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Why Springtrap over Freddy Fazbear?

I am not a FNAF fan, most of my knowledge of it comes from watching a few game theory videos. But i noticed a lot of people are pushing for a FNAF Chapter, specifically for the killer called Springtrap who i had to look up. He looks more grotesque than any of the other robots which is cool but otherwise it doesn't look like he does anything special. So why him instead of the guy the game is named after? I personally think something about Freddys design is just really cool, the fact that most of his fans are kids even lends to his reputation because he's basically chucky e. cheese, but he's still a killer robot bear. Is there anything springtrap can do that Freddy couldn't or is Springtrap just the fan favorite? Either way the map alone begs to be DBD, they could even do something interesting with the live cameras

Side note, FNAF 100% deserves to be in Dbd, people have been saying "it's not scary it doesn't fit dbd" we have stranger things and a cowboy, shut up. The fact that it's the most relevant modern horror IP speaks enough to it's legacy to join Bill from left for dead and the remake Freddy imo. If it wasn't beloved by children i don't think anyone would have a problem with it but the fanbase doesn't change the prospect of it. If it was an original chapter people would be all over it


  • bingbongboi90bingbongboi90 Member Posts: 573

    The thing is with a fnaf chapter, what would be springtrap power? In the games the animatronics are attracted to koud sounds. This was one mechanic that the player also used to keep springtrap away (that hello sound in fnaf 3).

    So maybe when survivors makes a loud sounds springtrap goes into a frenzy and runs towards the place where the sound came from. But all over the map there Will be certain boxes that can make a hello sound that also triggers springtrap ability (so Basically survivors are going to use these boxes to bait springtrap to go to the wrong side of the map).

    Another quostion for a fnaf chapter would be who the survivor is? Maybe the nightguard from FNAF3?

  • malatrusemalatruse Member Posts: 712

    Can't really argue that anymore, with the new Legion skins 😂

  • JesterClownJesterClown Member Posts: 225

    Basically what everyone has been saying, springtrap is literally murderous, none of the animatronics are actually murderous, they just dislike the purple guy, who becomes springtrap. Having any other animatronic would make no sense since all the other animatronics are victims in a sense.

  • JimPickensJimPickens Member Posts: 158

    I see. While i personally would like to see Freddy because he's just an absolute unit if Springtrap is the killer than he's a no brainer. Of course since im not seeing anyone mention that he has any special powers over the other guys they would almost positively be skins.

    Im on board with this tbh, i hope a fnaf chapter happens

  • ZaitsevZaitsev Member Posts: 1,285

    No more FNAF begging for the love of god. The devs have seen the slew of posts about it already. I was already for it, and now with people posting left and right about it, I think Im changing my mind.

  • Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 4,188

    If I were to make a power for him, it would be this:

    Movement speed: 115

    It would be divided into three parts:

    1: a phase:

    When survivors cant see him, he can phase across a long distance to another place survivors cant see. This would make an effect similar to how he camera hops in FNaF 3.

    2: A frenzy:

    When in a chase, the phase would be replaced with a mechanical frenzy (or there is another button for it) which allows him to move faster to get a hit. He is not a legion, so he cant vault pallets (or windows faster). He cant break pallets in frenzy, and it only causes one state of damage.

    3: The Suits:

    Like Pigs headtraps, he has his own slowdown mechanic. When a survivor is downed, he can place a springlock suit on them, giving them a 3 minute timer. If a survivor make too much movement (sprint/working on objectives), the timer moves down. Standing still does not move the timer. They must seek out a person without a suit to get it off. There can only be 2 suits active at any time, and the process of taking the suit off takes a long time, as the survivors must be delicate to not accidentally trigger the springlocks. There will be small, extremely difficult skill checks for the person taking off the suit, and missing them would be dire. Missing 1 would injure, 2 would break them for 2 minutes, and 3 would outright kill.

    However, Springtrap cannot injure the people in the suits... but might be able to knock a few seconds off when nearby.

    Just my thoughts. Makes more sense to me than survivors making noise notification simulator...

  • MegMain98MegMain98 Member Posts: 2,823

    I dunno what Springtrap’s power would be but I feel as though he should be a stealth killer. In FNAF 3 he can just show up out of nowhere and pop in the doorway and kill you.

  • PredatedPredated Member Posts: 2,458

    Exactly, this has also kinda been my question when people mention Pennywise. I mean, I can think of some powers, but they are always quite underwhelming to put in the DBD meta.

    I could understand Candyman's power, I could understand adding The Nun in with her power, I could understand even Chucky not even having a power because he is so tiny(I mean, ultimate stealth killer, right there, I actually would quite like having a tiny, powerless killer like Chucky added to the game. I really think he could fit in and be really fun to play as).

    But Springtrap's power being turned into DBD, just feels disabling. The whole reason that Springtrap failed to kill the main player was because of the way he worked was being used against him. Imagine a killer that can run 200-400% movespeed towards any noise that is being generated, with the downside that he wont be able to run away from that sound untill he sees a survivor. That could really ######### a game over for someone as even though you're given immense power, you're not the one in control of that power. So the only way to truly give him some power, I would rather have him in his human/mascot form before he (accidentally) turned himself into an animatronic.

    I'd also rather see Slenderman join the killer gang before I see Springtrap even being a viable killer.

  • ButtercakeButtercake Member Posts: 1,652

    I want a Foxy legendary skin as part of the package.

  • undeadcookieundeadcookie Member Posts: 198

    Springtrap is the actual antagonist of that franchise. Within that game's universe, there are certain prototype animatronic suits in which the actual metallic endoskeleton of the animatronic can be compressed and held back by fragile spring locks in order to allow a human to wear the suit like a mascot costume. However, any sort of quick or jolty movement could cause the spring locks to release and the person inside would basically be impaled by an entire metal skeleton.

    The games revolve around a series of child murders being committed at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, and the souls of the victims of these murders possess the animatronics within the pizzeria. At some point before the third game, the murderer (who is at this point wracked with psychosis AND paranoia) returns to the pizzeria after it has closed down in order to destroy the abandoned animatronics himself. Things go wrong for him, and the ghosts of his victims appear and start terrorizing him. He hides in one of the aforementioned prototype suits, presumably in an effort to mock the dead as a result of his psychosis. As he laughs at the ghosts, the spring locks come lose, and he is killed inside the suit, eventually coming to possess it himself.

    TL;DR - Springtrap makes more sense thematically since the other animatronics are the spirits of children simply misguided by their anger towards the man that killed them. Springtrap is the series antagonist and takes joy in torturing and murdering his victims.

  • ZaitsevZaitsev Member Posts: 1,285

    Well technically, every killer in the game is like "oOo LoUd NoIsE" and then goes to investigate.

  • PredatedPredated Member Posts: 2,458

    Well, most are, yes, especially the less skilled ones IMO. But they make the decision to go to investigate a noise. Imagine someone using a Locker on one side of the map and someone else using a locker on the opposite side of the map. You'd essentially lock the killer in a frenzy all game.

    I understand why people want their non-dbd killer added into DBD's roster. And Scott Cawthon loves his rosters. So conceptually, they fit together like bread and butter. Its just that I dont exactly see Springtrap translated into DBD. Springtrap having an m1 attack already feels out of character and isnt something Scott would easily agree to. Yet the existance of m1 is the base for all killers. If we're talking FNaF animatronics, I'd say just give Legion the original cast skins(which, would be terrifying if im honest. A Foxy sliding over a pallet while chasing you) and give William Afton his Bunny costume. Springtrap simply doesnt fit.

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