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Survivor entitlement



  • DCashDCash Member Posts: 163

    I've been called that and far worse by survivors. But keep pushing the narrative that it's killers vs survivors. Survivors aren't assholes, killers aren't assholes, but people absolutely are assholes. I'm so tired of people pushing the agenda that one is worse than the other.

  • DCashDCash Member Posts: 163

    He's not wrong. People should earn their crowns. It's not like it's hard. I already have every survivor crown on day one. There's still weeks left of anniversary. Yesterday I got 1 hooked and face camped by a huntress. She just stood there and held her hatchet. I am an Ace main and I get mori'd by some Billy's because they hate Ace. My point is, a reward isn't rewarding if it's handed out. I earned all my crowns by fire. Stop complaining.

  • jorklejorkle Member Posts: 15
    edited June 2020

    Complaining about someone playing the game like they are supposed to and wanting special treatment is the definition of entitlement. OP played the game, and of course children like you will cry about it because you aren't good enough to actually EARN your reward.

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  • Rey_512Rey_512 Member Posts: 542

    @Survivors ... Stop expecting killers to give you a free escape just because you have a golden sparkle. The event doesn’t have special rules for letting survivors get crowns without interruption from the killer.

  • RetroPix3lRetroPix3l Member Posts: 20

    The killer doesn't owe anything to the survivor. Getting the crown is a side objective high risk/ high reward type deal for the survivor and if you want to try and get the crown for all your characters then that's your prerogative.

  • JHondoJHondo Member Posts: 557

    The problem is this event is bringing out some super scummy play styles from killers. I've had a lot of them say they are purposely tunneling survivors trying to get the crowns. I've also played killer and just farm games so everyone can get lots of BP and crowns and they've told me me after that they don't want to farm because they had two games in a row where the killer made it seem like they wanted to farm but slaughtered them all during egc with an end game build. I've had slugging Freddy at 4 gens, Mori tunnel Hillbilly, tunneling hag, and more. As a 60/40 killer/survivor player with this being my first event I have more fun playing to farm BP and cosmetics than I do sweating for the 4k or surviving. As killer I just need to enter a match and find the pedestal and I get 500 extra BP and a new cosmetic, it doesn't hurt to just have fun. Hell, farming as Hillbilly got me a lot of practice using his dash to where I feel more comfortable with it and could see myself actually doing okay in a real match with him when I hated using him before.

  • RetroPix3lRetroPix3l Member Posts: 20
    edited June 2020

    Also just wanted to note if you get a cool killer who let's you find crowns and leave, well then that's awesome. I've been denied leaving with the crown a few times and it's a little frustrating but that's just the name of the game I don't hold it against the killer for doing their job. I'd rather die with the crown and let my teammates escape over them sacrificing themselves for me so that the killer gets more kills. Quoting The Rolling Stones you can't always get what you want. It's also that much more satisfying when you finally do get it, but that's just me.

  • Demonl3yDemonl3y Member Posts: 1,416

    For everyone saying its unfair that survivors have to ,,work" for it.

    You know adept killer trophys exist?

  • ayayaayaya Member Posts: 163
    edited June 2020

    Hahah mind blowing how much people care are about some trash corona crown which they will never use anyway

  • RespectfulnancymainRespectfulnancymain Member Posts: 1,816

    Arnt killer adepts so hard because when they were introduced a 4k= merciless killer, but they cant change it now since sony and microsoft dont allow achievements to be changed?

    This could be completly wrong but i heard that somewhere

    Imo its good you dont need to work for your crowns as killer since now i can farm with the survivors to help them get there crowns

  • Demonl3yDemonl3y Member Posts: 1,416

    Thats right. Sadly.

    I also just let the survivor get the crowns with the Killers i hate to play like Hag and trapper.

    But i also got hatemails from survivors i didnt let escape.

  • PredatedPredated Member Posts: 734

    Killers tend to be worse tho. Back in the day when killers actually had to work for events, they got super salty if they faced a team that was good enough to stay away from that one hook that killers needed to get.

    Yet nowadays, killers dont have to work at all for cosmetics(talk about devs trying to please one side) other than joining a game and pressing m1 once. That's it. And then they have the balls to say that someone having probably 3-5 games where they got targetted specifically for a crown, finally getting a crown and being killed after being only 1 generator away is toxic for asking the killer if they could have just let them get out is the same as entitlement?

    You are literally comparing a 5 second requirement with a 10 minute+ requirement(sometimes even multiple hours) and calling the 10+ minute side entitled for wanting an easy cosmetic? Grow the [BAD WORD] up. Acknowlegde that killer event cosmetics are literally the easiest thing to do. It doesnt hurt letting someone leave if they have the crown particles, because if you can get a 4k, you already earned your pip anyway. Letting 2 survivors go isnt the end of the world.

  • FixThisGame69FixThisGame69 Member Posts: 97

    OP, I play on Xbox too. I hate the reporting system for Xbox and playing killer will ruin your reputation. Salty survivors...

  • ThisGuuy83ThisGuuy83 Member Posts: 1,303

    I play on PS4 so, we don't have that issue. But that's just some butthurt survivor entitlement bs. I don't play this game 24/7. Might play it every couple days for a few matches. Best believe, I don't let anyone escape for free, unless someone DC's and I've annihilated the rest. I might be nice and let one go, sometimes. I'm the killer, I'm here to strike fear and terrorize your team, not hold your hand and walk you out the gate for a BK onion ring. If you want that silly cosmetic against me, your gonna have to actually earn it, because I could care less. The killers I mostly main are DLC anyway, so no onion ring for me.

  • TattooJakeTattooJake Member Posts: 87

    Not saying I agree with it in any way but to be fair getting the crowns as killer is way WAY easier. Basically all you have to do is find the thing.....that’s it. As survivor you have to get out. And as some know playing solo can be a pretty hard to get out unless you luck up getting a not so good killer or a great team. Personally I’ve been letting the ones that are “glowing” get out. This is a limited event so I’m not going to be a total ahole and murk everything walking. Some survivors have literally been working all night to get crowns and not been able to get them yet, while if you play killer can easily walk from matches with them. First 10 matches I had 4 red mori’s with tunneling, an asshat hag that trapped the crowns and the rest just tryhards with noed and bad teams to boot. Feelsbadman

  • NinjaDette1NinjaDette1 Member Posts: 1,289
    edited June 2020

    Even though I was able to keep a couple for a few of my mains.I honestly can only say that the Devs should of had a better plan it’s just been causing nothing but toxicity between survivors and killers and or survivor versus survivor.I was thinking the event would be a lot better if everyone was given a crown automatically and there wouldn’t be any toxicity.

  • SnakeSound222SnakeSound222 Member Posts: 3,841

    I'm honestly not surprised that Survivors are crying when you don't let them escape for a crown. Events seem to bring out the worst from both sides.

  • gemjasgemjas Member Posts: 47
    edited June 2020

    ??????? I have no idea how you made such a huge leap from their comment. They're just saying that killers can be scummy as well. That's it.

    Constantly seeing posts about how "survivors are entitled" or that "killers are toxic" gets annoying. Both sides have their idiots.

  • BigboifordaysBigboifordays Member Posts: 16

    Its to let other players know "Hey stay away from this person!". Yeah i agree that its a bad idea. But its really rare to see it.

  • Thatgurl_againThatgurl_again Member Posts: 259
    edited June 2020

    I have had killers say " why didnt you let me kill you! Why did you escape?!!"

    I'm just like it's my goal to escape.....

  • Thatgurl_againThatgurl_again Member Posts: 259
    edited June 2020

    I play killer and survivor evenly but I switched to just playing survivor because I'm trash as killer. But when I play survivor, killers on ps4 are so toxic and rude that I switch my messaging to private so only friends can message me. So now I have a lot of friend requests. Killers like to hate on survivors a lot but surv likes to hate on killers too

  • metalklokmetalklok Member Posts: 621

    the survivor in this post is acting entitled. they believe they are due some sort of behavior from the killer because its a event. the killer doesn't have to do anything for the survivor and if the survivor expects him to just because he can get a item its because he feels entitled to get out because he has the crown. Youre saying the killer is entitled? but why, do you know what the definition of entitled is. entitled=believing oneself to be inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment. The killer is just playing a normal game and the survivor is trying to get out for free because he want a crown.

  • metalklokmetalklok Member Posts: 621
  • DBD78DBD78 Member Posts: 1,284

    Facecamp him next time and tell him why. I mean if killer had to kill to get these stupid crowns I guess survivors would just let the killer kill them..LOL

  • shanny_boishanny_boi Member Posts: 124

    Just because this is an event doesn't mean killers have to bend over for you to **** them. Yes, its difficult for survivors to obtain this cosmetic as they must escape while killers don't need to do anything. But maybe if you spent less time complaining on the forums about it, and spent that time getting better at DBD, you could actually escape with the crown.

  • DaFireSquirtleDaFireSquirtle Member Posts: 172

    That's not his fault tho. That's the game devs choice to make it that way. Do you think all survivors should throw the game for killers if you had to get a 4k with the crown to get it? Bet you wouldn't defend killers complaining about not getting a crown after the survivors didn't let the killer win. Killers shouldn't have to let survivors go they should be skilled enough to get out with crown and not get caught. I agree that survivors should just have to find it and finish the game like killers but I think the reason they did that is so survivors wouldn't just kill themselves on hook after getting the crown. It's fine to disagree with Somthing but don't blame killers for not throwing the game for you to get a cosmetic.

  • brokedownpalacebrokedownpalace Member Posts: 5,874

    It's ironic that you tell him to work for his cosmetic when you got yours for free.

    Not that I'm saying he has a point, I'm just saying neither do you.

  • DaFireSquirtleDaFireSquirtle Member Posts: 172

    I already said this on another chat but I've received racist, homophobic messages on xbox from entailed survivors. Before the event just as much. It doesn't matter hoe fair you play entailed toxic survivors will be toxic entailed survivors.

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