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Loading Screen Options

NebulaNebula Member Posts: 471

Sort of similar to how Fortnite does it, I think it would be a cool idea if you could unlock loading screens through things like the rift and equip which ones you want. There is tons of art in the game currently and around the community that could be added. This new anniversary loading screen made me realize it's a lot more enjoyable to have something to look at when loading into games (especially when they're on the longer side).


  • Fog_KingFog_King Member Posts: 688

    I never thought of that, but you may be right. I do like this loading screen much more than the one before and new ones would be cool. Better than some useless charms as rewards.

  • HattyHatty Member Posts: 101

    Man, I sure do love players that don't do surveys

    This was adressed in the latest rift poll, along with basement customization, item skins, skins that you can level up, etc. The anniversary screen may have been done as a way to "test" if they are able to bring that back/tease next rift.

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