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Almost Constant DC in Matches

KawaakariKawaakari Member Posts: 3

for the past 5 days, I keep DCing every 2 or more games. I play survivor so this is costing me and my team mates a LOT.

so far I have restarted my computer, verified my files, reinstalled, restarted my wifi router, and no help. Day 1 I ended up getting to the point of a 30 minute ban before I restarted my wifi router a SECOND time, which finally let me play without dcing just for a few hours.

I use ethernet and my wifi is stable and speedy, my ping in game is very stable and is usually 30ms or an average of 120ms when I play with my friends.

I would also like to add that sometimes when I get hooked I DC or CRASH.. I crash/dc on hook OFTEN and its disturbing, im not doing this on purpose! I would like to add that sometimes when killers like the huntress throw ranged items at me, I will experience lag spikes. my computer is more than suitable for playing DBD yet this keeps happening and im not sure why and if this is related to me recent DC issue.

im starting to think that randomly DCing is not even my issue anymore, but something might be wrong with my account and the game. if anyone can help, please try! I will contact support if nothing pulls though.


  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 10,177

    A few things you can try.

    1) Make sure your ethernet is running in full duplex mode (apparently that can matter a lot)

    2) Configure your internet on your PC to use Google DNS.

    3) This one is more complicated, but open ports 7777 to 7787 on your router.

    As for the crashing, is it just a disconnect or an actual crash? What's it doing if it crashes?

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