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Ghastly Gateau and crown

SirenaSirena Member Posts: 3

I've noticed that during several games when someone plays a ghastly gateau that I am not getting the bonus points for it. I've gotten the crown on Dwight, Meg, Claudette, Jake, Nea, Kate, Zarina, but when I was glowing gold with Bill and escaped I didn't recieve the crown yesterday.

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  • KnightFall28901KnightFall28901 Member Posts: 16

    Bill is a licenced character, he can not get a crown.

  • ElonMusksMuskElonMusksMusk Member Posts: 1

    Licensed characters like Bill can’t get the crown so that’s not a bug, but the ghastly gateau is a real problem. I should have double the points that I’ve gotten since this event started but of course nothing’s working

  • kaitmalonekaitmalone Member Posts: 3

    I've used about 5 of them and haven't received any points. Same for other players using them; no points. One time there were 3 offered and still nothing lmao what's the point of having the event offering if it's not even working for half the event.

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