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When will it be "Demogorgons" time for a rework?

m0rtalk0mbatm0rtalk0mbat Member Posts: 94
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So they are nerfing Billy and buffing/reworking leatherface, 2 ideas i dont ever recall reading anywhere on these forums from anyone, so its just kinda surprising i guess.

Not that Leatherface doesnt need buffs, but ive just never seen a thread on it before. The Billy nerf seems strange but i dont really care because of how boring he is to play.

I like the game and it can be really fun even if i had an awful match or two a little while before, the core of asymmetrical horror was nailed perfectly by the devs and that was a great job on them.

My question is can you (the devs) please rework Demogorgons addons at the very least?

Make "Rat Liver" addon a part of his basekit because he needs it to be effective period. No addons should affect his movement speed while charging, just keep it at the 101% because thats perfect.

I have some ideas for his addons il post here. Seeing as how i dont want to go over EVERY SINGLE ONE, il just simplify old effects to new effects that would be FAR more HELPFUL for Demo playstyle.

1) Addons that "Increase time to seal a portal" -

Change this effect to "Increases max distance on shred"

2) Addons that "Increases radius of detection of by the abyss" -

Change this effect to "Increases shred successful attack recovery speed"

3) Addons that "Increases recovery speed of traversing the upside-down" -

Change this effect to "Decreases shred charge time required"

4) Addons that "Apply status effects within portal radius" -

Change this effect to "Applies status effects on successful shred attacks" (mangled/exhausted)

5) Addons that "Grant undetectable status after emerging from portals" -

Change this effect to "Applies exposed to all players after emerging from a portal for X amount of time".

6) And separately ofcourse his 2 ultra-rares that need totally different effects because they are IMO extremely underwhelming.

1) Leprose lichen - Instead of revealing auras of injured players while traveling the upside down.

Change it to - Any successful shred attacks past 8 meters will insta-down survivors.

2) Instead of Tremendous duration of undetectable with lower recov. speed.

Change it to - Successfully sealing any demogorgon portal will apply "Exposed" on the player for 60 seconds.

I hope this thread gains traction and Demo is up next for a rework because his audio/appearance couldnt be any better, please share what you think, thank you.



  • SnakeSound222SnakeSound222 Member Posts: 3,660
    edited July 4

    I like these add-ons, but I’m not sure if we should get rid of the portal effects without buffing those aspects of Demo’s base kit. A longer portal sealing time, a longer Undetectable duration, or faster power recovery can be useful.

    EDIT: Your Leprose Lichen might cause a problem because I don’t think eight meters is very far in this game.

  • m0rtalk0mbatm0rtalk0mbat Member Posts: 94

    I think its fine, his addons just need more effects that have to do with actually downing players, and not status effects, CD's on non-damaging abilities, and auras.

    Actually "Rat Liver" is his ONLY addon that affects actually damaging players, yeahhhhh his addons need a change

  • GingerBeardGingerBeard Member Posts: 72

    His addons are definitely lackluster imo.

    I want more addons (if not basekit) that reduce or completely silence some of the many sounds he makes. I also like the idea of changing Leprose Lichen to affect his shred, so he has an UR for both his abilities.

    Red Moss would be much better if it completely removed the noise notification survivors get when he uses his portals. The same addon, or another if too strong, could also make his footsteps quieter.

    As for Leprose Lichen, we could go the route of insta-downing like you suggested, but I would prefer something more creative/unique. Not sure what that would be though, so maybe your idea is best.

  • Wubalubadubdub03Wubalubadubdub03 Member Posts: 141

    I always hear people constantly saying LF needed to be buffed/reworked and everyone always calls him weak.

    As for demo, rat liver should be base kit, but he really shouldn't be a priority for a buff or rework. He isn't a weak killer, just not a strong one either.

  • BodamEscapePlanBodamEscapePlan Member Posts: 61

    This is so true that it has almost become a joke. It's clear what they're doing and it's sad that they're pandering. It's ruining a great game.

  • BlindMoleBlindMole Member Posts: 309

    Demoboi rework? So they give him a cool down to his shred? No thank you

  • Swiftblade131Swiftblade131 Member Posts: 1,793

    You misunderstand rework for nerf.

    That's all they are good at.

  • SnakeSound222SnakeSound222 Member Posts: 3,660
    edited July 4

    Yeah his add-ons definitely need a change. A lot of them are very lackluster (+1 second to Undetectable for a very rare add-on is pathetic). I've been wanting more Shred add-ons since Demo released. However, the portal effects can be helpful, which is why I want to buff those aspects of Demo's base kit (portal sealing time, power recovery speed, power detection radius, etc) when changing its add-ons to be more Shred-oriented.

    Also Demo needs to be quiet. It ruins the Undetectable effect when you hear a loud stomping noise. Hearing Demo’s roars and growls across the map when attacking or getting stunned is incredibly stupid and basically tells everyone it’s safe to do gens.

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  • MusicNerd_TCMusicNerd_TC Member Posts: 3,089

    Survivors shouldn't be able to seal his portals. Rat liver should definitely be basekit as well. Reduce his sounds, so the whole map can't hear him. Done, demo is better. He already is a solid killer though.

  • NuclearBurritoNuclearBurrito Member Posts: 6,735

    Don't ask for addon changes. Those come with a basekit power tax

  • MiniPixelsMiniPixels Member Posts: 380

    Over the past months since Demogorgon's release I have become very acquainted with everything about him and his playstyle, I've played him more consistently than any other killer and he is only person that stopped me from maining Myers since launch. I'm currently in the top 50 for most downs using shred, and I honestly think that demo will be my main for the rest of this games life. I 100% agree with what your saying, I really don't think demo needs to be changed in any way , he's an underused killer that seems weak to many but when used correctly is a very scary threat. What does need to be changed is his add-ons, whether or not rat-liver becomes base kit is up to the devs but demo has some of the worst and most boring add-ons in the entire game and they need some attention, I really like the ideas you've proposed and agree that more of his add-ons need to alter his shred which is his main mechanic, not his portals. But I must restate this, that they cannot change his base-kit in any way, only his add-ons I don't want a [BAD WORD] cool-down on his shred, demo is underused enough-thank you. Sorry for the short essay just wanted to let you know that you have some great ideas that I think most top level demo players will agree with.

  • m0rtalk0mbatm0rtalk0mbat Member Posts: 94

    Thank you, now the real issue though is getting the developers to actually implement any of these changes.

    No one should have to gloss over their addons and notice a brown common is missing and say "Dang, cant play him until i get more of those from the bloodweb".

    You lose about 99% of your mindgame potential without Rat Liver equipped so id say its necessary in playing him.

  • Flarefire_XxFlarefire_Xx Member Posts: 353

    You basically just removed most of the portal addons and now they are all shred, which isn’t the main part of his ability, he dosent need an actual rework, he needs a go over on his addons, especially considering his best addon is grey

  • m0rtalk0mbatm0rtalk0mbat Member Posts: 94

    Yeah this is really unfortunate. All the new ultra-rares are pretty horrible, even the proposed Billy rework ultrarare looks like total garbage.

    Im guessing next up is Iri hatchets on the nerf list, i doubt they are going to have any good ultra-rare addons anymore.

  • ГолубойГолубой Member Posts: 126

    II just want him to be in a good state so more people play him. His chase music is so good (but maybe that's because I don't hear it often enough).

  • m0rtalk0mbatm0rtalk0mbat Member Posts: 94

    Nah his musics great, really dreadful and scary. His addons just need a rework, hopefully the devs have him up next on reworks.

  • copperslycoppersly Member Posts: 2,162


    OP if you argue that Rat Liver should be basekit because of how he needs it, then surely you see the problem with introducing things like reduce shred charge time? They'll become the next mandatory addons to run. We should try to avoid things like that.

  • m0rtalk0mbatm0rtalk0mbat Member Posts: 94

    As i mentioned in my first post, Rat Liver should be made a part of his base kit and none of the other addons should affect "movement while charging shred". All my suggestions are other various effects that would be way better than what he has now.

  • copperslycoppersly Member Posts: 2,162
    edited July 5

    I never said anything about movement.

    When Demo first came out I thought I was going to main him. Shred looked like an amazing chase ability, but unfortunately the charge time is just too long for me to find any use in. With that being a fundamental drawback to shred (it's charge time, not movement speed) any addons that would make it better (take less time to actually charge and use it) then everyone would run it because it's such a game changer to his kit. It would have to be ultra rare at the very least.

    I don't want to see another killer have more of Nurse's problems. You don't want to be forced into using two addons every game. At least with Rat Liver you can run another addon. But yes I agree it should be basekit so you have more freedom in addons.

    Ah, to have freedom to pick different addons each game. I miss that. *cries in CD addons & sad blink noises*

  • Mak0Mak0 Member Posts: 229

    All survivors getting exposed when the Demogorgon travels through a portal is too powerful no thanks

  • ImJustABeeBroImJustABeeBro Member Posts: 88

    also Remove the sound queue when teleporting and op would you change anything about his perks (besides surge his perks are trash)

  • m0rtalk0mbatm0rtalk0mbat Member Posts: 94

    The sound que is fine assuming his addons actually gave portal usage exposed effect on people.

    Yes his perks are horrible, even surge is borderline useless with the limited 32m range. It should simply cause a flat 10% regression on all gens mapwide but not cause regression status like kicking it would.

    Cruel Limits should disable all vault/pallet areas while a survivor is working on a generator, NOT when its FINISHED, thats ABSURD. You would have to get so lucky to even use that perk at all.

    Mindbreaker should be a 60 second debuff for working on a generator regardless of its progress. Its not overpowered to have 1 killer perk counter 4 potential survivor perks, thats actually perfectly balanced.

  • wisdomwielderwisdomwielder Member Posts: 280

    i tried playing him again today (with rat liver) and I remembered why i haven't played him in so long. He's just so damn clunky and hard to use effectively. Feels like no matter what I do, I can never apply enough pressure to survivors, even if I'm hitting a majority of my shreds or even when I play dirty. Some better addons and basekit rat liver might help but I still think he needs something more. Compared to many of the other BETTER killers at my disposal he just feels so damn weak. I hope he gets a buff or something.

  • SnakeSound222SnakeSound222 Member Posts: 3,660
    edited July 5

    They hurt Demo a lot. Decent Survivors will hear the screech and immediately know they’re safe to work on gens because someone is being chased. The louder footsteps mess up its Undetectable effect. You can’t be stealthy when the Survivors can hear you coming from a mile away. Of course the sound effects won’t hurt you against bad Survivors, it’s not hard to get them to fall for a lot of things. The only map wide audio cue that could work is the teleportation cue because it acts like Wraith’s Bone Clapper add-on (make each Survivor think you’re on top of them). The audio is one of the things that BHVR should buff when taking a look at Demogorgon.

  • Hag.is.DtierHag.is.Dtier Member Posts: 1,397
    edited July 5

    Doesn't need one, just make rat liver base kit and silent when undetectable.

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