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To Kill or Be Killed: A Binary Guide To Killers For Players of Both Roles

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Trouble deciding which Killer to play? Dying to Killers whose powers you don’t understand? Whichever role you’re playing, this guide is for you.

To Kill or be Killed provides a (mostly) objective take on the strengths and weaknesses of each of Dead by Daylight’s 20 Killers for players of both roles. The goal of this guide is not to rate the relative strength of the different characters, but simply to explain each Killer’s personal playstyle and unique traits so that readers can choose a Killer who is fun for them based on the style of gameplay that they enjoy. You will also find information for Survivor players on how to recognise who the Killer is before coming face-to-face with them, as well as what Survivors need to be aware of when dealing with a Killer’s unique power.

Click the link above to download the full guide.

The guide is in the form of an interactive PDF, written and designed by myself. I also created the backgrounds, but not the character art, which is taken straight from the game's files.

Hope you enjoy, and good luck to all other entrants!

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