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question to those who use stretched res

genosyogenosyo Member Posts: 46

so i just tried to play stretched res in 1440x1080 and 1920x1080. both were horrible experiences for me. ( not looping wise ) i mean, the game looks horrible, it ruins your PCs aesthetics. i wonder, how does it help in any way? i prefer the normal RES much better and if you wanna use stretched res to get an advantage that makes the game less fun since you have the upper hand


  • genosyogenosyo Member Posts: 46

    i feel like, even if it DID give me an advantage. i wouldn't use it. the game is meant to be fun and challenging.

    not to be exploited. i mean, that way you're just playing to win. not to have fun

  • MeatBycicleMeatBycicle Member Posts: 754

    The type of people who would use stretch res dont care about fun and challenging, to them the only way they can have fun is if they win, so they will do whatever it takes for them to have a better shot at it.

  • HippieHippie Member Posts: 1,002

    I play stretched resolution in 1600x1080. It looks perfectly fine and only makes it so my character doesn't take up a third of the screen. It also helps me feel less nauseous while playing Survivor, because having a giant object take up most of my screen at all times makes me dizzy for some reason.... helps my FPS, too ☺️

    It's really not as big of an advantage as people claim it to be. It doesn't make the game EZ mode or anything like that. The people you DO need to watch out for are the ones who modify their camera to be higher above their character and things like that, I've seen a couple of them on 4Gamers compilations.

  • AxeAxe Member Posts: 1,061
    edited June 2020

    I use the NVIDIA freestyle filter that is supported in game to make the game look nicer and easier to spot p3 blendettes. I play 1152x1080 as Nurse and 1280x1080 as survivor. Native 1920x1080 FOV is way to low and cause headaches

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