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Would Springtrap work in DBD?

SemimaticSemimatic Member Posts: 152
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I've seen other posts detailing this, but a lot of them really provide a minimum amount of insight. This is not a post affiliated with franchises, a lot of people argue that the franchise may be a problem, but this is just focusing if Springtrap as a character would work.

I've split this up into three sections:

  • LORE

These detail how he could be added into the game, what changes might have to occur, and specific things that would have to be added or removed in order to have him really fit.

Disclaimer: I'm not too knowledgeable about the FNaF franchise, but I know enough to sort things out. Apologies if certain information is wrong. Keep in mind that I'm not an avid fan of both franchises and really only know a sustainable amount about FNaF.


This one is not as important.

We've seen even with licensed killers that lore does not play as specific as a role. Some people argue that it does, but that's false in my opinion. Pyramidhead is a manifestation of a person's guilt, and he's added into the game. The Demogorgon is... do I have to explain that one?

Another thing people throw out is that the FNaF lore is too convoluted, vague, etc. However it seems there's a concrete and basic amount of information that would make the lore "work."

Again, I want to stress that the lore part is really not that big of a concern. This is probably down low on a tier list of deciding a character to come into this game.

My idea goes as followed... we know that Springtrap was a child serial killer that lured kids with a friendly mascot costume. This mascot costume doubled as an endoskeleton to perform that could retract as well as a wearable suit, and in a panic as he was cornered by supernatural remains of those he had murdered, he put on the suit and came to a gruesome demise as an endoskeleton of metal and wires were jammed into his body. A supernatural force allowed him to live, and I was thinking instead of events unfolding in the future, that the Entity took him after seeing his iron will to survive by the sheer determination to pursue evil.

"He learned that death was not an escape, but an experience. Agony transformed this already serial killer into a horrific abomination of wires and metal. He should've been dead, but a force allowed him to persist. As the fog enveloped this nightmare of bloodied fabric, an unspoken agreement was made: to test the limits of what others can tolerate while being torn in half."

My example isn't really a good one, but you get the point. You could easily make a short little story to explain why he's in the realm. Even then, this really doesn't matter that much because BHVR has made too many exceptions.


The idea of a rotting corpse visible that is inside of a bloodied mascot suit already plays on multiple fears that other base appearances of killers do not play upon. No other killer really plays upon the fear of mascots or mechanical figures, and furthermore, the capability of having the visible organs beat and show that they work could add a touch of terror.

Of course, being added to DBD would include some retexturing, maybe some base redesigning, and the addition of more realism. However, it's incredibly possible:

A gruesome sight indeed, and you can already tell there is some malice behind it. The figure alone shows that the passive sounds would be incredibly loud metal clanking, but one that people forget about are the sounds of organs squishing together, flesh being pulled, etc.

This is, in my opinion, disturbing to look at alone. Visible cracked bones, strings of flesh all over the place, etc. I think Springtrap would add a lot of variety to the killers and actually be terrifying by physical presence alone when taking into consideration that there could easily be changes to make him fit into the game more.


I've seen many topics of discussion surrounding FNaF if incorporated into DBD, and this will be a quick section dedicated to saying yes/no to certain ideas and briefly explaining why.

  • You should incorporate other animatronics, maybe as their own killers, their own skins, maybe part of a power. [NO] The other animatronics are too goofy looking and don't have the serial killer agenda that would allow them to fit. Furthermore, they lack a certain amount of humanoid to fit, and considering the fact that Springtrap has a human corpse instead of it makes him the most viable candidate. You can't make the same argument that you can fix them up similar to Springtrap, because their base designs and behavior will not fit into the game.
  • Springtrap should have his own voice lines similar to how they are in FNaF. [NO] A majority of the FNaF franchise even agree that the canon voice given to Springtrap can be rather devious, but in execution of giving fear, is not that good. Springtrap would be well executed with sound if the metallic clanking and fleshy sounds are added to him, and maybe even very heavy and struggling breathing.
  • Springtrap should only be a solo DLC, or maybe even a map to go along with it. [YES] There are no concrete human characters within the FNaF games, although the new and high quality games being pumped out seem to be heading in a direction where they do. The closest thing they have to a human character from what I've heard is in a book series, and that's simply not enough. I think a map could work, and it shouldn't be fully indoors in my opinion. Either way, him just being added alone suffices.

I might add on to this section, so keep an eye out for edits.


I think it's rather interesting that I wrote this, because a bit ago, I was really against this idea as a fan of Dead by Daylight. I'm not delving into the franchise in this, but from what I've seen personally, FNaF seems to be going in a direction right now where it can be taken seriously as a horror franchise (as it is now in collaboration with other studios, etc.) Stranger Things also has the same target demographic as well.

I just think him as a killer would be terrifying, and at this point in time, I don't think it would be like 6 years ago where a flood of young children would swarm DBD because of its addition.

Take that in mind as well as the points I brought up. You are fully allowed to agree or disagree, thank you for taking the time to read!

FINAL VERDICT: He would work if well executed.

I also ask you, if you disagree, to not deny the work I put into typing this whole thing out. Please be respectful of everyone's opinions and reasoning (unless if it's insane), as you're allowed to have your own as well.


  • oh_0koh_0k Member Posts: 611

    Yeah i'd be down for a fnaf chapter if it had this guy

  • NightmareRebornNightmareReborn Member Posts: 810

    Yeah I agree with almost everything said here.

    Although, I think a fun (and probably the best) way to maybe incorporate the original animatronics would to have them be part of the map, assuming that we're using the FNaF 1 location. They could just sit on stage, and have no in game functionality. Maybe one of them could spit out a voice line every once in a blue moon (since their voices are MILES better than Springtrap's). Maybe they could always turn their heads to face the player when endgame collapse is triggered. None of these suggestions are essential by any means, I just thought they'd be neat.

  • SemimaticSemimatic Member Posts: 152


    That totally makes sense, I'm just saying that them being added as a core gameplay aspect would be stupid, not the subtle inclusion of them.

  • HuffHuff Member Posts: 1,346

    I was discussing with another person in a different thread some things about FNaF (he was an advocate) and (paraphrasing here) he essentially said that eventually there's going to be a time when they're running out of franchises to choose from and it's going to be a possibility. Like he was asking how long it would be until it would actually be considered since there's only so many franchises out there? This sort of helped me understand how I felt better about the franchise because I couldn't put it into words as well as I can after hearing that.

    Pretty much my point of view on it is sure, you can throw Springtrap in eventually, but the question is when? I don't think it's going to be for a long time because there's plenty of other things that I'm sure many people would rather see before Springtrap, even if Springtrap is a completely viable option.

    For me personally, just the fact that it's connected to a kiddie franchise is enough to somewhat taint the idea for me. In that other thread, I used the examples of Slenderman and Jeff the Killer to compare it to. This is because like FNaF, those two characters have just been connected to kiddie culture (in this case, childrens' internet campfire stories: creepypasta) and I just can't really take it seriously when it's directly connected to that. It's not even a conscious thought where I have it out against fans of those things. It's just like, if they added in Spongebob but made him the most genuinely horrifying fear-striking killer imaginable, it would still be in the back of my head "Jesus why am I being chased by Spongebob?" So yeah, while it's a plausible idea, I wouldn't exactly be a fan of the idea.

    If we're discussing a character being implemented and not thinking about the fact that it's FNaF-related, what's to stop BHVR from just doing their own personal (and probably better) version of a robotic killer? That's always been my take on the FNaF issue. I'm just simply not a fan of the franchise and personally don't want it touching DbD (unless it were to be done in like the most perfect way) and I don't just see why we couldn't just have BHVR make a similarly-themed robotic spooky killer. I personally think if BHVR had the artistic freedom to try to create something based around that concept they could make it way better than anything FNaF has. I can look at The Spirit for example. If I heard that name and it was still before Spirit came out, I wouldn't have imagined them making her look as cool as they did. If you ask me they did an excellent job with her design, and I bet they could do the same in this case too.

    To each their own though. I won't attack you for being an advocate for FNaF being in DbD, as I'd hope anybody would do for me any my opinions. Heck, for all I know, I could just not have heard the argument I've needed to hear to convert me into a FNaF advocate too and it's just waiting for me somewhere out there. Hasn't happened yet though.

  • SemimaticSemimatic Member Posts: 152
    edited June 28


    I get the child connection idea, but you exaggerated it to an obscure degree in my opinion. The problem with your Spongebob analogy is that Spongebob never had a terrifying design or genre to begin with, and even though Slenderman and Jeff the Killer might have been popular, the iconicness is not the same. FNaF still has a very large following six years later, and the designs themselves are more intricate. However, I do 100% get your point. I wouldn't make this suggestion a few years ago, and I didn't really make this argument that much in the post, but I do think that FNaF's fanbase and franchise as a whole has matured by a large amount. A few years ago I would automatically associate FNaF with young children, but now, I associate it with late teenagers and up.

    The reason I don't want BHVR to do their original mascot killer, to be completely honest, is that it would feel underwhelming. Not the powers and such, but their appearance and design alone. Spirit was probably one of the only nerve wracking designs, but other than that, no original killers really give as much of a horrifying presence as licensed characters do (and Spirit, in my opinion, is not at the same level of scariness as licensed killers).

    However, your point about you not wanting it added unless if it's done very well, I completely agree with. I would only accept this if they really do a great job with it.

    Regardless, I wanted to thank you for your reasoning and input. I'm not really a fan of FNaF and was just answering this question, and whenever this topic is brought up, people just immediately say "no" or "cringe" without any reasoning and it completely removes some effort people put into their own opinions and ideas. Thank you for the great input my dude!

  • thewarriorsubthewarriorsub Member Posts: 1

    This idea is amazing also there is a petition going right now with over 6,000 votes to get springtrap into the game

  • MusicNerd_TCMusicNerd_TC Member Posts: 3,089

    Not a fan of fnaf really. Springtrap would be amazing though, since he actually seems a bit creepy unlike 5 year olds in mascots. I would be down for springtrap and springtrap only, no other animatronic.

  • DabihwowDabihwow Member Posts: 1,409

    I think this is not a bad idea overall and it would be a major game changer and would lead to adding horror characters from indie developers like Batim, or something else with those following lines. But IT still be would be interesting also...

    Really there's a petition where?

  • NekoGamerXNekoGamerX Member Posts: 3,548

    i think fnaf would work and with the clown outfit and silent hill bunny's it fit in too.

  • DabihwowDabihwow Member Posts: 1,409

    I signed the petition but heres the thing I don't want a chapter I just want a paragraph for this character because I don't see where a survivor could fit

  • DabihwowDabihwow Member Posts: 1,409

    Yeah like thing is the only survivor that could work if it was to be a chapter would be Charlie but she is only the novels and not in canon lore so I don't see a survivor at all.

  • ThatbrownmonsterThatbrownmonster Member Posts: 1,578

    why do people keep suggesting a jumpscare gif for a killer?

    it has no place in dbd

  • SemimaticSemimatic Member Posts: 152


    I know, right? I'd be fine with Springtrap in DBD but some of these concepts are ridiculous.

  • ValanyrValanyr Member Posts: 3

    Hello Semimatic,

    Personally I think your idea of ​​introducing Springtrap to Dead By Daylight is great and I agree with everything you've said from now on.

    But still I have a few things to clarify in relation to your idea.

    Firstly, about Springtrap I have no complaints and congratulations for your work in terms of design.

    Second, about the card I think it would be impossible to add one of the cards from FNaF games because they are much too small compared to DBD cards (FNaF cards 1, 2, 3, 4, Sister Location and Pizzeria Simulator). However it would be possible to recreate a larger map that does not exist in FNaF games but I also think that a map is not necessary for a future DLC FNaF X DBD.

    Third, about the additional content with Springtrap I think some skins could be nice to compensate for the lack of DLC survivor because in my opinion no characters from FNaF would be suitable to become a survivor in DBD (Purple Guy with a story too blurry, we do not really know if it is a single person or two and in addition we do not really know his or their physique). So that's why I think that outfits related to FNaF on already existing survivors could be nice.

    For example, I had thought of a night watchman skin for Ash with the Bon-Bon puppet from FNaF: Sister Location instead of her metal glove (Photo of Bon-Bon below)

    This is what I have to say for the moment thank you for reading my comment and apologizing for the English faults because I am French but I try to do my best.

    By the way you can also offer me your skin idea (or other) and share your opinion on the subject.

    On this I wish you a good day / evening and hoping to have helped you on the subject. See you later ! *In the fog 😄

  • King_lao2964King_lao2964 Member Posts: 4

    Yes. I agree that William Afton and FNAF in general would be a great fit for the game.

  • Sir_BassingtonSir_Bassington Member Posts: 226

    If i wanted to Play FNAF i would Play FNAF, I don't see why a jumpscare should be a killer in DBD, PH was cool addition and a exception to the roster as Silent Hill has been a dead franchise for years, but Im more interested in Icon licensed slasher killers and original Killers more than a FNAF license.

  • ColdBloodedMedicColdBloodedMedic Member Posts: 2

    I think this is a great idea. I think this would add a nice touch to the game. There are quite a few ways they could use springtrap to make it creepy. This is my opinion.

  • hahadrillgobrrrhahadrillgobrrr Member Posts: 953

    How many bot/alt accounts we get on this thread lol?

    About the topic itself. I don't want Springtrap because I don't find him looking anything remotely scary. I think animatronic (or wtf it is) looks stupid. And before I get bombarded again about this, it is my opinion, it is valid and it doesn't mean it can't be added to the game. I do not have control over what has been added or will be added.

  • SemimaticSemimatic Member Posts: 152


    They aren't my alts, and the spam of it is so damn annoying (coming from someone who'd be fine). Your opinion is totally valid as well and I also hate how people would bombard you for something so subjective.

  • hahadrillgobrrrhahadrillgobrrr Member Posts: 953

    It wasn't directed at you, I'm suspecting all those 1 message accounts are from the same guy. I respect you for respecting my opinion. I've had some hiccups in previous Springtrap threads. I understand people wanting Springtrap but I also like to voice my opinion because I know devs reads these threads.

  • SemimaticSemimatic Member Posts: 152


    I figured it wasn't directed towards me, but due to some of the people who want this as well, sometimes I'm stuffed into the same group because I like the idea. I feel bad because there are legitimate reasons I'd be fine with Springtrap's addition, but then there are certain dudes just tarnishing everything.

  • hahadrillgobrrrhahadrillgobrrr Member Posts: 953

    Sadly it is what it is. But these threads have been quite often so be prepared for backlash.

  • SCP_FOR_DBDSCP_FOR_DBD Member Posts: 2,416
    edited July 18

    This is literally the only FNAF discussion where people are civil, It's a nice change of pace. And to be honest, literally everything you said has been exactly what I thought, you just said it better than I ever could have. I find the idea of a survivor kinda dumb, its just not something they have to include. The only thing I would change is the part where he gets taken. To elaborate, Springtrap has actually died twice. The first one when the suit he was wearing malfunctioned and killed him, and the second when he was burned along with the other main characters. I just feel it would be better that he get taken during the time in which he was canonically put down for good. But aside from that I fully agree, I think he would be an amazing addition if done right.

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