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Campers and tunnelers on blast.

It was an issue before, but it seems that, especially in the last week or so, it has gotten way out of hand. I main survivor but I play as a killer, too and no matter what, I try to play fair. Camping and tunneling isn't playing fair at all. In fact, I see it as cheating. If you cannot get sacrifices without playing fairly, then you shouldn't be playing at all. I've been saving screen shots and gameplay of anyone using these tactics and I'm seriously considering putting everyone on blast.

Anyone trying to defend these tactics is just as guilty. I don't care what you say, it's unfair and uncalled for.



  • Steel_EyedSteel_Eyed Member Posts: 2,578

    Make a lesser form of DS base kit. Bringing DS the perk gives increased duration for the effect.

  • Misann0830Misann0830 Member Posts: 24

    No disrespect, but don't assume. And no, I don't consider that tunneling. If a freshly unhooked player has the time to do anything else at all, that's not tunneling. I'm talking about being unhooked just to get knocked RIGHT back down and hooked again. I'm talking about literally standing by a hooked player and not letting any if their teammates attempt to save them. That's also how a survivor gets points... so yeah, it's unfair and just cheating. Survivors can't do anything to a killer aside from a pallet or flashlight. There's literally no need to camp unless you just can't play.

  • OhMyWordsOhMyWords Member Posts: 230
    edited June 2020

    It's not like that. I don't care about your opinion. I use this account for no reason but soon i will use it to make my voice heard. The reason i called my reply a mistake is because at this rate im looking for a fight, which means looking for a ban. I don't want to get censored before speaking my opinion. Posts like yours tend to get bad, and that is why i said i am looking for a fight (just above). The last one i was in got deleted. If i get banned without saying my opinion again, then i wont feel bad since they probably dont care anyways. This forum is practically useless. This is simply an echo chamber.

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  • TransverseCasterTransverseCaster Member Posts: 440

    As long as DS exists everything is fair and everything is called for.

  • Misann0830Misann0830 Member Posts: 24

    I see. And I can dig it.

    So what, exactly, is your opinion?

  • FreeshamFreesham Member Posts: 259

    This pretty much. Also if you're desperate enough to not get tormented, you can always run away from the loops that PH makes trails at, and take the M1. That way you always have your DS available when you get unhooked.

  • Misann0830Misann0830 Member Posts: 24

    DS is almost literally useless...it's pretty much no different than dropping a pallet to stun. I ran DS to try to combat being tunneled and it is just useless.

  • Misann0830Misann0830 Member Posts: 24

    Actually, I usually take a minute to work on gens... mainly because I want to get a feel for what I'm up against. Killers can see all the gems, and can patrol them to keep them from getting finished. They can run ruin and discord among other perks. Some killers can knock you down in one hit, some killers can mark you and expose you so they can knock you down in one hit. Killers can actually hurt you and eliminate you from the game completely, causing you to lose bloodpoints, rank progress, and even your item you brought in. Survivors literally have very limited options. If you have to camp for kills, then get better or don't play.

  • Misann0830Misann0830 Member Posts: 24

    While I appreciate your sentiment, but I'm a girl. And while I may be new to the forums, I'm not at all new to the game. I'm a rank 4 survivor.

    I can handle being bullied. Especially playing this game lol.

  • DeadByFreddyDeadByFreddy Member Posts: 39

    I disagree. It seems I get 30k+ more easily by not camping. Tunneling all good. Slugging, viable. But camping as a killer is a good way to depip.

    I have multiple screenshots on my steam of people saying the game was fun, gg, intense ect by not camping them. Camping is what you do before you learn the game and realise it doesn't get you points.

    If you camp 1 kill, the survivors will do 4 gens in that time. If you let them be unhooked you can damage gens, get another chase... which distracts the survivors from objectives, buying time and also gains more points.

  • batax90batax90 Member Posts: 879

    When i play killer i get point by kicking a gen so if im closing in to the generator survivor are working on by your logic they should stop doing the gen so i can kick it but instead if the gen is almost done they finish it in my face so i lose my precious point because of that so i will still use your logic that is call cheating in a scense because they deny me of my precious point

  • Misann0830Misann0830 Member Posts: 24

    Okay, maybe so...but how often does this actually happen? Killers have all the means to stop survivors without playing dirty.

  • Misann0830Misann0830 Member Posts: 24

    Nope. Because you can actually grab them off the gen without chasing them ot knocking them down...so yeah, nope...not the same.

  • Misann0830Misann0830 Member Posts: 24

    THIS! Like I said, I main survivor but I play as a killer pretty often. You get so much more accomplished and so many more points by not camping. It also evens out the pointing process and gives everyone a fair chance to level...to gain something out of the game. I get that a killer's objective is to, well...kill, but that doesn't mean you have to make playing the game miserable for everyone else.

  • Misann0830Misann0830 Member Posts: 24

    Actually, killer rank 10. And that's because O main survivor and play fairly as a killer. I'd rather lose by playing fair than to win playing like a jerk.

  • Swiftblade131Swiftblade131 Member Posts: 1,967
    edited June 2020


    Not saying you have to tunnel all game or even camp. But you don't get to call out people who do it. It's a play style/strategy whether you like it or not.

    In certain scenarios you do have to tunnel or "camp" as it were. Not all game. But when survivors are bum rushing the hook, you just gonna walk away or "camp" and punish them?

  • DeadByFreddyDeadByFreddy Member Posts: 39

    same, I don't mind losing. But I like to win by playing fair. I am only rank 8/9 killer. I don't play survivor. I do enjoy intense games, 10 hook actions is good lol

  • OhMyWordsOhMyWords Member Posts: 230

    I'll post a discussion about it later today. It's completely unrelated to the topic of this discussion.

    I didn't mean to bully this user. If you think any of what i said is bullying, chances are you are sensitive or haven't seen other people who act the similar way in posts like these. Those people tend to get lots of upvotes by saying such things; you can't miss them.

  • Misann0830Misann0830 Member Posts: 24

    That's completely different. I know that so many people complain about this same thing, the difference is that I actually know what camping is. I actually know what tunneling means. I'm not complaining about it to just be complaining or because I want easy wins. I'm complaining because it's legit a problem and it makes the whole game just a sh*tty experience.

  • Misann0830Misann0830 Member Posts: 24

    Exactly. Some people take this whole thing so seriously. I do too, but not so much that I try to take away from everyone or take the fun out of it because I played unfair. Besides, if I win, I want it to be because I played fair and did it on my own. That's way more rewarding than camping and getting easy kills. That's when you can actually know that you're the better player, at least for that match lol.

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