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Devs and to the players that lost their legacy, could you accept this compromise?

PepsidotPepsidot Member Posts: 1,036

The news

I think we’ve all seen the recent news where the developers state they are deeply sorry to players who have lost their legacy cosmetics. The news heavily suggests that the Developers have given up when it comes to restoring the lost legacy cosmetics.

However, have the Devs considered a compromise?

Every person that grinded for legacy cosmetics prestiged before the 24th November 2016. Many players lost legacy; however the fact is that any player that prestiged before the cutoff date has proof that they earned legacy via the steam prestige achievement dates. The achievements show whether a player prestiged at least once/twice/three times on one character.

With all of the above considered, the compromise I feel is realistic and justified is as seen below

Players that lost legacy cosmetics could receive L1/L2/L3 on ONE character based off their achievements. So for example, if a player has an achievement showing they prestiged ONCE before the cutoff date, they can choose ONE character to receive Legacy 1 on. If they prestiged THREE times before the cutoff date, they can choose ONE character to receive Legacy 3 on.

Now that the developers have a better data storage system, they will be able to identify who of which currently have legacy cosmetics and who of which don’t but SHOULD have legacy (judging off of prestige achievements). So, people who have not actually lost legacy will not be able to exploit this compromise.

I feel as if this is a very realistic compromise as steam prestige achievements are proof a player prestiged at least once/twice/three times on one character before the cutoff date. So although many of us prestiged multiple characters, at least we could get legacy returned on one character.

How the restoration of legacy prestige would work

Players who lost legacy could simply send their steam profile link to support (along with their player cloud ID to confirm it is them), the support would then check how many times the player has prestiged before the deadline by viewing their achievements. They then check the database to see whether the player has any existing legacy cosmetics. If they don’t have any legacy cosmetics however have prestiged before the deadline, the support sends a confirmation email back to the player and asks what ONE character they would like L1/L2/L3 on (this is determined by how many times the player prestiged). The player then replies back that they want legacy restored on Claudette, for example. That request is then fulfilled.


Hopefully I haven’t made this compromise sound complicated – because I really don’t feel as if it is. It would give us something back after all of these years and I think that’d be greatly appreciated by everyone who lost their legacy cosmetics.

The developers have continued to suggest that it would be very complex to find out who lost their legacy cosmetics via the old data that they stored. So this compromise completely gets around that big issue.

Well then. As the title asks - Devs and to the players that lost their legacy, could you accept this compromise? It’d be great to get a Dev response on this, if possible.

If you got this far… thanks for reading.


If you didn’t read the ‘wall of text’ above, here’s a TLDR of the compromise:

Players can prove that they at least prestiged once/twice/three times via steam prestige achievements. Support can therefore work with these players to give them legacy cosmetics back on ONE character – how many cosmetics for that character they receive is based on how many times they prestiged before the cutoff date. Players that lost legacy can therefore be compensated with UP TO one set of legacy cosmetics on ONE character.


  • PepsidotPepsidot Member Posts: 1,036

    Kinda disappointed with no Dev reply as I feel as if my suggestion is very fair and doable.

    But I guess that's it then... RIP my and others legacy cosmetics.

  • Mister_xDMister_xD Member Posts: 6,980

    id be fine with that.

    i only had Trapper Legacy 1 to begin with, so thats just fine for me ^^

  • minehotminehot Member Posts: 69

    What if legacy returns as a reward for rank? For example each rank reset you get points, the higher the rank, the most points you get until you have enough points to buy a legacy cosmetic piece. For that ranks have to be reworked to be meaningful.

  • BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 13,573

    Sure, if this is doable i'd want it for only 1 character anyway.

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