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Devs are adding a cooldown to Hillbilly just for the sole purpose of people playing him less

SpyMatureSpyMature Member Posts: 204

See for yourself, how many Nurses have you actually gone against after the did "an addon pass" on her.

Probably not a whole lot, you probably even see Hag more often than her.

They see that people play Hillbilly really often (because he's fun and not restricted with a boring cooldown) so they add one.

Now people are going to play him much less, and we'll see a surge of Oni players, because at least his dash is not as restricting, and if you stop dashing after dashing across the map, you won't have to awkwardly wait and look at the survivovor for ~10 seconds before your cooldown wears off and you'll be able to insta down him.



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