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Adrenaline bug in cage

On xbox, I was in the cage when the last gen went off, and I noticed my adrenaline popped. Oh well, guess I dont get my speed boost. Then as I get unhooked, pyramid head used his ranged attack and downed us both, despite my adrenaline and on the HUD I was shown as injured. I couldn't move for a few seconds, and as I stood up, he attacked and downed me. It appeared like maybe on his screen I was just standing there because I didnt stand until I was going into the dying animation.

I was playing as claudette, dont remember the map.

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  • ErzaFuryErzaFury Member Posts: 14

    it just happened to me my adrenaline pop inside cage and when out wasnt even heal was still injured and speed boost done so had nothing really need to fix that one

  • CraftingSoupCraftingSoup Member Posts: 69

    Adrenaline will not activate when hooked (or in a cage.)

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