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A salty statement from a survivor main about the Doctor.

I personally feel exhausted to the near point of DCing the second I realize I get a doctor.

(FYI, yes I have played the doctor, and yes I played before the doctor changes)

The doctor, on top of frequently getting his iridescent add-ons, is just an exhausting person to go against.

He can: Shock to find out where you are, shock to stop you from vaulting or throwing pallets, give you reverse and out of place skill checks, give you the inability to heal teammates before snapping out of it, can shock to interrupt totem cleansing or any of those short of actions, can make you see fake pallets, can make you see clones of himself (Which with an add-on, he can see), and when you're madness level is high, you occasionally scream also, which reveals your location.

Now... Lets take all of that and put it on top of the meta perks (barb, nurses, surveillance, discordance, etc etc etc) how the hell are you supposed to play against him and still go "This is a fun game!"

Meanwhile, the trapper can just put down some traps and the demogorgan can just jump.

I don't get itttttttttttttttt~ it's not fun to play against... it's not fun to play because it feels unfair... I just don't get it. BUT HEY, I'm a salty survivor main :)



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