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Interesting Killer build(Blood Echo + Forced Penance)

I've been theory crafting a fun/interesting Killer build and think I'm ready to post about it.

The perks Blood Echo and Forced Penance would work well together(in theory) as long as you can injure survivors easily and get protection hits. They will be exhausted from Blood Echo(when you hook a survivor, all injured survivors become exhausted for 45 seconds and bleed more often until healed. and that will happen more enough because they can't heal due to Forced Penance(when a survivor takes a basic attack to protect a nearby survivor from the dying state, they cannot heal for 60 seconds).

In practice I found an issue with it - it is very hard to get Forced Penance to work because 'protection hits' are very hard to get. As an aside, if this score event was more optimized, Forced Penance, WGLF and MoM would actually be worth running on their own. Anyways, the issue was that survivors would scatter from generators - if I could even find more that one at once. So, I put on Discordance(get notified when 2 or more survivors are on a gen at the same time) to find multiple people at once and the meme that is Mindbreaker(survivors are exhausted for 3 seconds after leaving a generator) to stop the scattering with Sprint Burst. I quickly remember just how useless Mindbreaker was, so I took it off.

This left a final perk slot. I was doing this build on Wraith using his addon for a built-in BloodHound(blood is very bright) and that made it very scary for the survivors to be injured and exhausted and bleeding more, because I could track them so easily. Stridor would be good too, actually(survivors are louder, especially when injured). However, YOU CAN PRY BBQ AND CHILI FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS so that is currently my fourth perk.

Whole build:

Killer - Wraith

Addons - Hound(bright blood) and windstorm(faster when cloaked. Allows for bodyblocking pallets mid chase)

Perks - BBQ FOREVER BITCHES, Discordance, Forced Penance, Blood Echo

Offering - bloodpoints, duh

As Wraith, I had a pretty simple time getting first hits on people, but they were not always protection hits. Either it would only be one surv or the other one would get too far away to count as a protection hit. As such, usually the build was useless except for BBQ aura reading. However, on the few matches where I was able to get more than 1 survivor broken at a time, and the whole team was exhausted + hemorrhaging + broken, it was very fun and the survivors were very scared. in those games, i would ask the survivors in the postgame chat how much the build contributed to their loss. usually they said that they couldn't use [exhaustion perk] to get the exit gate/gen/survivor in time to carry on the match/escape. I also had a very easy time finding them due the excess of very bright blood.

My thoughts on how to make the build work more often would be to replace BBQ with Nurses Calling to know where to go to get easy protection hits and make more people injured at once for Blood Echo. If Mindbreaker was better it would also be a great idea. Blood echo also currently has a 45 second cooldown, so you cannot keep resetting the survivors' exhausted timer. That really sucks when i'm snowballing too fast for the timer to catch up with, and the survivors end up getting their exhaustion perks back. Then the snowball is over.

This is obviously not meant to be a great build. I depipped many times because the build simply never got rolling. However, when it did work, it was incredibly fun to watch the survivors realize just how ######### they are now that their exhaustion perks are gone and they are down in one hit, with me always somehow knowing exactly where they are at all times. I also pipped, for what it's worth.

Please please please give me feedback/suggestions/your own experience with this build if you have all the perks. It would mean a lot to me if I was playing survivor and went against this build, or if someone could make me go OH, DUH, with a suggested change to it. Once I get the perks on other killers, I will either edit this or more likely will comment on it with how the build works on other killers.


  • Nos37Nos37 Member Posts: 2,713
    edited June 2020

    If only you weren't so dependent on BBQ holding your hand and telling you where to go, then you could replace it with Nurse's Calling... to hold your hand and tell you where to go-- why are Killers controlled by players and not bots??

    Just give us a robot killer already. Have a HUD that predicts Survivor movement (built-in Zanshin Tactics, like Wraith's built-in Bloodhound), scans Survivors and reveals their perks as the chase prolongs, and when it breaks a pallet let it fire seeker-missiles that blow up the nearest 1/2/3 pallets (dropped or not) depending on Bloodlust level. A pure M1 Killer

  • ZeidoktorZeidoktor Member Posts: 1,295

    I think it's a neat idea. Despite how Nos37 worded it, A Nurse's Calling might indeed make for a better tracking perk. Though honestly when I saw you using BBQ I just assumed it was for points like I use it.

  • RagingCalmRagingCalm Member Posts: 408

    I do just use BBQ for the points. I don't see the aura tracking as worthy of a slot on it's own. I was just mentioning that the aura tracking was a nice bonus on top of the JUICY JUICY POINTS

  • MrDardonMrDardon Member Posts: 3,401

    Speaking of this combo. Did someone try Third Seal and Trail of Torment? Does it work?

  • gunslingers_potatoegunslingers_potatoe Member Posts: 192

    Yeah, it works hella good. Michi did a youtube video regarding this build on hag, and it did its job

  • KaraageKaraage Member Posts: 340

    For the "'protection hits' are very hard to get", there's actually a way to get protection hits 100% ot the time. Trick is, all hits You do while transporting a Survivor are counted as protection hits. I'm having fun right now with Agitation+Iron Grasp+Mad Grit+Forced Penance. Granted, it may not work against sentient survivors, but games where You catch all survivors off guard and slug everyone are priceless.

  • gunslingers_potatoegunslingers_potatoe Member Posts: 192

    I've tried to craft a build with Forced Penance in it too, and what I ended up with looks like this:

    Forced Penance+ Hangman's trick+ Agitation+ Mad Grit

    basicaly with this build you want to pick someone up, and traverse the map, with the help of Agitation, and you can find survivors using Hangman's Trick ('cuz you can see survivors' auras when they are near a hook), then when you hit any survivor while you carry another, their timer is paused thanks to Mad Grit and because Forced Penance the survivor that you hit becomes broken.

    This build works on every killer if you ask me, but I recommend using Demogorgon because of his bounce attack but generally speaking you can use it on who you want.

  • DeadeyeDeadeye Member Posts: 3,555

    Sounds good, but as you said it jsut has that one flaw of triggering not often enough. That's why Forced Penance is not that good of a perk. Same like Fruit Ninja. It is awesome and super funny when it works, but when I tried the perk or the ninja build, I got use of it like every second or third game and maybe every 8th game it was strong because of the playstyle of the survivors. Anyway, nice idea.

    That should work, it is a normal aura that should be blocked by third seal, same with any other addon that killers might have to apply blindness. That would be Demo, Legion, Clown, Pig, Freddy, Huntress, although I think it would probably just work well with Demo. The others blindness effects are too short or triggered in chase, and Freddy would only work well on awake survivors. Probably Legion, hit multiple people with Frenzy and break chase to kick a gen, then search with Nurses. But that would be 3 perks, probably not that strong, and Frenzy does not apply the Hex

  • TodgeweihtTodgeweiht Member Posts: 3,666

    this is my new go to build on legion

    Forced penance - Blood Echo - Thana - Ruin

  • NursesBootieNursesBootie Member Posts: 2,159

    It got synergy, but blood echo got bad stats. Perks like that shouldn't have a CD.

  • SonzaishinaiSonzaishinai Member Posts: 6,511

    If you can live without tracking. Agitation might give you a couple of cheeky protection hits while carrying someone to a hook

    You'll probably end up putting all your eggs in the "get a protection hit" basket but hey it's a build for fun right?

  • MrDardonMrDardon Member Posts: 3,401

    Nice. Good to know. I'll probably test it myself because it sounds like fun.

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