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Please BUFF Demogorgon!!!

He has the best audio and appearance of any killer IMO. But his gameplay is lackluster and could use some improvements. Here are 2 suggestions that would make him viable in high rank games and easily an A-tier killer.

1) His portal ability should work like a massive nurse blink being able to teleport anywhere on the map once every 60 seconds, and in doing so creates 2 portals he can traverse between at any time. The portals would still remain destructable by survivors.

2) Shred should automatically grapple any full health survivor it lands on, and force a great level skill check to prevent an insta-down. If they succeed, they get injured but prevent the insta-down. If used on a wounded survivor it has the same effect as an m1 and will instadown them.

Right now, Billy outclasses demo in every way and even with these changes Billy is still better, but these atleast will give him the much needed buff that he requires.

Its obvious that Devs totally overlooked most of what makes demo even viable considering 99% of his addons are worthless, and his best is a brown addon that you cant even play him effectively without using.

But please just add these changes and he will be so much funner and have the scary presence to match his audio/appearance, which the devs did a fantastic job on.


  • starkiller1286starkiller1286 Member Posts: 747

    How exactly will his teleport work? There are tons of environment in the way plus his portals and how he emerges is currently inconsistent.

    The shred idea will not down any red rank survivor a better idea is to give him an addon that lets shred insta down at the cost of longer charge or much higher cooldown upon missing.

  • m0rtalk0mbatm0rtalk0mbat Member Posts: 94

    It would work like nurses teleport in that if the teleport lands on an object, it just teles to the available spot instead.

    Even red rank survivors cant hit great skill checks often. It would make him scary and a lot more effective than from what he currently is.

  • DragonMasterDarrenDragonMasterDarren Member Posts: 760

    that shred buff would only give me even more of a excuse to main him, though I imagine it wouldn't work near windows and pallets, would be pretty ridiculous if that happens

  • HoodiedHoodied Member Posts: 10,771

    He only needs to be able to pick up his portals, the shred idea would be bad for newcomers and that portal idea isn’t a great idea.

  • m0rtalk0mbatm0rtalk0mbat Member Posts: 94

    What do you think is wrong with the portal idea?

    Billys saw already insta-downs people 100% of the time, the shred buff is about as hard to aim on a moving target and you still have a chance to not get instadowned. Hitting a skillcheck is very easy to practice at regardless of your rank, it wouldnt affect low rank games any more than high rank games.

    Right now with the way portals are set up, they save zero time versus the demo just walking to where he wants to get, unless the portals are at opposite ends of the map.

    The stealth buff you get means nothing because his footsteps are as loud as thunder, and the map-wide noise they make.

  • HoodiedHoodied Member Posts: 10,771

    Well because his intentions are mainly for early game set up, shred really doesn't need a buff as its supposed to be the frosting on the cake, his two main issues are how he can’t pick up his portals and how his add-ons are not good at all, all of this is coming from a demogorgon main. His undetectable is really only the cherry top, you are not meant to grab people when using his portal’s, however shred makes its full debut when going through portals and are undetectable due to the roar not being directional but map wide, so survivors never actually know where the demogorgon is actually at until they hear his feet or are already hit by shred without expecting it.

    Also the Billy thing you mentioned, Billy’s ACTUAL power allows movement and instant downs, with his chainsaw reducing maneuverability, Demogorgon’s shred is an attack with NO maneuverability and deals only 1 health state. Billy isnt meant to be compared to Demogorgon as the powers are only slightly similar, Demogorgon has a cooldown to his power but can choose any portal he already placed to go to, while Billy can go practically any where with his chainsaw with no cooldown outside of him missing or crashing.

    overall, he doesn’t need a big buff like this, just some QoL tweaks and an Add-on pass

  • Hag.is.DtierHag.is.Dtier Member Posts: 1,397
    edited June 2020

    Sounds like pointless changes for the sake of pointless changes.

    60 second cooldown, so you want to make his map pressure weaker, ok...

    Shred, make Rat Liver base kit, easy change.

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  • Spooky13Spooky13 Member Posts: 1,402

    Demo doesn't need any huge reworks. All he really needs is Rat Liver and maybe Rat Tail to be basekit, and an addon pass to make at least half of them focus on Shred instead of having 95% of them focus on portals.

  • m0rtalk0mbatm0rtalk0mbat Member Posts: 94

    His best addon is a brown common, thats how much the devs dont give a [BAD WORD] about him. Its like talking to 10 year olds i swear to god. They dont care how much he sucks and i doubt they even understand their own game, he needs more than some small changes to be viable.

    He sucks horribly in red rank games right now.

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