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Pyramid Head shock wave attack is unfun to use and go against, and I think I found a way to fix that

I've got a rework suggestion based on a chase mechanic (since you can only look forward while using his power)

The idea is this:

While Pyramid Head is in a chase, using his Rites of Judgement will slow him down to a speed that's slower than a running survivor, BUT his recovery speed rate from hitting or missing the shock wave attack is also increased, encouraging him to go for more risky blind shots across the wall instead of using his power as a free zoning tool.

While Pyramid Head is not in a chase, using Rites of Judgement will work the way they work right now (movement speed is faster than a running survivor, recovery speed from hitting/missing shock wave attack is much slower)

This will also give devs an opportunity to rework most of his "ahem" "bad" addons that will fiddle with this new mechanic instead.


  • slim0bslim0b Member Posts: 551

    From a killer's POV: It IS fun to use and satisfying when you hit the punishment especially in the red ranks.

    Missed punishment attacks result in a tremendous slowdown almost allowing a survivor to go to the next loop if you understand when to capitalize on PH's mistakes. Point is they're very punishing.

    I agree with your points on his addons tho, most the green-brown ones are better than the purples and reds which is downright ridiculous.

    From a survivor's POV: Even going against it, the devs made sure that survivors can react to it, and it isn't even that difficult, by making them see a red marker prior to the wave, and making the wave take time to travel to it's maximum point.

    The devs also adjusted the killers sensitivity when in punishment mode disallowing flicks, and blocked A-D movement in it disallowing mindgames. He can be countered if you honestly can just react to his punishment.

  • SpyMatureSpyMature Member Posts: 204

    The problem that I find with him is that it's better to zone out the survivor in a loop by "intemidating" him that you're going to use it rather than actually using it.

    You'll follow a survivor through the loop while using Rites of Punishement (While moving faster than them at 110% mov speed) and at one point they'll either have to drop the pallet and get hit while stuck in an animation, or keep running, but if they keep running through the pallet, Pyramid Head will just stop using Rites of Judgement and do a basic hit.

    It's a Lose-Lose for survivor when he's in that situation

    It's honestly sad to see that his power is more useful in intemidating survivor to not drop the pallet (or dropping it anyway and getting hit) just to stop using it and get a basic hit.

    Power's intemidation is more usefull than the power itself.

    With this fix I'm hoping to see Pyramid Heads actually use their power instead of using it as a free zoning tool at a loop, cause they won't be able to catch up to survivor at a loop if they're in a chase while using Rites of Judgement.

  • ScourgeScourge Member Posts: 143

    Maybe its just my potato connection but i really feel like the hitbox on the ability is the most frustrating part. I often get hit while not being on the red at all anymore and othertimes people look like they are right on it and not get hit at all.

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