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Who else loves Mathieu Cote?

Shazzabam10Shazzabam10 Member Posts: 29
edited September 2018 in General Discussions

Mathieu Cote. :)


  • WarthogFuryWarthogFury Member Posts: 19
  • PeasantPeasant Member Posts: 4,104
    @Shazzabam10 Could you specify what you mean? Love can have so many different meanings.
  • Shazzabam10Shazzabam10 Member Posts: 29

    @Peasant said:
    @Shazzabam10 Could you specify what you mean? Love can have so many different meanings.

    He’s such a wonderful man and a beautiful meme. You gotta love him right?

  • switchswitch Member Posts: 489

    Besides the meme hes nothing imo.

  • VietfoxVietfox Member Posts: 3,826
    Me, the moment he said "go play something else" to that guy.
  • SariefSarief Member Posts: 543
    His wife, right?)
  • Hail_to_the_KingHail_to_the_King Member Posts: 154
    Mathieu Cote is awesome. We should all appreciate him and the devs for what they have done. 
  • SomeissuesSomeissues Member Posts: 1,386
    edited September 2018

    He's funny for sure, I also like him

    if only he streams often so we can see how he plays Killer vs SWF :)

  • FrenziedRoachFrenziedRoach Member Posts: 1,640

    I like that he tells it like it is, even if you aren't going to like it.

    Most people can't handle the truth - but I respect a guy that has the guts to tell somebody to their face to "Get gud" or "Take a break".

    Some of these "gamers" need a slap to the face like that.

  • PeasantPeasant Member Posts: 4,104
    Lowbei said:
    I think hes a pretty good dev so far.
    He has returned!
  • MantaManta Member Posts: 117
    I think he'd be a great boss. Seriously would love to work for him and his team
  • AcromioAcromio Member Posts: 1,587

    His relatives, maybe?

  • BeverlyBeverly Member Posts: 182

    I think he's a really cool and laid back guy! I understand why people may have been angry with him in the past, but we all make mistakes and I can tell he really cares for this game and wants it to go far. @Lowbei Welcome back!

  • Swiftblade131Swiftblade131 Member Posts: 1,793

    I heard he likes CIV 5.

    Personally not a fan of CIV in general, but if you ask him I heard he says that they did a...

    "Pretty Good Job So Far."

  • Cardinal_CopiaCardinal_Copia Member Posts: 138
    Pretty good guy so far! I like him. 
  • Shazzabam10Shazzabam10 Member Posts: 29

    @switch said:
    Besides the meme hes nothing imo.

    How’s he nothing lmao

  • ShrimpTwiggsShrimpTwiggs Member Posts: 1,122
    edited September 2018

    I think he's pretty cool. He's definitely screwed up a couple times but he seems like a nice guy.

    @Oblitiry said:
    I like em, genuine people are pretty rare these days. Now we just need this to be official. 

    This needs to be Mathieu's profile pic.

  • LowbeiLowbei Member Posts: 2,637
    i think hes made a nice product that we all enjoy <3
  • KhalednazariKhalednazari Member Posts: 1,422
    I hate Nea mains, but Mathieu Cote is an exception. His vision has been instrumental in taking the game to where it is today. He has really done a real pretty good job so far. 
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