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Reverse threat (Kyokuny)

KyokunyKyokuny Member Posts: 3

Hi everyone!

I'm amazed by all the wonderfull artwork that came with this concour! You're all great artists!

I decided to participate too mostly for fun. This concour was an opportunity for me to try new things and try to be creative.

I didn't wanted to stay in my confort zone. I wanted to use medium i'm not confortable with and challenge my self a little. I thought drawing in white on black paper would be a great idea to great the impact of the scenery i wanted to build.

With all those "decisive strike" artwork i saw 2 moths earlier, i was inspired to make the survivors getting frustated enough in the fog to embush and murder all the killers and becoming the new threat here.

Trapper is the next one! Can you recognize all the killer's weapons each survivor stole?

I'm sorry for the poor quality, my phone did a really bad job catching the vibrance of the white without distording it.

Pictures below are the sketchs and final piece progression, as a proof.

Hope everyone here enjoyed this concour! Thx behaviour for this great game and the impact you have on artists creativity!

Have fun in the fog!


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