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Pyramid Head is well designed, but can have a toxic playstyle

gatsbygatsby Member Posts: 1,627

Pyramid Head's power makes looping intense and its quite similar to Huntress. Correctly predict a vault or pallet drop and you get a free hit. He's pretty much just a massive mindgame. You have to prepare for and M1 or M2 at all times because unlike Huntress he's 115%. It's interactive so both the Survivor and Killer feel like their decisions effect the outcome of chases.

Unfortunately, the torment mechanics heavily encourages tunneling and its pretty common as a playstyle to try to force an early Kill without fear of Decisive. It seems like a strategy to leave someone tormented on 2nd hook so they can immediately Mori. It takes farming to a new level because they can immediately come back to the hook and just go for the Kill. You can't really win in that scenario, because the Killer will not chase the saver they'll go straight for the guy who just got off the hook. Kind of hard to win there honestly, I feel like eventually the strategy will be to just let people die on second hook if they're tormented because there's no point in saving them. Kind of like when you have someone in the basement with Bubba or Hag. You'll just have to accept they're dead and not get off gens


  • IceCreamPrincessIceCreamPrincess Member Posts: 211

    I find the opposite actually, yeah torment means the Executioner can mori someone off of 2nd hook, they have to be in the area to tunnel them, meaning the unhooks would be unsafe regardless. All the torment is doing is bypassing decisive strike

    As far as ive noticed though, torment actually promotes the opposite of tunneling, as sending a survivor to a cage makes them all the way across the map, meaning the Executioner can't camp them nearly as effectively, and is more likely to meet a new target if they do decide to head in that direction

    If a killer was going to camp you, they would still do it regardless of the killer, and there are other killers who are effective and certain "toxic" behaviours

  • gatsbygatsby Member Posts: 1,627


    In my experience, Pyramid Head usually just beelines for the cage as soon as he sends them there. Because there's a good chance another Survivor will be going for the save and he has the potential to tunnel the recently uncaged Survivor again.

    If he's using cage, its probably gonna be a tunnel. If he's not, its probably to mori through Decisive. Very very rare to get a safe save against Pyramid head unless the cage spawns right next to you and both Survivors book it. He can't use BBQ or Pop so there's not a ton of incentive to interrupt generators or chase down new Survivors.

  • SnowstruckSnowstruck Member Posts: 501

    I want DS to work simply because in all my games today, I've been tunneled right when the game starts off cages.

    Also WGLF..

    And borrowed for camping

  • alaenyiaalaenyia Member Posts: 431

    Every match I have had so far in both the PTB and today has just been a tunnel-fest. Every hook, every cage. This killer was built for toxic play. Like Dr, the best defense I see so far is just stay away from him. Urban Evasion Blendette running Spine Chill.

  • AshwithertonAshwitherton Member Posts: 82
    edited June 2020

    Now I'm gonna be honest here I am one of those guys who charges to the cage the second it appears but unlike the campers I'm only there to put a trench around it so they dont lose the torment then I'm of again I also enjoy just trenching of every pallet on the map pretty good stuff but what I want to say is if you dont want the cage just take a hit instead of running through the trench because hes bound to catch you regardless of if your tormented or not also just jump in a locker to use ds it has worked for me countless times

  • Dr_doom_j2Dr_doom_j2 Member Posts: 869

    PH is deep, Man. Probably my new favorite designed killer, just because he gets so much respect with both powers

  • OnionthingOnionthing Member Posts: 469

    At first you don't succeed, keep rephrasing "NERF PH" in different ways until you get your way. Sometimes using a Positive Negative is good too! I just want to heeeellllppp so please nerf him pleeaaasseee .. I dont really want you to nerf him into the ground i just want that power gooooooneee so can you remove that power? No wait that sounds bad! Can you just tweak the power so its not able to do what it was originally designed to do? It doesnt change the killer... just his powweerrrr .. yeah .. seee?!? Im hhheeeelllpppping!

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