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Pyramid Head and The Entity

jorklejorkle Member Posts: 15

Ok so I know this is a bit out there, and this is the first time I've mad a theory like this so please don't shoot me down too hard. But from what I've gathered when it comes to the Entity, as powerful as he is, he isn't omnipotent, he only controls those within his pocket dimension, however he is meant to have total control.

Now hear me out, I believe that while the entity was able to entice Pyramid Head into the fog, I don't believe he has total control over Pyramid Head as he does other killers. Most he has to bargain with but he can't bargain with Pyramid Head, and the way Pyramid Head operates seems vastly different from other killers. Note his rites of judgment appearance and how it is described. "The Great Knife splits the ground, giving rise to an infernal construct and spreading agony to all who approach." That gives the impression that it is more than the entity.

Where Pyramid Head treads it seems he can bring the other world into the entity, the other world is an entity all it's own, now one could say that the entity allows this to happen, but if that were the case why not it simply be how he allows Freddy to pull survivors into the dreaming world?

My theory is that the Entity is more than aware of the otherworld and as such tries to keep himself separate, but that is why when Pyramid Head leaves the trail it looks like a wound in the ground and when Pyramid Head or survivors touch it the entity loses some influence and control over them.

If we consider the cage of atonement something all of Pyramid Head's and by extension, the other world's design, then that would make sense how Pyramid Head can create that when the survivors run through his trail. Again if we take it as the trail is the influence of the other world within the entity itself. The entity isn't omnipotent, and the power of the other world allows Pyramid Head as well as survivors to in a way, break connection with the entity. Even one of the items of Pyramid Head, the obsidian goblet, allows him to COMPLETELY break his connection with the entity by becoming undetectable as long as he remains on his trail.

This would also allow him to execute survivors when he sees fit as he doesn't obey the entity and when the other world has it's clutches into a survivor (through torment) it allows Pyramid Head to disregard the regular rules of sacrifice with his own methods including executing the survivors on his own terms without need of the entity telling how to kill them.

Of course all this can be chalked up to game mechanics, but I like looking at things from a different perspective, and really it isn't all that far fetched when we realize that not only is the Entity not omnipotent, but other killers have been shown to be capable of wresting control from the entity before such as through the Huntress's perk Beasts of Prey where the flavor text reads "your lust for a kill is so intense that your connection with The Entity is momentarily lost, making you totally unpredictable."

This means that it isn't impossible for humans (and others) on their owns to break control, now imagine a being that is from an alternate plane of existence that thrives on human torment and is born of their very guilt where the realm itself can shape the world however it pleases in the eyes of every human who witnesses it to the point where two people can witness the other world completely differently from one another.

My "in conclusion" is this. The entity is able to hold Pyramid Head, but out of all the killers has the least control of him as Pyramid Head's connection with the other world is much stronger than it is with the entity, and the entity only has control of Pyramid Head while their goals are the same, but if Pyramid Head wishes to act differently, then the Entity has little control to stop him.

(again sorry for the very long post, I had just been thinking about this for a while and I just really wanted to say this to see how you all would react to it. Please don't throw hate, but I will accept genuine criticism because I doubt this theory is perfect in any way.)


  • SpookyStabbySpookyStabby Member Posts: 621

    She* Fix'd that for ya.

  • jorklejorkle Member Posts: 15

    Yeah realized i [BAD WORD] that up but i made this at three in the morning and was too tired to proof read things.

  • DabihwowDabihwow Member Posts: 1,999

    I mean that doesn't sound far fetched there are some beings like Pennywise if he were added to that game the entity would barely have control over.

  • jorklejorkle Member Posts: 15

    The only reason I think that the entity would be capable of pulling someone like Pyramid Head into his realm and not a being like Pennywise is that Pennywise is an entity all his own while Pyramid Head is merely an extension of another entity. However this Pyramid Head is different than the incarnation that chased James, hell more than likely this Pyramid Head is actually just The Boogeyman variant since that one looks different than the one we see in Silent Hill 2 (specifically there is a hole in the helmet, a small one mind you, while in Silent Hill 2 he is dressed in rags and there is an opening in the helmet for the tongue. And THAT Pyramid Head is an extension of Silent Hill as it seeks to punish and render judgment unto sinners. (in reality though... He would probably target the other killers if he ever truly broke the entity's control) it is possible that the Entity is able to confuse or manipulate The Executioner to target the survivors, but most of the survivors are genuinely innocent of wrong doing besides maybe some minor things.

    But I do believe that in comparison of powers Silent Hill's the otherworld is as powerful if not more powerful than the entity as it is capable of bleeding into the real world (like The Entity) in the form of fog, BUT it is also capable of spawning creatures even without the people being in the other world, and the other world is much more stable than the realms of The Entity as we never see it collapse in the way that The Entity's trial realms do.

  • DabihwowDabihwow Member Posts: 1,999

    I mean currently I found out recently that pyramid head is in the realm of the entity to punish Cheryl Mason as confirmed in his prestige 3 cosmetic

  • jorklejorkle Member Posts: 15

    I mean, fair enough, but in the way Pyramid Head operates, or even the boogeyman, they don't just target random individuals just because. They target specific sinners, or other beings in the mind of their target (which is why for James he would kill other creatures and torture Maria. Which is why, again, I believe the Entity definitely does try and manipulate Pyramid Head, but that is possibly the most control he has over him. But considering that the Entity is still able to bring Cheryl back to life if he kills her.

    I mean it makes sense as to how he can keep Pyramid Head there, he will continue to exist as long as his target is alive, and as Cheryl can't die permanently as long as they're in the realm. If the story was to continue at some point the way I see it ending for them is Pyramid Head has enough and through the power of the other world, drags Cheryl with him into the other world out of The Entity's reach. But I doubt they would finish two characters like that.

  • Vox_NocturneVox_Nocturne Member Posts: 545

    The really interesting part for me is that on the Midwich map there are massive chains that are buried deep into the courtyard. There's an odd link between this and Silent Hill: The Room, where chains kept Henry from leaving his apartment. Likewise, perhaps those chains are utilosed by The Entity to keep this essence of Silent Hill within its realm.

    Should that be the case then this shows the power of whatever is responsible for the magic within Silent Hill is problematic for The Entity. The fact The Entity had to effectively strike a deal with Pyramid Head shows that it suddenly realised this place is tougher than it thought.

    And as you say, the scars Pyramid Head leaves rips the realms, whether they be a part of The Entity or a construct of The Entity. The former suggests Pyramid Head constantly torturing The Entity the only way it knows, hence why the scars are temporary; the latter idea could suggest it's carving the essence of Silent Hill through the cells.

    Either way, The Sun Goddess from Silent Hill is a deity of sorts in its own right. It wouldn't surprise me if The Entity gave something in return. Wouldn't it be unique if that "gift" was The Void which appears to suck Murphy into it at certain points within the game...

  • jorklejorkle Member Posts: 15
    edited July 2020

    Possibly, though remember, the Sun Goddess has a point in what she does and Silent Hill really only effects people who have sinned, the greater the sin the greater the torment within Silent Hill, which is why (I can't remember her name at the moment) a child was able to stay within Silent Hill but not suffer the torment that it inflicts upon others because, as a child, she is protected theoretically by her own innocence. And it seems that Pyramid Head and his other incarnations are reserved for only the most egregious of sinners, such as those who are responsible for *SPOILER ALERT* murder and the suffering of others, however doing horrible things whether directly or refusing to save people can also bring him about, such as how in the Boogeyman ending of Homecoming (it isn't exactly Pyramid Head I know, but supposedly he is meant to be related) he transforms Alex into another boogeyman because of his bad actions such as not forgiving his father, not mercy killing his mother and refusing to save the deputy.

    The whole point of the suffering that happens to everyone within Silent Hill is because, as humans, no one is completely without flaw or sin, and thus everyone will be punished for their crimes. The Entity however operates in a way that is completely in the face of everything that the Sun Goddess is meant to represent. The Sun Goddess is a malevolent force, but she doesn't torment for enjoyment, she tortures those who she deems as sinners and evil, which is anyone with darkness in their hearts which in a way means everyone.

    Despite that fact however, as I stated previously, Pyramid Head isn't thrown out there just for any old sinner, it's for those who commit truly awful acts.

    (also thank you a lot for taking kindly to this theory :>)

  • jorklejorkle Member Posts: 15

    Also thank you for taking interest in this theory. Makes me happy to know I'm not completely crazy

  • Vox_NocturneVox_Nocturne Member Posts: 545

    You're welcome! And with all respect I'd like to offer a contrary thought on Silent Hill: That town definitely effects those who sin, but that was the seeming focus of The Order. Before the Native Americans were evicted from there by the Europeans, that same land was held as sacred and magical, and it's eluded to that the blood spilt and sins created corrupted it. So, my thought is the town isn't so much there to punish sin, but its origin was more to do with reflection - as can be seen with the way Travis traverses realms via mirrors.

    So, the town feels to me that it really is not quite as understandable as first seen. The Order's religion was partially based around Christianity and the idea of sin, yet sin is a human term, as is hope. So the religion effectively was created around the magic, rather than exact magic. Even the belief of paradise from Claudia was more based on pure faith than any education. Nobody in The Order actually understands the full potential; not even Dahlia.

    This, in turn, may mean the magic within Silent Hill is much more than what The Order made of it. It's a reflection of subconsciousness. If the universe has such a thing, then this may be just a small cosmic cell of something far bigger than The Entity could conceive. The Entity is a monstrous Deity, but confused as shown by how jumbled it gets the realms. It's powerful and has God-like powers, but this small sample of power from Silent Hill is already tricky for it. It may incur the wrath of something much more fearsome!

    Your theories are great to read, and it's this which makes the subject and lore so fascinating, so thank you for sharing and your respectful comments :)

  • jorklejorkle Member Posts: 15

    I definitely see what you mean, as one of the biggest theories on Silent Hill is that the other world and even the Sun Goddess is all a creation of the order through their beliefs. It's a whole "I think therefore I am" kind of thing. The order wished for it to be, and through blood rituals and the magic that was already there it brought the other world, the creatures and the Sun Goddess into being, and that would also explain how the Sun Goddess while powerful is not actually an omnipotent being and can even be felled with conventional firearms. However what has essentially become the core of it all, the other world, exists without the Sun Goddess's presence as it always has and I do agree that it has been corrupted, you can just tell with how it looks like a distorted, twisted and mangled version of our reality.

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