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PC - Bloodpoints not awarded correctly post game

  • Public Match Killer Game
  • BBQ and Chili Perk
  • Bloody Party Streamers offering
  • Normal gameplay, no problems
  • Known bug about perks not showing up in post game screen
  • Missed out on 32000 or 64000 Bloodpoints due to missing perk


  • Character played - Wraith
  • Perks played - BBQ and Chili, Sloppy Butcher, Nurse's Calling, Pop Goes the Weasel
  • Map - Springwood variation
  • Frequency of the issue - one time, most recent game

Quick Summary

  • Played Wraith with BBQ and Chili and Bloody Party Streamers on a Springwood map. Mine was the only points offering. Played really well and ended up with a 32000 bloodpoint game. Post game was rewarded with only 64000 points. Clicked over to perk screen and I had the bug where it didnt show my perks but it showed my addons. So I believe my points were calculated with the game believing I didn't have BBQ and only doubled the 32000, instead of the 100 bonuses from both BBQ and BPS.


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