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Stop adding perks in the game to counter strategies bad Killers use and just fix the issues

SporkSpork Member Posts: 122

With the recent patch they've clearly acknowledged camping by moving Pyramid heads cage of torment across the map if he is near it for a few seconds. What I don't understand is why they have yet to do anything about camping hooks other than giving us perks to counter it. Even WITH perks to counter tunneling, and camping, Killers STILL play around it. They will refuse to pick someone up with Decisive strike. People with borrowed time will STILL be chased even after the killer hits them. Killers have perks to help prevent survivors from blocking/sabo'ing the hooks before they can hook (Which is fine, but it's a different story when the killer tunnels a specific survivor.) Hooks are very close together. And there is a minor downside for the killer when it comes to camping. But that's when Noed comes into play. Perks are band aids when it comes to fixing problems. Ya'll should be releasing perks in chapters giving the game NEW MECHANICS, not new ways to temporarily prevent bad strats. Maybe slow the hook timer if the killer is in a certain radius, or stop it entirely. Punish killers for ruining the match for that person. It's an automatic de-pip for the survivor, and there is no justification for it. Do something please.

Perks like Repressed Alliance really interested me because it added a new mechanic for the Survivor, and gave us a way to counter Pop goes the Weasel, and protect generators. Same goes for Yui's perk, letting us pick pallets back up if they Killer doesn't break them.

My main point is, please just give us interesting stuff. And stop using perks as a way to fix bad Killer behavior. It makes Chapter releases a little lack luster when characters have boring perks to counter stupid strategies, and you enable Killers bad behaviors by not doing anything about it. Feel free to comment on my opinion, but please, do not take it personally. I play both Killer and Survivor, and I know how frustrating it is to play against SwF, but it has to be acknowledged that it is not fun at all to be camped on hook. There is no game play there accept pressing spacebar and getting a small amount of points, and having to move on to the next match because it ended so quickly.


  • NuclearBurritoNuclearBurrito Member Posts: 6,807

    The punishment you mentioned was attempted and highly abused in order to get free unhooks. Remember, camping has to be POSSIBLE on some level, because if it isn't then unhooking stops being a risk and the pressure from hooking even if you DON'T camp the hook massively decreases.

    Also the reason why the various anti-tunnel/camp perks don't really work is because they are focused on tanking hits rather than returning the Survivor back into stealth.

    This makes Off the Record and Babysitter better at anti-tunnel even if they are worse perks overall.

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