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Questions about the new Franklin's Demise

Cancan71Cancan71 Member Posts: 508

I'm looking forward to the PTB to see all the new changes but I do have two questions about how the new Franklin's Demise will work.

1) Will Franklin's Demise work on any item that has been dropped or will it only work on items that have been dropped by a basic attack? I could see people dropping keys or other items until they need them if the latter is the case.

2) Will Franklin's Demise work on items in chests? Say for example if someone loots a chests but decides not to pick it up would the perk still steal the item? This would be a hard counter against Plunderer's Instinct.

With that said I'm looking forward to seeing how the changes affect the game.


  • DabihwowDabihwow Member Posts: 1,170

    I mean it usually does for the first one with the current franklins, for number 2 it might, it did say if any item is left on the ground it would be consumed but I'm not sure if it had to be hit with franklins demise? I don't know but that it a good question that should be considered.

  • Cancan71Cancan71 Member Posts: 508

    @Peanits Can you clarify this for us if you're able? It would be greatly appreciated.

  • TheMidnightRidrTheMidnightRidr Member Posts: 366

    Items can now only be dropped from basic attacks, so yes for the first one.

    As for the chests and manually dropped items, I would imagine that they’re safe and that they’re only threatened if the killer makes you drop them.

  • Speshul_KittenSpeshul_Kitten Member Posts: 1,665

    Basic attack

    If people actually read the description of Knockout, it’s actually been nerfed too.

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