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why does everyone hate the new map ??

So why does everyone hate the new map ?


  • Dead_by_GadflyDead_by_Gadfly Member Posts: 3,774

    I really like it on both sides 🤷‍♂️

  • NinjaDette1NinjaDette1 Member Posts: 1,289

    I prefer Coldwin -words I thought I’d never say.

  • crixus006crixus006 Member Posts: 260

    It's too dark, if Devs fix it , this map could be wonderful

  • notstarboardnotstarboard Member Posts: 1,481

    * There are not nearly enough ways to go up to the second floor. I think there are two staircases and a rubble ramp, and all of these are buried in the corners of the map. For this reason it can take insanely large amounts of time just to traverse the map. When we asked for Pig buffs we didn't mean making an RBT a death sentence because they can't make it to all Jigsaw boxes in time.

    * Nearly all pallets in the map are unsafe and there's no good way to tell if which of them have been used before you run into a classroom.

    * The fleshy blobs all over the place aren't as round as they should be and will frequently grab your character if you try to corner tightly around them. This kills all of your momentum and usually gives the killer a free hit.

    * It feels extremely killer sided. As killer I have never let survivors repair more than one gen. As a survivor my team has never repaired more than two or three. Survivors will get better at playing the map over time, but I still think it'll end up being stupid strong for killers. Even the exit gates are so close together that the killer can easily patrol them at the end of the game.

  • uBoluChauBoluCha Member Posts: 121

    i think this map already balance, i like this map on both side

  • SadsnacksSadsnacks Member Posts: 263

    There's an infinite loop on the second floor where the surv can just keep running between a doorway at one end and a vault window at the other and the hallway is too long to mindgame and if you follow the survivor through the other side of the long hallway there's pallets and too many objects they can get behind.

    There's another infinite on the first floor near the exit gate that has the grate floors. They can vault over a reception desk area and out the other end until the end of time.

    I've dropped survs trying to find a hook plenty of times already.

    It's a maze trying to find how to get to the gens as a killer and also trying to figure out where the staircases are.

  • Meg_SurvivorMeg_Survivor Member Posts: 85

    i played today on the new map and honestly it was hard to locate where the gens was at

  • starkiller1286starkiller1286 Member Posts: 683

    Spies from the shadows is really good on this map. But there are so few ways to get to the top. Multiple games i had to drop my survivor to break a door to get to a hook. Not a fan of the bathroom area and other 1 way paths.

  • LordVoidronLordVoidron Member Posts: 102

    Welcome to new chapter, where the new map is always the most hated Intel the next map is released

  • MadArtilleryMadArtillery Member Posts: 826

    I dunno, I certainly find it one of the more interesting maps. Seems to lean towards 4ks though.

  • pseudechispseudechis Member Posts: 562

    So far every time I play doc I get this map and it’s kinda tedious.

    tonight finally got this map with hag, good luck getting out against hag on this map. I don’t patrol gens, just fill one half the map with traps and wait. The survivors deliver themselves to you to be sacrificed.

    still not a big fan of it. Lacks a lot of mind game and shortcut potential. I main hag though so bring it on.

  • PigMainClaudettePigMainClaudette Member Posts: 3,842

    I use Lithe and there is virtually nowhere to use it. If the killer finds me, then I'm screwed since there is no real way to avoid them half the time. It's super hard to find ANYTHING, and I have an easier time navigating Lery's or the Gideon Meat Plant.

    Haven't played it as killer yet, though.

  • OhMyWordsOhMyWords Member Posts: 231

    When i play killer on this map, i get severe fps drops. Too many breakable walls, several rooms with dead ends. I could hear the terror radius of a Plague on the other side of the map downing a survivor. Can't find generators, lacks hooks in some rooms, and there are only 2 doors to the yard.

    The map is overall a mistake. It could be the standard for new maps in beauty and stuff like that, but the gameplay is what really matters and it is not a good map for gameplay.

  • Iudex_NemesisIudex_Nemesis Member Posts: 93

    It's dark and feels like a maze. In general I hate playing indoor maps as survivor.

    As killer again it too dark, the stairs are too far apart. Breakable walls just slows everything down. Oject of obsession on this map is going to suck.

  • Leachy_JrLeachy_Jr Member Posts: 690
    • Generators hard to contest without going around half the map.
    • Object is absolutely broken as hell on that map.
    • Entire map is just a massive Haddonfield fence.
    • Some rooms have nothing in them, while some do, complete guess if you're walking into a room with something or not.
    • Too many breakable walls.
    • Forced to bloodlust pallets, breaking them all the time would make you lose the game (unfun for both sides).
    • Extremely easy to hide (books have no collision etc).
    • Forced gate spawns makes it quite difficult to escape when hatch is closed.
    • Spawn point of survivors is waaaay too unpredictable.
    • Not even corrupt works efficiently on that map.
    • Generator sound bugs everywhere (can only hear the gen if in the room with it).

    I probably missed some, but this the majority I guess.

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