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For Ghostface mains, what are the best builds for this killer? What worked the best for you?

WalkedMoss92WalkedMoss92 Member Posts: 189

I play both killer and survivor equally but lately, I've started playing Ghostface a lot. I became obsessed with playing him mostly because I got a real good hang of him real quick. Now I do really well every match because I understand how to use his power to full potential but I'm not a fan of his perks.

There are TONS of suggestions from people on YouTube with the "best bulids" for him but they are all different ideas. Usually i'd go with their advice but I also saw that they mained other killers so I didn't know whether to take their advice completely or not.

For players who MOSTLY main Ghostface, what are some different bulids to use for him to make him even more powerful?


  • iBananaSamichesiBananaSamiches Member Posts: 57

    Usually I run ruin / bamboozle / surveillance and the last spot is more a flex spot. More often than not it’s lightborn but if there aren’t flashlights, brutal strength is nice, or bbq if you want extra bps. You could even run nurse’s. Really depends on your playstyle for the last spot I think and what you like 😊

  • ZaitsevZaitsev Member Posts: 1,285

    I have found in my experience, that BBQ, Pop, Thrilling, and Corrupt usually work. NOED can substitute for any of these if you dont have them.

  • ShocktoberShocktober Member Posts: 678

    This one is probably my favorite. Though sometimes I will swap the sloppy with shadowborn or NOED (his knife holding animation just looks so much better with shadowborn).

    No other perk in the game is going to get you a first stalk as well as whispers. Corrupt is mandatory unless you really like 4 minute games. Sloppy is a very good slowdown perk since pop goes usually requires BBQ/Thrilling to make the best use out of it. Enduring is really nice since if you get caught, ghostface is pure M1 and can get slaughtered in the loops if you don't have a chasing perk.

  • shanny_boishanny_boi Member Posts: 124

    I do really well with Nurse's Calling, BBQ, Pop goes the Weasel, and Save the Best for Last. Nurse's Calling and Save the Best for Last makes him an absolute unit when it comes to catching people out of position and ending chases quickly. With pop goes the weasel, you'll be able to regress generators just as quick. And BBQ will be used to locate more survivors. I recommend using Night Shroud recovery add-ons but not necessary.

  • SadsnacksSadsnacks Member Posts: 263

    I play him with I'm all ears, Infectious fright, Mad grit, and Nurses. Sometimes I'll swap mad grit for BBQ, but if the lobby looks like a hardcore group I'll keep mad grit on.

  • thesuicidefoxthesuicidefox Member Posts: 7,888

    My main build has been BBQ, Whispers, and Pop. I've won games with just these 3 perks.

    Good add-ons are power recovery and mark duration. License is good if you expect/plan to be on a more open map. GFCOT is a good add-on if you are on Lerys/Game/Hawkins/Midwich because you have a lot to lean on but otherwise I wouldn't use them too much. I mainly save those for his dailies where you need to lean on survivors and down them 4 times.

    I use several things as a fourth perk. Sloppy is most consistent. Nurse's is pretty nice. Lightborn and Insidious are very fun and interesting.

    Right now I settled on Ruin. You can get some value out of it on the first chase because you will usually find someone on a gen and then they lead you to someone else on a gen. You still have Pop as a backup, but you can focus on chases and ignore gens for a bit.

  • NuclearBurritoNuclearBurrito Member Posts: 6,706

    This is the build I use currently.

    Hear me out:

    Ghostface's primary strength is how good his is at ambushing Survivors suddenly. This makes him a Killer you do NOT want to be injured against. So if you hit a Survivor they are going to try to get healed ASAP. Now while you could use several perks to make that super slow for gen pressure, I'm instead using a single perk, forced penance, to completely shut down their attempts.

    Because all I have to do is circle back to the injured Survivor, ambush the Healer, and then down the original Survivor and now I have a down and a full minute before the other Survivor can even ATTEMPT to heal.

    In the meantime I activate Thrilling Tremors and now that Survivor can't hop on a gen either, at least not immediately. Surge then acts to maintain my momentum going, since you really can't be spending time Kicking gens, even with pop, and with Surge you can keep all the gens regressing without wasting time. Ghostface can proc Surge reliably so there is no need to gamble with Ruin instead.

    Whispers then is to give me the information I need to find the Survivors I want to ambush with enough reliability to make the rest of the build work.

    Something to note is that Forced Penance isn't as situational as it first seems. Deliberate body blocks trigger the perk yes, but just having an injured Survivor in the general area of the Survivor you hit is enough to proc the perk. This means it works on Survivors going for unhooks, Survivors leaving the hook after an unhook, Survivors that were repairing a gen with an injured Survivor also there, Survivors healing other Survivors, Survivors near other Survivors healing ect.

    Plus with SWF being one of the biggest issues you face as Killer, Forced Penance helps me stop them from recovering after they go for wreckless saves, and since they can't reset afterwards I'm able to properly capitalize on their mistakes instead of being stuck trying to keep up with their medkits and coordinated double heals.

  • TwistedJoke65TwistedJoke65 Member Posts: 154

    I run whispers, nurses, thrilling tremors and sloppy. I also run the double recovery add ons. I usually only stalk if I have a high ground or some distance so they can't see me. I mainly use the shroud to hide my stain and mindgame sneak up. It works well with Nurses because you can sneak up on their heals, whispers helps me know where they are when they aren't healing.

  • Lx_maliceLx_malice Member Posts: 305

    I don't main Ghostface but he's up there as one of my most played killers. I like to use enduring and spirit fury on him along with Nurse's Calling and Whispers. Whispers may seem questionable especially when you notice I don't use any gen slowdown/regression, but I like using it to know where I should be looking at the beginning of the match and it also helps you find the last person. Nurse's is obvious because it works wonders on a killer like Ghostface who can hide their terror radius and easily sneak up on a poor vulnerable sap trying to get healed. And enduring/spirit fury because I like being able to not care about pallets. Honestly though this is just what I like using and what works for me but if anything I'd still consider Nurse's a good staple perk on him because he makes very good use out of it like I said before. And of course you'll wanna make sure that you always use a combination of the Night shroud recovery speed add-ons. Chewed pen with Olsen's adress book is are of course the best but the matchbook works as a good substitute for either one.

  • MomentosisMomentosis Member Posts: 423


    Double Nightshroud Cooldown


    BBQ - For BP and finding people after hooks

    A Nurse's Calling - For finding injured survs and ambushing them

    Sloppy Butcher - More slowdown in healing for NC

    Hex: Ruin - Gen Regression

    BBQ could be traded out for Tremors/Discordance/Surveillance. Ruin can be traded out for Pop.

    The plan is to hit people constantly, don't worry about chases too much. Injure people and keep them off gens for Ruin and then take out anyone you find healing with Nurse's Calling.

  • WalkedMoss92WalkedMoss92 Member Posts: 189

    Okay thank you a lot, I already knew about Nurse's calling and sloppy killer and since you mentioned it also i know for sure that I will use those perks.

  • WalkedMoss92WalkedMoss92 Member Posts: 189

    Just like the other reply next to yours, i really like this reply because you give good advice. This is a dumb question, I swear I'm not a fool but does Ghostface not have a heartbeat at all or is it only gone when I'm crouching or using Night Shroud?

  • Lx_maliceLx_malice Member Posts: 305

    He has no terror radius at all while Night shroud is active. Crouching has no effect on your terror radius. While Night shroud isn't active he has the standard killer terror radius. (32 meters)

  • WalkedMoss92WalkedMoss92 Member Posts: 189

    Thank you so much, I needed that information really badly.

  • SlingerKingSlingerKing Member Posts: 52

    Your build does not over all matter. Bring charge increasing add-ons so you can use your power more often. Getting the stalk is not important.

  • Rareware0192Rareware0192 Member Posts: 253

    I run:

    Corrupt (early game slowdown)

    Nurse’s (use his Shroud to sneak up on unsuspecting survivors who choose to heal)

    Sloppy (slowdown on healing and greater chance to find people with Nurse’s)

    BBQ (bloodpoints but also knowing where to go right after I hook someone)

    And a power recovery add-on so I’m able to go into Shroud as often as I can. I usually do really well with this build, 4King most games in red ranks.

  • jsphwtsnjsphwtsn Member Posts: 79
    edited July 3

    Corrupt Intervention, Pop Goes the Weasel, BBQ and Chilli, Whispers

    Works absolute wonders for me. If you want you could run Nurses Calling and Sloppy Butcher in place of Whispers and one of the other perks.

    I also almost always bring power recovery add-ons.

  • Midori_21Midori_21 Member Posts: 215

    Discordance, Surveillance, Pop Goes The Weasel, Barbecue & Chili.

    Never lost a game using this build.

  • MusicNerd_TCMusicNerd_TC Member Posts: 3,080

    Corrupt intervention for a decent early game. Sloppy butcher for my hit and run, also slows down the game. Nurses calling synergises well with sloppy. Barbeque for finding people after I hook them.

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