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need your advice on perk builds for legion!

genosyogenosyo Member Posts: 46


i've been a survivor main for as long as i got into this game. i never even unlocked a single killer teachable, or played over 50 killer games, despite playing the game from morning till night

but recently i've gotten into playing killer, i've even got some auric cells to buy some skins for the ones i wanna main! :)

so i mainly wanna main legion, and my ideal perk build for him is: corrupt intervention, bbq & chili, NOED, and pop goes the weasel

and i wanna also main freddy but i'm not sure if he's good or not so i'm gonna set him aside, i'm going to prioritize maining legion and getting the perks for him after i finish leveling up my desired survivors

-- if you have any ideal good perk builds, please comment them! :D


  • Dead_by_GadflyDead_by_Gadfly Member Posts: 3,774

    For Legion: Survelliance + Ruin + bbq + discordance

    Add ons at least 1 add on that increases ff duration and i like the pins. The one that causes broken is the best but the mangeled one is also good

    For Fred: discordance + pop + bbq + whatever 4th slot you want.

    Add ons are kind of whatever obviously the ropes and chain are good for further gen slowdown

  • SweetTerrorSweetTerror Member Posts: 2,312

    I can't give any advice for Legion, but Freddy is really good. I'm a Freddy main myself, and Freddy is already both anti-loop and has great map pressure thanks to his teleportation. Every perk with him is just gravy. Personally I like Corrupt, BBQ, Discordance, and PGTW.

  • CheersCheers Member Posts: 3,426


    Do you mind playing as a dick? Do you care what others think about you? Or do you play to win?

  • LordGlintLordGlint Member Posts: 6,586

    This is my go-to Legion build. Typically speaking there's not THAT many pallets around any given gen, typically just 1 or 2. With this build survivors are going to constantly be injured between dying light and thana slowing down healing speeds among other things and the Legion pin applying broken. They might heal up at the beginning, but that usually stops and they try to do gens while injured. Thats when it gets really deadly since usually theres only like 1 or 2 pallets near a gen... and those are likely gone by the second half of the match. After making a gen pretty much a dead spot, just keep an eye on it with surveillance.

  • genosyogenosyo Member Posts: 46

    why are you being so toxic? i'm just trying to have fun with the perks that the devs put in the game.

    its natural for anyone to run the strongest perks they can, and in that case, i run the best perks on survior+killer AND i have fun. i dont understand ur problem

  • CheersCheers Member Posts: 3,426

    No let me explain.

    I play Legion alot, and I receive ALOT of criticism for the build I use. I didn't mean that you are one for playing with certain perks, I don't think anyone is unless they play with the intent of being toxic, but many do consider this build toxic.

  • QuolQuol Member Posts: 694

    Your build is pretty good for Freddy. With his teleport Pop and BBQ work extremely well.

    Legion's main bonus is his ability to injure multiple people fast.

    Thanataphobia is one of the more popular perks since it gives a 4% slow down on everything for every injured survivor.

    Deathbound is another good perk as when a survivor heals someone their location is revealed and they can't sense your TR for 60 sec, idealy as Legion everyone should be injured.

    Discordance let's you see when multiple people are on a gen helping you injure multiple people.

    BBQ is just a fantastic perk.

  • GeordieKillerGeordieKiller Member Posts: 401

    i would say dying light is for some reason really good for legion combine that with ruin i been getting alot of 4ks with it i normally run stridor bbq ruin and dying light normally go with the nasty blade and add on to extend the duration.

  • Dead_by_GadflyDead_by_Gadfly Member Posts: 3,774

    For huntress i like bbq, thrilling tremors, pop and nurses, but i suck with her and havent played her enough to give better suggestions. Ohtz just put out a vid recommending builds for every killer. Hes a little reliant on CI imo but he knows his #########, check him out.

  • genosyogenosyo Member Posts: 46

    when i play survivor i run (adrenaline, DS, deadhard, borrowed time) and i + the killer usually end up having fun. i never am toxic in endgame chat, all i ever say is "ggwp"

    and people DO consider it toxic. but a handful of people in the dbd community will consider anything toxic if it doesnt favor them

  • CheersCheers Member Posts: 3,426

    Exactly. That's not toxic. Nothing is toxic unless it's your intent. My point is from my experience, using my personal build, you receive alot of criticism.

  • RizeAkiRizeAki Member Posts: 1,209

    Thana is definitely a must perk as you will be keep people injured easily and if they heal it wastes a lot of time so my current build is thana bbq pop enduring but the other three mostly enduring are up to you

  • genosyogenosyo Member Posts: 46
  • PayneKillerPayneKiller Member Posts: 89

    Franks mixtape+Stab wound study is the best combo on legion! You don't even neet to run perks with these addons!

  • tigerlover412tigerlover412 Member Posts: 14

    i suggest a tracker build like so

  • OmegaXIIOmegaXII Member Posts: 2,060

    BBQ: For BP

    Discordance: Guarantees you 2 injure at least.

    Monitor and Abuse: Let you be closer to survivors, healthy or injured.

    Random 4th perk you like.

    This build works every time.

  • Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 4,188

    Finally, my experience as a Legion main is actually useful!

    Fun build:

    Mad Grit, Agitation, Forced Penance, Iron Grasp

    Weird Build:

    Fire Up, Spirit Fury, Brutal Strength, Enduring.

    Tryhard Expert Build:

    Pop, BBQ, Dark Devotion, and Corrupt.

    Only try this one when your good enough with legion and confident with Frenzy... Dark Devotion messes with the KI readings like it does with Docs Static Blast.

    Oppressive Iri Button (Red addon) Builds:

    Overcharge, Unnerving Presence, Distressing, and Surge

    Coulrophobia, Sloppy, Thana, and Dying Light.

  • NeaMainNON_TOXIC3NeaMainNON_TOXIC3 Member Posts: 253

    I have a few Legion builds, lemme show you them.

    1) Blood Echo, Pop, BBQ, STBFL

    2) Ruin, Surveillance, Dying Light, Thanataphobia

    3) Enduring, Blood Echo, Thanataphobia, Pop

  • NeaMainNON_TOXIC3NeaMainNON_TOXIC3 Member Posts: 253

    I have a few Legion builds, lemme show you them.

    1) Blood Echo, Pop, BBQ, STBFL

    2) Ruin, Surveillance, Dying Light, Thanataphobia

    3) Enduring, Blood Echo, Thanataphobia, Pop

  • OutcastEricOutcastEric Member Posts: 495

    honestly just used Not Otzdarvas build and OMG i won every single game tonight. Prob played around 10-12 legion games because it was so fun. Its enduring, Thrilling Tremors, Pop goes the weasel, and Surge. Even with surge 1 i was smashing everyone at rank 1. Swf didnt even phase this build. The trick is to just keep everyone injured. Injured survivors are 1 mistake away from giving you surge, pop and thrill. Enduring is there to keep chase pressure high but can probably be your interchangable perk. You could run Blood echo to encourage healing more. Or thanatophobia if you want the psychological plays into getting them to try to heal but it doesnt matter in the end. 2-4 survivors should be injured at all times. Try it! Highly reccomended

  • CashelP14CashelP14 Member Posts: 5,253

    I personally run Ruin, Pop, BBQ and Discordance. Discordance helps me find survivors early and BBQ is brilliant for points.

    Now running Pop and Ruin seems a bit weird. Ruin on Legion is excellent but when it's destroyed at the beginning of the game it's horrible. So I use Pop as my back up, just in case. Legion is one of the killers who I think does fine this way. This build for me has worked excellent when I play Legion.

  • GodNapGodNap Member Posts: 206

    if you want a reliable build follow otzdarva's build. thrilling tremors, surge, pop and enduring or thanato. I don't have pop and thrilling so i currently have a different build with enduring+spirit fury.

  • MewMew Member Posts: 1,666

    my normal build is: corrupt, monitor and abuse, bbq, shadowborne/brutal strength

    corrupt to slow the game a bit, monitor and abuse to get close to survivors (and to have the extra 8 meters for killer instinct in frenzy), bbq for aura reading and points, and shadowborne/brutal strength for comfort (these arent needed)

    imo, id stay away from using Thana on really anyone, even legion. the time you get from having all survivors injured really isnt worth it (you save about 13 seconds on gens)

    also, id definitely stay away from using anti-healing perks on Legion too. you WANT survivors to heal since you can injure them so easily, and running anti-heal perks can make a lot of survivors not wanna heal against you because of it (which means they aren’t wasting their time and gens will go pretty fast)

  • GeordieKillerGeordieKiller Member Posts: 401

    i would normally agree however it seems to work with legion as it put survivors in a weird postion they heal quickly but you dont want to do that with legion though so if they heal then you just giving legion a reason to use their power but if you dont heal then your making it easier to be one shotted and wasting the bonus that Dl is giving to you which in turns lets you build up on the stacks quickly combine that with ruin to slow things down its bit devasting for survivors as i have been 4king with the build i mentioned

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