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Why some people have issue with the old event skins being giving out for free

I've seen a lot of people mention that the old event skins do not look as good as the skins that are being released now, so why do people care that they are now given out for free?

It's not about their aesthetics but rather what they represent. What the old event skins represented was that the player that owned that skin has not only been playing the game for a long time, that they had to grind to earn that skin (single cosmetic, not a full cosmetic set).

For the Summer BBQ Event the grind was added to the fact some survivors would run to areas of the map with Boil Over so you couldn't hook them on an event hook. And some killers would just focus on guarding the event gens.

When I saw a David with the Donkey Jacket, I knew that David has been playing the game for a long time (Although most David's I saw with the Donkey Jacket played like donkeys).

When I saw a Hillbilly with the Pro-pain Hammer, I knew that Hillbilly must have been playing the game for more than two years.

For me personally the Summer BBQ Event was what got me into playing as the killer, as before I would only play survivor. A month and a half later I got to rank 1 as killer for the first time.

If it wasn't for the Summer BBQ Event I may have never got into playing as the killer, I might still be a survivor main that never plays killer. I'd be making posts about how "Pyramid Head is OP". Thankfully I now play both sides.



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