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Should Gifting & Trading be allowed in dead by daylight?

HalfwayHalfway Member Posts: 18
edited June 2020 in Polls

I think Trading and Gifting in this game would be great and amazing and even if we never get trading, gifting would be very kind and fun. There is pros and cons like helping friends out and scammers etc. What do you think??

Should Gifting & Trading be allowed in dead by daylight? 32 votes

Yes (Auric Cells)
Seiko300Awkward_FiendcheetocultleaderLuciferr_2ndShxLXI 5 votes
Yes (Blood points)
Fobbo 1 vote
Yes (Shards)
Yes (Clothes) [Trading system]
dbarrancoxaphlThatMyersMain 3 votes
Yes (All 3 currency & any clothes) [Trade type system or just gifting]
liv071981MiriamGdanielbird11Strancolmike4156TaigaUistreelGreentheNinjaFoxfire47AxeGreenMonkey3410SkullKidEarthToGravityPapayarngFloofyHaruHalfwayNevr4GiveZeDevilDisneyLostGirlAzxx93PRSuzia69 20 votes
Aven_FallenHertsuFINSebaOutbreak 3 votes


  • Seiko300Seiko300 Member Posts: 1,436
    Yes (Auric Cells)

    I don't see why the other 3 are remotely necessary, I'm all for the idea of gifting auric cells, especially now with DBD moving forward toward cross play not all of your friends might be on the same platform so it's not like I can gift steam money to PS4 or vice versa.

    But that's a very simple thing to introduce, what you're basically suggesting with the other 3 is an entire community market, which would not only take a super long time to develop and potentially undercut the in-game store, but just in general I don't think it would work for Dead By Daylight. Not the kind of game that seems very compatible with trading, especially with the existence of event exclusives, rift exclusives, etc.

    Too much effort for too much stuff that could go wrong or just not work. So a no on everything else except the idea of gifting cells, that's a fine idea on it's own.

  • xaphlxaphl Member Posts: 48
    Yes (Clothes) [Trading system]

    I like the idea of if your friend doesn't have enough money to get a certain skin you can get it for him

  • cheetocultleadercheetocultleader Member Posts: 1,038
    Yes (Auric Cells)

    I went with Auric Cells. The rest should be up to the account holder to grind, and systems where you can trade in game currency often leads to farm bot problems. There has been a few times where I wanted to gift cells to someone.

  • dbarrancodbarranco Member Posts: 58
    Yes (Clothes) [Trading system]

    This is my opinion. Trading cosmetics would be dope in DbD. But personally, I like to earn my BP fair and square. If BP trading was introduced; I wouldn't use it at all.

  • Nevr4GiveZeDevilNevr4GiveZeDevil Member Posts: 42
    Yes (All 3 currency & any clothes) [Trade type system or just gifting]

    I would do the Shards and Bloodpoints but cant choose that.

  • mike4156mike4156 Member Posts: 222
    Yes (All 3 currency & any clothes) [Trade type system or just gifting]

    sure that way i can help my friends out, sometimes we trade our items in game llol

  • FloofyHaruFloofyHaru Member Posts: 29
    Yes (All 3 currency & any clothes) [Trade type system or just gifting]

    It'd be pretty nice to be able to transfer my cosmetics (from hallowed blight) over to my new account, so yeah.

    As for bp, cells, and shards, it'd be nice to recieve random gifts or to send out random gifts

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