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What would you say your go to solo build is?

EpicBigBrainEpicBigBrain Member Posts: 177
edited June 2020 in General Discussions

Personally for me I run:

-Spine chill


-Dead hard/sprint burst

-Borrowed Time

That's just me but I would love to hear what u guys use on solo queue :)

Edit: btw I will try out all the builds given


  • EpicBigBrainEpicBigBrain Member Posts: 177

    The amount of info u can get from that build is amazing

  • Timeman63Timeman63 Member Posts: 175

    Bond - Pretty self explanatory really

    Self-Care - Despite the flak it gets, if you know the proper time to use it, it will save you in situations where teammates cannot be found or are unable to heal you. Bring a medkit for good measure if you plan to use this

    Iron Will / Resilience - If you're going to be injured, you may as well have some insurance. Run both if you like

    Exhaustion perk of your choice - Personally I like to use Lithe, but all the exhaustion perks will help in one situation or another to help run the killer for longer. Don't use Adrenaline unless you are confident you and your team can make it to endgame with your build

  • cenoflamecenoflame Member Posts: 320

    Spine Chill.


    Decisive Strike.

    Maybe Stakeout for great skill checks or Detective's Hunch for totems.

  • MysteriousPersonMysteriousPerson Member Posts: 12

    i usually have quite the variety on all of my characters but the ones that are probably used most is

    -Spine Chill (total god perk)

    -Dead Hard (have a few times when it saves me and doesnt make me freak out)

    -Adrenaline (lots of games where i get slugged so they can go and close the hatch or hella great for being in a chase when all gens get popped)

    -Deliverance (Can never be too safe especially if the team feels like doing gens is more important than saving)

  • NuclearBurritoNuclearBurrito Member Posts: 6,807

    Second wind, Autodidact, Blood pact, Spine chill

    I have a weird build I know. Bite me.

  • EpicBigBrainEpicBigBrain Member Posts: 177
  • ggezbabyggezbaby Member Posts: 398

    I use DS, because I really do need it most matches. Dead Hard because I still cant let go of how great it was pre-dedicated servers. Works sometimes. Borrowed Time so I can always save safely against campers. Fourth perk is Inner Strength. Counters noed and lets me heal multiple times which is great because as solo, unless you run bond, etc, it can be hard to find another survivor to heal you. And I tend to lose the killer, or have then give up on me, multiple times a game. Also counters nurses calling and sloppy butcher. Inner strength is probably my favorite perk. :)

  • LofepramineLofepramine Member Posts: 169
    edited June 2020

    I always use Iron Will and Spine Chill. I'm so used to Spine Chill that recently when I got into a match without it (for Classic Kate), I got grabbed off a gen by pig and only then realized I took it off.

    As for the others, mostly a mix between Resilience + Bond, Resilience + Inner Strength, Fixated + Sprint/BT/BL, Kindred. Kindred only seems to be helpful for me when others are on the hook since the mates I get are usually oblivious to it.

  • CheersCheers Member Posts: 3,426

    Spinechill to get an early start on the killer.

    Iron Will to get some jukes in the chase, aswell as be able to work on gens while injured without having to worry as much.

    Balanced Landing to turn situations with no loops into situations in which I can get away.

    Either Arenaline or Small Game depending on if I have any quests, as well as the playstyle I feel like playing.

  • GingerBeardGingerBeard Member Posts: 198

    I tend not to run the same four perks every time, I just kinda choose based on how I feel like playing and how the killers are playing. I also like doing builds a lot.

    However, if i'm not doing a build I like to run the following:

    1. Aftercare/Kindred (sometimes i'll run both)
    2. Iron Will
    3. We'll Make It/Botany Knowledge (also sometimes run both)
    4. The last perk is usually a wild card.

    I don't own all the perks though, there a a few that if I did have I would probably use often, such as Autodidact.

  • Warcrafter4Warcrafter4 Member Posts: 2,903

    Mine is simply:

    Any Exhaustion perk(Other then Head on)

    Spine chill.



    I really don't need much to do well other then spine chill and Kindred but I do prefer to have an exhaustion perk sense I can't expect my teammates to loop the killer for a long time.

    I also don't use DS since I usually loop a killer long enough once unhooked that DS doesn't go off unless I am being farmed by my teammates but I will use BT if I have nothing else useful in that slot(I usually get safe saves so it ends up being useless most of the time).

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