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Pyramid Head Need Some Minor Buff

JAZC_CRJAZC_CR Member Posts: 207
edited June 2020 in General Discussions

Like u read in the tittle....

1- In the deviousness category, he need a buff in the points he get, cause spam the power in the environment, u no even get much points, successful attacks grant to u 500 points, but dodge the range attack is so ez to do...

2- RITES OF JUDGEMENT is a little or quite useless, ok u get a mori for the final hook, that's good, the cage is meh, but we can avoid DS, BT, etc...maybe a mangled or a hindered effect on the RITES OF JUDGEMENT, can make it more ussefull.

3 - The range attack I guess is fine, is no hard to avoid, is very predictable.

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