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Oh, the famous "Add-on" pass again. Just slap a cooldown bar into every killer and be done with it.

SylorknagSylorknag Member Posts: 760
edited July 2020 in General Discussions

Christ, I don't even play Billy, and I'm upset as hell.

Can we, for the love of god, stop touching things that nobody is asking for?

Billy is regarded as the most balanced killer in the entire game, requiring a lot of skill to be played on a decent level, while also offering plenty of counterplay by just basic looping.

His basekit is fine, the same way NUrse's basekit was fine.

Stop with this terrible track record already. You've already gutted Legion, Nerfed unasked for basekit Nurse, and now your touching the MOST BALANCED KILLER IN THE GAME, let me repeat, MOST BALANCED KILLER IN THE GAME.

Good lord, what happened to the team that worked on Spirit changes?



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