find a PH that doesn't do this. Just get hit by torment, hooked, tunneled, put into cage, go to the cage because he can see the aura and get instantly killed because you can't proc BT. These are the same kind of people that stay near the hook, proxy camp, camp in general and tunnel, and now BHVR just gave them the best Toy they could've ever dreamed of.

    Regarding the new map, it's shait, the art looks amazing, but the level design, the lack of stairs, some pallet spawns, just makes it very annoying to play on, especially as a killer that lacks movement abilitiest, such as Bubba. Demo seems to do quite well as i've played him on the map, countless times. Getting up and down is quite easy with portals, easily one of his best maps. I'd love if there were lights flickering outside in he hallway to indicate that there's a gen there.

    Trails of Judgment now also bug out when putting them around hooks and gens, what a surprise, another bug... They stay there, but they are invisible, and surprise surprise, when you go over there, you get hit by Torment... Not to mention how awful the wires looks on the survivor's screen... That texture could not be more rushed.

  • Ascended4HeadAscended4Head Member Posts: 55

    Nurse has been nerfed and you have an opportunity to put distance while she is recharging her power. It is also balanced because of her lowest movement speed among all killers.

    Huntress has an audible queue when she is fully wound up, she is very weak around some loops, you can put an object between you and the huntress because she can not throw through solid objects.

  • Ascended4HeadAscended4Head Member Posts: 55

    I'm so tired of the brain dead "this doesn't agree with the very biased narrative of this forum which has been created by the mods and the abuse anyone receives if they don't agree that this game is survivor sided. So you must be a troll!". That's a really smart take, man. Especially since I'm debating with examples.

  • ThatbrownmonsterThatbrownmonster Member Posts: 1,578

    everything you said is wrong

    Also you didn't adress the rest of what I said

    Nurse might give you some distance while recharging but she can still down you easily

    You will have to sooner or later vault a palelt against a huntress, thats where she hits you

  • Ascended4HeadAscended4Head Member Posts: 55

    Sure let me know what I said was wrong? That nurse wasn't nerfed? That you don't have time now to put distance in between yourself and nurse to break line of sight? That huntress has wind up? That she's very weak around certain loops? These are just facts, man. It's very telling that you didn't specifically call out anything I said as "wrong" but just went with your feelings.

  • CheersCheers Member Posts: 3,426

    And a survivor with matching IQ when it comes to the shack, a hook or an exit gate, will just crouch walk, causing the effects of rites of judgement to be to be null.

    As for windows, this is like Trapper, Freddy and Hag. They're strategic spots which benefit their power.

    Yet again, you may not use it within a certain proximity of exit gates and hooks.

    Going to just bring up the fact you called it BBQ and Cheater. Why? It rewards you for doing your objective. It's like calling Adrenaline an overpowered perk (which it is not).

    Going back to the point,it counters other perks I often finding myself using such as Devour Hope or Dying Light.

    If the killer gets you into a 3 gen, regardless of where he puts you, if it be the a hook or a cage, he will be in a highly advantageous position due to you and your teams lack of awareness.

    All of this is subjective, for example, I really struggle playing against Wraith, yet most find him a weak and easy killer.

  • Ascended4HeadAscended4Head Member Posts: 55

    Even if you crouch walk into the shack, you just can't take the extra time to crouch walk out of the shack. This leads to an extremely easy chain kill most of the time, counteracting all perks.

    You can literally say "x perk rewards y for doing z". You can literally say that about any perk.

  • ThatbrownmonsterThatbrownmonster Member Posts: 1,578

    This is a troll everyone, please stop feeding him

  • DehitayDehitay Member Posts: 1,601
    edited June 20

    Wow, there actually is a huge balance problem with this killer and yet you somehow missed it and started complaining about things that are easy to deal with. Rites of Judgement can just be crouched over rather easily since you know exactly what the range is and exactly where they are. If you think that's bad, Hag must be an utter nightmare for you. His ranged attack is ridiculously easy to dodge and then on top of that, it gives you 5 seconds while he can't do anything to reposition yourself. Unless you're in a narrow straightpath or mindgamed into an animation, this ranged power is completely in the survivor's favor.

    However, his cages negate Borrowed Time and Decisive Strike in certain cases which makes tunnelling a survivor out of the game far easier if you commit to it which can upset the balance quite a deal.

  • JHondoJHondo Member Posts: 477

    Pyramid Head is weak. I dodged his power by fast vaulting a pallet as his ranged attack struck. Also I never run the annoying 2nd Chance perks except for Borrowed Time occasionally so his cages cancelling perks doesn't affect me in the slightest cause I don't feel the need to play the game with a crutch (even though hitting a killer with DS will make it more likely for them to tunnel you, especially early in the game) Pyramid Head's trail is incredibly easy to avoid on most maps, his ranged attack may have some good distance with add-ons but it's still incredibly slow and easy to dodge, if you're getting hit by it while unhooking then you're doing an unsafe unhook, his cages send the survivor to the farthest point away from the killer and if you're playing smart there will be a Survivor nearby who can get you out and in many cases heal you before he can get back to you. Killer perks that are lost by using cages are BBQ, Dead Man's Switch, Make your Choice, Pop, Thrilling Tremors, and Devour Hope. Survivor perks lost by cages are BT, DS, Breakdown, half of Aftercare, and you lose the exhaustion reset but that doesn't completely bypass an exhaustion perk because you just have to hide or walk for ~45 seconds.

    For the new map it's actually bad for many killers because it cannot be pressured and it takes so long to get from one floor to another. The map is great for immersed/stealth survivors and great for high mobility killers, just learn how to adapt to the map instead of refusing and killing yourself first hook, try sneaking, or get around without using the main hallways. Or if you really hate the new map there are these green items that clog up my bloodwebs called Map Offerings that you can always bring.

  • DeshDesh Member Posts: 877

    Anyone who disagrees with "our points"? Clearly they're just Killer mains so we'll ignore their points.

  • Primalux135Primalux135 Member Posts: 1,045

    Rites of judgement dissapear in secs while close to hook and btw crouch like you do with hag is a valid strategy.

    Dont get tormented so take the hit, if killer doesnt bring pop or bbq it will be an easier game if he can cage anyone. Also saving a tormented one quit you the tormeted status.

    About the hit throught pallets huntress also is able to do that. Huntress have much range but pyramid can go thro objects with low range. Wide range would be on fan not on straight line.

    Demogorgon can change from shred to normal hit so why complain about cancel power?

    Same happens with haddonfield where gens are on house or hawkins you cant see exactly where are the gens. Its just learning spawns.

    About looping pallets I think you should have been on loop for one minute pallet linking was a unfair crap and Im grateful they quitted it. Also some pallets are made for killers take and specific route to be effective (also called unsafe pallets) but you know killers learns and such...

    So you recognize its boring staring at gens and end too quick? Maybe cuz game wasnt made to be played in SWF and so if you use a hammer to kill a fly you get ur things broken.

    You know what will satisfy me?

    -Moris out or being properly reworkedlike 3rd hook you can kill survivor.

    -Keys cant spawn on chest and neither can save several players( If everyone bring keys you will get instant lobby dodge)

    Add ffs the f***ing voice comms and buff killers according it.

    If that happens I would be glad even tho there are bugs, unused perks due to be very situational etc.

  • SaltedSnowSaltedSnow Member Posts: 302

    You're agreeing with someone who thinks an easy to dodge, 8m range attack is op. Of course people are going to disagree with the two of you. Doesn't make them killer mains though.

  • SaltedSnowSaltedSnow Member Posts: 302

    The new map is as trash for killer as it is for survivors.

    PHs are playing like that because survivors fall for it every time. Unhook before he gets to the cage and he can't tunnel. If he camps do gens.

  • Nutty_ProfessorNutty_Professor Member Posts: 619
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