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Introducing: Huntress Add-on "Pass"

SpyMatureSpyMature Member Posts: 204

I'm pretty sure they'll do the same thing they did to Nurse and Hillbilly - slap a cooldown mechanic on power and call it a day.

Introducting New Fun Power Gauge Mechanic for Huntress - Stamina

We really like the way Huntress performs right now, and we'd like to stay it that way, but to prevent Huntress players from mis using her power by holding the hatchets for long periods of time, or using it to facecamp a hooked survivor, we'd like to introduce a new Power Gauge Mechanic to add another layer of Depth to Huntress Gameplay.

Everytime you pull out a Hatchet, hold it in your hand or throw it, you lose some of your Stamina

It gradually regenerates back whenever you're not using your power

Base Kit Huntress can only throw up to 2 hatchets immediately after pulling them out and throwing them without charging

If you want to throw 2 charged Hatchets, you'll have to wait for your stamina to regenerate enough to pull out and throw the 2nd Hatchet, or otherwise you'll get stunned and you wont be able to pull out Hatchets until your Stamina bar recharges fully (at a slightly faster rate😀)

Honestly, we should get a power gauge mechanic on every killer, who likes to play Killers because of their power anyway?


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