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what constitutes as griefing survivor vs killer or the game being taken hostage?

example one game i just had as the doctor. and due to the map layout i managed to kill 2 survivors. but 2 claudettes was left clearly swf and using head on from lockers his "logic" i got out played only 1 gen got done i managed to kill them i said why drag this out? any how due to the building it was basically an infinite till they made a mistake if they hadnt made a mistake i would still probably be in this game now chasing and being head oned ....


  • DeshDesh Member Posts: 877

    If the game is unable to progress naturally, it is being held hostage. You were simply being out-chased.

  • dannyfrog87dannyfrog87 Member Posts: 436

    well it wasnt progressing naturally being constantly abused by head on due to the building layout was ridiculous. head on was the issue and the survivors abusing this .... purely to annoy the killer. ie me

  • DeshDesh Member Posts: 877

    But you finally killed them, whether it was you finally beating them or they made a mistake it doesn't matter. You could still Kill them at any time. It's not like getting sandbagged into a corner and then being unable to move and do anything. THAT is halting natural progression.

  • dannyfrog87dannyfrog87 Member Posts: 436
    edited June 2020

    i could not kill them at any time when clearly on comms with the purpose to purely use head on that was literally the aim of their game and nothing else or other reason. now i know why killers mori .... im not one of them but this has taught me why killers do not let up lol. being head onned over and over that is not natural progression with no way to counter it due to map layout and the building

  • DeshDesh Member Posts: 877

    If you were getting stunned constantly with head-on, then you knew what their strategy was. Why didn't you fake it by walking towards a locker then backing up to scare them out? Head-on also gives you 60 second exhaustion, so unless it was a very specific building and you were running the same pattern over and over, there's no way they can keep doing it. And if that's what they did do, then you should've known better by the 2nd or 3rd time and strategized accordingly.

  • dannyfrog87dannyfrog87 Member Posts: 436

    i did several times. they wasnt that stupid to fall for it and other times it was around terrain where i didnt see a locker due to field of view the main problem was them abusing and running round the chapel over and over again and the lockers was between other debris so literally no way for me too avoid it being stunned constantly. no way they can keep doing it. lol. but they was carrying on doing it

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