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Stridor doesn't work with Iron Will

myers_obsessionmyers_obsession Member Posts: 529

I used Stridor on the Spirit and I couldn't hear one Claudette with Iron Will. My headphones were on full volume but she didnt even breath or grunts while injured. Does someone have the same bug?


  • popolespopoles Member Posts: 824
    I think it is intended for some reason.
  • CoolAKnCoolAKn Member Posts: 677

    Stridor is supposed to cancel out Iron Will to a degree. From the DBD Gamepedia:

    Stridor counters Iron Will:

    • A Survivor using Iron Will I will grunt at 75% (Stridor I) or 100% volume (Stridor II & III).
    • A Survivor using Iron Will II or III will grunt at 25% (Stridor I) or 50% volume (Stridor II & III).
    • Stridor Tier III will also increase the regular breathing by 25%, which is an indirect counter to Iron Will.
  • Nameless_Ghoul_Nameless_Ghoul_ Member Posts: 34

    Same. Couldn't hear anything when standing right next to.

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