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Hide and Seek Tournament

Tris_wuz_h3r3Tris_wuz_h3r3 Member Posts: 8

1 Killer vs 20 Survivors, 12 Generators with permanent Ruin. 2 ways to win. First to get into the hatch or last man standing. After ten complete generators the hatch is spawned and released in the basement.


  • DangerousDan05DangerousDan05 Member Posts: 1

    This seems like a fun event, would I be able to join as a survivor?

  • AaggroAaggro Member Posts: 1

    I'm interested. What are the rules?

  • DrDeepwoundDrDeepwound Member Posts: 1,307

    Ummm, 1 vs 20? So you would have to chase 8 people at once, and still 12 could go do gens while there would be no way you could even down the 8 you were chasing.

    Something tells me this wasnt thought of from killer angle LOL

  • Tris_wuz_h3r3Tris_wuz_h3r3 Member Posts: 8

    The Killer gets more bloodpoints than the players. So each kill will reward more so the killer can earn more bloodpoints. It's just a fun event idea. If the player gets hit by the killer, the player will have to mend and there are no items only perks. Sabotaged traps and hooks will respawn faster.

  • schmeluschmelu Member Posts: 10

    you cant just make a new game mode idea in the tournament section >_>

  • DeadByFreddyDeadByFreddy Member Posts: 39

    5 killers vs 20 survivors maybe but not 1v20 man that's just whack

  • VelocityProVelocityPro Member Posts: 4

    I have a question, how are u supposed to do this isnt there a 4 survivor limit and how would you make it so the hatch is SURE to spawn in the basement

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