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Legendary Skins are pointless.

naitsirhCnaitsirhC Member Posts: 27

Not to mention overpriced, the "legendary" skins are literally just there to make more people spend more money on an overpriced under decorated skin. I LIKE mix and matching my skins, that's why I liked DBD's cosmetic system so much. Also, I do it because it's cheaper and I can make better-looking custom skins with it. But there was literally no point in adding legendary skins other than to make BHVR more money.

"Oh, but legendary skins change who the person is"

How about legion then? You can mix and match their cosmetics and still change who they are. Why can't we just keep doing this? And why is it more expensive than a normal outfit? That makes no sense. I'm not going to pay extra money just so I can have a "different" survivor because that is stupid. Please change this, it makes no sense.



  • seki23seki23 Member Posts: 420
    edited June 27

    are not becuase is a way to prevent new survivors more perks and more grinding. is a good idea but the prices are insane, shouldnt cost more than 500 as a normal character would, 1080 AT MOST and is already way to expensive but lots of skins costs already 1080 so at least would be something but 1500 is just too much and not worthy at all.

  • FogLurkerFogLurker Member Posts: 235

    The point of the legendary skin is to look like a completely different character. It has more significance with fans of Silent Hill and to those whose allowance is more than $15.

    If you don't like how it works, don't buy it. If you do like it, then buy it. It's really that simple.

    It's the first legendary skin in DBD, the future ones and how they work may be different.

  • KaethelaKaethela Member Posts: 118

    Given how stingy Konami is with their licenses I'm glad we have Silent Hill at all. If pricier non-mix and match cosmetics is what it takes to get that license I'm more than okay with it.

  • DoultimeDoultime Member Posts: 82

    Quentin has no cosmetics

    Bill only has sweater

  • naitsirhCnaitsirhC Member Posts: 27

    I understand the licensing issues now, sure. But the fact that it is $15 is kind of a rip off for a skin. Maybe you see it different than I do, but it should be little to no more expensive than a ultra rare outfit.

  • KaethelaKaethela Member Posts: 118

    If they can make it change the surv name to Lisa Garland in the lobby it'd be perfect imo.

  • OutcastEricOutcastEric Member Posts: 420

    what i took away from the dev stream was that they were going to be earned not bought. guess i misinterpreted it lol

    we should get legendary skins for the 4 base characters though. Something to earn rather than shards or bloodpoints for once.

  • Demonl3yDemonl3y Member Posts: 813

    As far as i heard from leaksbydaylight, the non licenced legendary skins wont be that expensive + you can buy it with shards.

    Also if Konami want it to be 15$, the devs cant do anything.

  • Seiko300Seiko300 Member Posts: 1,152

    All they need to do is provide a unique voice for these legendary skins that actually fully and completely change the character and it'd be fine honestly.

    Legendary skins and sets are fine as they are, and you don't need to be mixing and matching everything. Especially when those are different characters you're talking about, why not just stick Adam Francis' head on Dwight's body? Hm? Obviously you can't actually do that but it's meant to illustrate a point: doing that kind of thing doesn't preserve the integrity or distinction of having unique characters in the first place.

    As well, I also so that peanits or one of the other developers said that having legendary sets makes it easier for the artists to 3D model a set that goes together and stays together without having to account for individual parts being stitched together with other cosmetics. It's more simple, quick and easier, which is alright with me.

  • infareddinfaredd Member Posts: 211

    If they didn’t do legendaries, then it would be really hard to keep adding characters to certain licensed DLC. It would require too many perks. Like imagine if they did the IT chapter and they wanted to add all the Losers. That would be too much, but not if you make some of them legendary skins.

  • Spooky13Spooky13 Member Posts: 1,333

    Legendary skins are fine, if a little overpriced. SETS though, I believe are pointless. Lisa being a set makes sense cause she's a legendary skin and totally different character than Cheryl. Pyramid Head's cosmetic being a set doesnt make sense, he should be able to be mixed and matched. Legion's Robbie Rabbit skin being a set also makes sense cause it's whole mascot suit. I believe that all legendary skins should be sets, and certain skins should be sets based on context.

    I'm assuming the reason for this is Konami having an iron grip on BHVR and wants everything done a really specific way. This was probably the only way we got a Silent Hill chapter in the first place.

  • ZaitsevZaitsev Member Posts: 1,004

    Lisas mere existance has got BHVR in a bit of hot water. Killers have started a "tunnel every Lisa player" movement to convince people that buying her is a huge waste of your money.

  • IcemanIceman Member Posts: 1,318

    Legendary skins are going to be set skins I believe. There are are killers who are already lined up in receiving one.

    I think the idea of Legendary skins is to create a fantasy character for a particular character. And for you to commit to that look. Combining with other will then defeat the concept.

    I think Legendary skin is not particularly having original characters portray license character or character from their lore but more of getting new animations and etc

  • NekoGamerXNekoGamerX Member Posts: 1,643

    what they say? i understand about lisa and alessa tho should never mix and match but the others make no sense.

  • MozzieMozzie Member Posts: 234

    I'm hoping that they are implementing this because the license for ANOES has went back to the craven estate. If we can get a Robert Englund Freddy I would pay for that.

  • HuffHuff Member Posts: 1,288

    Skins in general are pointless.

  • grassdirtskygrassdirtsky Member Posts: 166

    I mean every skin is pointless, they are just a way to get money

  • bjorksnasbjorksnas Member Posts: 531

    While they can add people to the game they are always limited by the licence in this case its all or nothing cosmetic sets but its better than some cases of no cosmetics at all so just take what you can get if you even want the cosmetics in the first place

  • anarchy753anarchy753 Member Posts: 2,674

    Honestly I just find them sad.

    It's a character they have the rights to, and the only thing stopping it being a full blown playable character is a paywall larger than a full chapter, and a lack of perks, what a waste.

  • kylerabdcgamer10kylerabdcgamer10 Member Posts: 126
    1. you cant mix and match parts of the character on Legion, you mix knives and masks...the character is always the default outfits character.
    2. with Heather's legendary skins ''Alessa'' and ''Lisa'' THEY ARE "NOT" the same character or person and would not wear each others clothes or have each others heads, Lisa is from Silent Hill 1, Heather is from Silent Hill 3.
    3. its not "pointless" its to be able to add more characters that fans of any series may like or want..example Hopper and Joyce, and others from stranger thing. other licence'd characters from old or new chapters may now be able to have a chance to be put in as a character without taking up a slot. this potential means up to 3 or 4 characters "PER CHAPTER" now.
    4. all characters are essentially just skins anyway with new perks and a voice .....(-_-) no new running, healing and animations and ect in that aspect, they also all are the same height and have mostly the same body proportions.

  • anarchy753anarchy753 Member Posts: 2,674

    Yeah the only different is a $15 price tag vs $5 for less content.

  • kylerabdcgamer10kylerabdcgamer10 Member Posts: 126

    yeah that's the only part that is dumb for me and makes no sense

  • IhatelifeIhatelife Member Posts: 4,508

    I'm very sorry, but this is not BHVR's fault. Remember that this DLC is licensed by KONAMI 😉

  • MojoTheFabulousMojoTheFabulous Member Posts: 1,497

    I think it's a cool idea but the price is absurd.

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