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Another legion post, but.

OhMyWordsOhMyWords Member Posts: 230

I know some of you are tired about damn legion. Worst designed killer, a complete failure, skin magnet, boring, etc.

To the hear me out part. I have been asking for this for a long time. I mean about a year has passed since the first request, but now a new idea just hit me.

I was watching the darkness among us spotlight (as part of my daily routine). While i was watching, i remembered what the narrator said. "Missed attacks have a shorter cooldown" I'm not going to recommend stuff that has already been suggested like lower power gauge or allow a bit more misses before ending the power.

I replayed the spotlight, and i saw the oldest animation for hitting someone already afflicted with deep wounds, in feral frenzy. It is a much slower version of hitting someone not afflicted with deep wounds in feral frenzy.

Since that animation does not really exist anymore, i was thinking that it could replace the miss penalty. Instead of ending the power, missing a hit will cause this animation to play. This animation should be 2 seconds long. Check it out at 2:22 in the official video.

Here's why this idea is a good replacement. it will not end the power, but it will still take off 2 seconds of the remaining power time. If legion were to miss a hit with the last few seconds of their power he most likely wont score it afterwards. The benefit of this for legion is that he wont eat a 4 second stun with the whole gauge emptied and have a chance at scoring a hit if they weren't already drained too much.

It's true that missing a hit can be caused by limited camera, aim dressing (more like auto aim), or the fact that legion can be juked. Yep, when you don't have much duration left by the time you get close to a survivor, you want to take a shot. When they vault and legion follows, the survivor is usually on the right side or left side. The camera is not wide enough to see both sides right after the vault, so it's more or less a guess if there is not much power duration left.

By the way this animation won't play if legion misses at the last second because 6 seconds of stun is extremely long. Not even nurse has that.

Example usage of this change: Legion wants to hit a survivor but they have sprint burst. To give legion a chance to hit that survivor without going into 4 second cd with a 20 second recharge time on top of survivors already split up by that time, legion goes into this slowed animation for 2 seconds. It is now possible for him to catch up, but it is not a guarantee, especially if that survivor reaches a loop.

example where this change wont do anything: Legion has only a few seconds left in his power. He vaults a window and lunges to try his chance. The legion misses and goes into cooldown like normal. This change isn't effective in scenarios like these.

In conclusion, this change will give the legion another chance at scoring a hit if they had a good amount of duration left. So if legion missed a hit because his power duration emptied he still goes into 4 seconds cooldown emptied.

I think this is a reasonable change, especially for console and mobile legion players. @Peanits @Almo @not_Queen


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