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-Let's just be honest to ourself's ,The Wraith rework is not what he needed.

-I played and used all his new addons for 15 hours in ranks 8 to 5 and....The Wraith rework feels like a bunch of ideas that fit good togheder, he still is made to be a low tier killer ,true that the addons are good ,but even togheder dont have what is needed,the easyest way to fix him is obvious and resonable and can make him a mid-high tear killer:
-A)Remove the slow penality as he appears/dissappears(the hillbilly can down as he hits one survivor with his chainsaw,nurse can hit them as he teleports,same for spirit as she leaves the spirit world).
-B)After the reappearance rings he should be invisible for 1.5/2 seconds(the sound should be different from the dissappearance)gives him a reason to rush the gens and invade the survivor hears the bell and rushes for the paller or window).


  • DeathSparkDeathSpark Member Posts: 41

    -The add-ons are great,but they feel like adding tires to an old car that uses an old road,it feels new, it feels refreshing, but if u still feel going slow and every move feels bumpy.
    -Even with the shadow dance add-on ,even if u vault in front of him or break a paller, you cant hit him, and even if u uncloak, u will lose distance from the survivor.

  • Mister_xDMister_xD Member Posts: 7,304

    i wouldnt even go that far to call it a wraith buff / rework.
    its more of a add on rework than an wraith buff.
    the wraith has one main problem, which didnt get fixed (not at all): his ability is just bad. he cant do ######### with it in a chase, its not even good enough to get close to aware survivors, since your not even fully invisible.
    i stick with it: wraith needs a stealth attack. everything else is just wasted time and wont help him.

  • vendalwindvendalwind Member Posts: 23

    As a wraith main I disagree @Mister_xD pre-'changes' ill say his ability still helped a ton in a chase. removing terror radius and red stain tripped people out, also if you go invisible and stand under a pallete you can body block a surv from getting the trigger who often even in high rank will dink around for a moment trying to pull the pallete down. you can do something very similar appropriately with windows. I cant tell you how many people ive downed because they are trying to jump a window while im re-appearing while in the way.

    Further with the old windstorm and a re-appearance time reduction Id often appear underneath the pallete after going invisible mid looping and use the speed boost to juke/catch people. you'd be surprised how well that works if you time it right.

    That being said, yes he was weak. Yet I enjoyed playing him far more than nurse or huntress. (I despise the chainsaw killers for some unknown reason) I've been too busy playing spirit to try the new him yet, but with having a built in medium grade windstorm i can see him being quite formidable once you learn the proper tricks.

    Further note, if a player is ever stupid enough to hide in a locker from a wraith will all seeing. Its a good time. Less frequent sure but you can pull people out of lockers while cloaked. Ive, not in chase, found quite a few locker people just while walking by and been like 'OOoop hold up, just let me reach on in heeeeere' course thats more of a noob stomper kinda thing since lockers are less used by experienced players.

  • Not every killer needs to be super meta effective tier S. 

    The Wraith is fun to play because he has unique powers, and now he also has varied add ons that have very different effects and give him more play styles. Yeah you can’t use his ability in a chase... that’s why you use stealth. And yeah “aware” survivors will see you coming but that’s the case with every killer. Anyone not Nurse/Billy/Huntress is pretty weak in a chase.
  • EninyaEninya Member Posts: 1,257

    Having him just stack appearance addons for the (now) free Windstorm doesn't make him interesting. I just watch Wraiths stealth in 0.5 seconds, and re-appear in the same time and outrun Sprint Burst. He's basically a reverse Clown. Like Pig, they went to try and design stealth mechanics, and both killers ended up not having any measurable strength to their stealth over regular gameplay whatsoever.

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