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PH as the same broken issue than deathslinger as if not worst

GonourakutoGonourakuto Member Posts: 109
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those killers have no actual counters if they can land their abilities there is no chance for the survivors to do anything about it , there is no counter or mindgame its either the killer miss or he gets the hit

tbh PH might be even more OP than deathslinger at leats deathslinger can be hindered by early pallet drop and can't get you easily through them and he isnt as fast as normal killers , PH is as fast as other killers has an easier time than most killers with not wasting time by being able to cage people and easily forget about them and his potential in chase like again deathslinger is godlike if not better because he doenst even care about pallets , PH should get slow when he make trenches he shouldnt be able to just hold it down and chase survivor like that , because then its either he catch up to you and hit you instantly normally or you find a pallet or window and he just hit you with his "no drawback power"

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  • katoptriskatoptris Member Posts: 1,194

    Going against deathslinger is like playing Call of duty. Pyramid head can't see the auras of cages and can't stay around them anymore.

  • HoodiedHoodied Member Posts: 10,540

    Mate I think I played against you. If you play Xbox then yes i probably did.

    But neither are OP

  • Chewy102Chewy102 Member Posts: 478

    Executioner has what makes (made) Nurse a great Killer. The ability to ignore pallets and windows. I almost NEVER break pallets as Exe and it simply pays off with hit after hit. That alone makes Exe a good Killer.

    Exe doesn't need an instant down when he can land hits at near any loop. Even the impossible safe loops where Bloodlust 3 isn't enough.

    Digging trenches is only in part about tracking. It is a game stall as it forces Survivors to take other paths or crouch over them. Torment is just an added effect on top of that who is, to just put it bluntly, A [BAD WORD] MASSIVE time saver.

    Stealth is relative. Some run Monitor & Abuse for stealth to reduce the terror radius. I run Distressing on Exe to boost his terror radius to give the same effect. Too much information is almost equal to not having enough. While also playing on the facts that Survivors want to avoid a Exe as much as possible due to his ranged attack ignoring pallets/windows. Win win.

    Mobility I agree with. Map pressure I do not. With how quickly you can end chases and how unsafe looping a Exe that allows him to not waste time being looped. Giving Exe more time to pressure more Survivors in total in having overall faster downs, or Survivors needing leading chases over larger areas of the map and likely running into someone else for Exe to pressure more than 1 person at a time.

    Gen defense. There are perks for that added to the listed above with Exe's ability to force Survivors away from him out of fear. No need to defend gens when no one wants to work them.

    The majority of times I see Exe played, they treat him like a default Killer and don't play to his strengths. Using the same meta builds that don't support Exe's wants/needs. Kicking every pallet like normal instead of putting them to use. Spending entire power bars at a time to dig 1 trench. Going for ranged attacks where it is easy to dodge and not in animation lock. Not digging trenches mid looping as means to mindgame, bait, or apply Torment. Wasting Torment for one reason or another.

    Exe is a Killer you need to play in his own way. The idea of not kicking pallets alone is so alien to most players they never think of the fact that pallets are a resource for Exe to use against Survivors.

  • YamaokaYamaoka Member Posts: 3,091

    I get what you are saying. Been playing him day and night since release myself. His ability ignores structures which is why I do not deny his 1 v 1 potential.

    However that's where his ACTUAL strength ends in my book. Most of the time I end chases as quick as it's mechanically possible with him and people still manage to pump out most or even all gens quite simply by taking the hit and running across the map while I'm standing still taking my rangeattack-cooldown for several seconds.

    That is with this kind of movement predictions and aim:

    Again: I'm not saying Pyramid Head is complete trash but other than decent 1 v 1 potential due to his ability that can ignore strctures I don't see much in him. As Bubba I will snowball like crazy if people do just the tiniest misplays. With Pyramid Head they can just keep going after messing up.

    Perhaps I just got too used to having an instadown at all times, though.

  • anarchy753anarchy753 Member Posts: 2,739

    I see Pyramid Head more akin to the Huntress than Deathslinger. Mostly because of the fact that all points on strength on the map become points where you're in a fixed animation to take a hit because you can't turn fast enough. At least Deathslinger can't hit you through a dropped pallet.

    Biggest difference is that Pyramid Head seems to suffer almost no slowdown or drawback to winding up his power where Huntress does, and she's also a slower killer in general.

  • YamaokaYamaoka Member Posts: 3,091
  • LordGlintLordGlint Member Posts: 6,282

    PH has a much smaller range though. While he might be faster than Huntress, if your aim is good with those hatchets...you can beam someone from far away without having to close much distance.

  • Hag.is.DtierHag.is.Dtier Member Posts: 1,397

    If PH is "op" then Demo is "op", since they play the same in chase.

  • GonourakutoGonourakuto Member Posts: 109

    I don't need to post anything i made my point very clear those killers have no counters in chase outside of themselves being bad and missing and thats why its OP , at best what a survivor can do is maybe some erratic movement but it only helps slighty and most of the time it will actually help the killer gain distance on the survivor so its a double edge sword tactic that mostly works in their favors

    cages are the last thing i am complaining about i am complaining about their power in chases being uncounterable and too easy to use they are better easier huntress without drawbacks

    Imagine having no real argument so this is what you come up with

    I play on PC but okay nice try

    if you compare bubba to PH and say bubba is better i am not gonna bother arguing

    all of those "counters" are not counters those are just "hope the killer play badly and abuse their bad plays"

    i don't mind huntress as at leats she has drawbacks and his truly skiiful PH is just an easier stronger huntress

    range plays almost never matters in high rank and are more see as BM trolling unviable plays , huntresses never try to snipe people and most of time will only use her hatchets to get them at a loop when the survivor drop a pallet or vault a window or try to get very close to combo them , the effective range of good huntresses player is very similar and close to the effective range of pyramid head

  • JasuoJasuo Member Posts: 52

    Both @Yamaoka and @NekoTorvic's posts could not be more accurate. I main Pyramid Head and every single word those two have spoken is the complete truth.

    I won't deny Pyramid Head is strong; in chases at least. When you learn how to play against his chase game he feels considerably weaker. He's literally only going to be able to use his power on you at pallets and vault locations, if you gain distance on him and lure him out into the open he's basically caught with his pants down. There isn't a damn thing he can do in that situation other than slowly gain on you, giving you more time to think and make decisions on how to outplay him.

  • TricksTricks Member Posts: 732

    I've noticed that. I happened upon a caged Survivor and they teleported to an undisclosed location.

    So broken lol.

  • GonourakutoGonourakuto Member Posts: 109

    there is no learning to play againts him in chase its always about him messing up not you outplaying him

    him being able to use his power at window and pallets is more than enough and why he is OP he makes the only protections of survivors useless , nurse and huntress do it aswell but at leats both of them require skill , windup to their powers ectect

    "lure the killer into the open with nothing to protect yourself" to do what kms ? its not like he is gonna catch up to me in secs or anything ,this advice is as bad and dumb as the guy who told me once that to counter the doctor all you had to do was run in a straight line without ever stopping like if the doctor was nurse or something PS : doctor and pyramid head arent nurse ruinning in straight lines into window/palletless areas doenst work againts them because flash news they catch up to you

  • Name_UnavailableName_Unavailable Member Posts: 267

    The only problem with these two is "Faking" Deathslinger keep aiming and unaiming, Pyramid Head put his sword and left it.

    making survivors zig zag and just m1 them, which is not how they should be played. the easy fix is to add a bit delay after faking.. other than that DS is good, but PH maybe need a bit help to his ranged attack.

  • NekoTorvicNekoTorvic Member Posts: 151

    "all of those "counters" are not counters those are just "hope the killer play badly and abuse their bad plays""

    All of those are completely valid counters that good survivors will pull off consistently. I do not believe for a second that a counter should require a giant telltale of what killers are gonna do so survivors can do the thing that negates it.

    All these counters are able to negate what the killer is trying to do but you need to actually understand the game and understand the player and killer you're going against instead of just seeing a massive telltale like the killer is some sort of NPC in a single player. The killer needs to predict what you're doing as survivor and play accordingly. You need to do the same against these killers.

    If you put yourself in a position where the killer can make a bad play that's on you for besting them. If you put yourself in a position where the killer needs to make a move, then it's on you to anticipate that move and counter it which you can do with every single killer in this game, and the killer will try to do the same to you.

    If you cannot be bothered paying attention to your positioning, distance from the killer and the killer's power, and just mindlessly go around a box until you press space to drop some planks, don't be surprised if there are killers that can deal with it.

    DBD is a game about predictions and knowing your opponent and your map, as much as it is a game about mechanical execution.

  • GonourakutoGonourakuto Member Posts: 109

    nop i read them all and as a rank 1 survivor those are legit just "hope the killer plays bad"

  • ZeusZeus Member Posts: 1,299
    1. PH is a difficult killer to loop. That's true. But saying that he doesn't have counters isn't. There are a lot of counters to him. It's just different than how you loop other killers.
    2. His only strength is in chase. Still you can hold W and pre drop pallets or bait drops and then drop when he gets baited and stun him. At that point, it's a 50-50 chance. PH either hits you or misses you and suffer a long cooldown/get stunned by a pallet.
    3. Killers should always be in control of a chase. The way you say it makes it seems like a killer should never be able to catch a survivor if a survivor is good.

  • LordGlintLordGlint Member Posts: 6,282

    I've made PLENTY of shots much further than 8 meters as Huntress, which is PH's range. It's not BM in the least to hit someone 20+ meters away. The fact that you CAN beam someone at such range means the mindgame starts alot sooner. I'll hold a hatchet up for abit and make em sweat, whereas you cant really do that as PH. The cooldown of PH's ranged attack means you arnt going to immediately get the next hit, while the cooldown on a hatchet throw is half the reason why she can get the 2nd hit so quickly.

  • Chewy102Chewy102 Member Posts: 478

    If you're out in the middle of nowhere, why would a Exe chase you? It's clear bait and something Survivors have done forever. Draw the Killer away from gens so someone else can finish them.

    What if the Exe doesn't fall for this? What if he uses that against Survivors? That's one reason why I run Distressing on Exe. As people want to gain as much ground as possible, they tend to depend on the terror radius to run before seeing Exe. But if that terror radius is bigger than normal, they waste time running too early and sooner or later start to ignore it. Then once they start ignoring the terror radius Exe is allowed to get too close for them to run away before it is too late.

    I see it all the time in my games as Exe and it simply works. Early game tends to be mostly people running away gaining ground and avoiding me as much as possible, then by mid/late game they just stop caring about the terror radius and Im able to walk right up to them if they don't have line of sight. I also run a very non meta anti healing build and swap targets often. Something that doesn't work for other Killers but does for Exe.

    Distressing- This is to counter early runners to force them to waste more than they needed and as a loud stealth once they start to ignore the terror radius from it almost NEVER going away.

    Coulrophobia- This combos with Distressing very well. It makes it so that once wounded someone REALLY wants to get out of my terror radius to heal. So if I swap targets after wounding someone they will very much likely just not heal at all from how long it will take or run to the very corners of the map before healing. Either way I gain an advantage.

    Deathbound- I use this as my tracking perk and additional stealth. Seeing how Survivors will want to get very far away from me in order to heal, they will trigger Deathbound doing so. Then once Deathbound triggers I know where at least 2 Survivors are and can use that to figure out my next move. With luck I can even catch the healer/s out of position due to Survivor meta wanting to split up. It gets funny at times running bipolar stealth when Survivors can't trust anything.

    Blood Echos- Seeing how Survivors will tend to be wounded longer than normal for one reason or another I might as well make use of that. Blood Echos offers added tracking and removes a number of pesky Survivor perks at the same time. This forces Survivors to want to heal to keep their perks, but they can't heal without either wasting a lot of time or telling me where they are.

    I don't think I have had more than a couple of games who made it to the gates being powered since Exe came out running this build and having a playstyle that almost never breaks or respects pallets. Can't be certain of this, but I can legit only remember 1 or 2 games that had all 5 gens finished playing as Exe doing this.

  • JasuoJasuo Member Posts: 52

    Your first point is why I run Monitor and Abuse on him; your terror radius deceives them both ways. I've been able to sneak up on people because it's smaller out of chase, and during chase they think I'm always on their ass until I fall out of the chase and my radius shrinks back to being tiny and they think I left, had several times where they'd turn around and run right into me because they thought I was gone.

    Also as for Pyramid Head not wanting to chase you if you run out into the open; isn't that kind of the point here? OP said he can't deal with Pyramid Head during chases but if he gains distance while out in the open and there's nothing to slow him down, if Pyramid Head decides to drop the chase and go somewhere else then he successfully won that chase.

  • NekoTorvicNekoTorvic Member Posts: 151

    Then I disagree with you about what constitutes a counter in these types of games. I don't think it should just be a 100% guaranteed thing where killer does this, survivor does that.

    I am a rank 1 killer and usually stay between rank 1 and 3 as survivor playing solo exclusively. I can run PHs and DSs just fine cuz those are the killers i play the most. Sometimes I make mistakes but i can always look at exactly what I did wrong due to lack of practice rather than the killer being impossible to counter.

  • MelodramaticWraithMelodramaticWraith Member Posts: 83

    Lol, imagine thinking Deathslinger is op. xD.

    I love how survivors just want to loop PH and DS as every other killer and If this doesn't work then this kILeR iS oP.

  • gibblywibblywoogibblywibblywoo Member Posts: 1,841

    Break los. Than his projectile is purely luck based for him. AND its slightly telegraphed to avoid it

  • AneurysmAneurysm Member Posts: 1,815

    You've been told of their counters, you can either start trying them for yourself or just keep stating that they're OP

    And contrary to popular belief saying a killer is op, broken and uncounterable on the forums doesn't lead to them getting automatically nerfed. People have called wraith and clown OP on here before, so you're just going to have to learn to deal with them.

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