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DBD Season 3 PS4 Tournament (July 18th, $80 First Place Prize)

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Hello all, and welcome to the fog! This is Season 3 of the PS4 Dead by Daylight tournaments. The setup of this tournament has been overhauled immensely, so the experience should be much more enjoyable. There is a 1st place reward of $80 (USD). The first game of the tournament will start on July 18th, 11AM Central Time. Show up 30 minutes beforehand. 







How To Contact Us

Join the discord server here, https://discord.gg/HvDC7qP , to sign up for the tournament or contact us at our PSN Username.

How To Join The Tournament

In order to join the tournament, you must sign up with a full team. You are not allowed to sign up as individuals. There is a $10 (USD) fee to join the tournament per team. There is an $80 1st place reward. If your team is disqualified for any reason, you will not get a refund. If the tournament is cancelled by us, you will get a full refund. You must be signed up by July 17th. If you sign up before July 16th, and you cancel before July 16th, you will get a full refund. You will not get a refund for cancelling after.

How To Make Payment

Payment will be made via venmo to @OneGiantHammer. Pay $10 to him.

Tournament Setup

Arrive 30 minutes beforehand on the PS4 and invite your entire team onto a party. Make sure the team leader is friends with the moderators so they can join the party. The moderators will invite you to a custom game. If you win, be patient, as other games may still be going on. If you lose, sorry, you are out of the tournament.

General Rules:

  • At least one player on your team must speak fluent English.
  • This will be played with 8 teams in a single-elimination style tournament.
  • Teams will consist of 4 people (with optional substitute and is highly advised)
  • Two teams will play against each other in two games. Game #1 will have one member of Team A play killer, and Team B play with four survivors. Game #2 will have the roles switched. Winners will be based on who has the most amount of escapes in their survivor games. If there is a tie, the team with the higher total amount of bloodpoints accumulated from each of the teams games (adding both survivor and killer multiplied by four) wins. To determine who plays first, we will flip a coin.
  • You are not allowed to face-camp (or very close proxy-camping), however, you can close proxy-camp under three conditions. First condition, all generators are done. Second condition, you have one person slugged near a hooked survivor. Third condition, you know with absolute 100% certainty that someone is nearby once you hook someone, however, do not rely on this condition. Proxy camping someone hooked in the basement is considered face-camping. This is based on the moderators opinion, and this cannot be contested. You will first be warned in game to stop, then you will be disqualified if you continue.
  • You are not allowed to hook the same person two times in a row, however, you can slug them. You can hook a survivor twice in a row if all generators have been done, or if there are three or less people remaining.
  • Survivors may not repair a generator if they are injured and the first generator has not been done. Otherwise, they can repair injured if the first generator is done. You will be immediately disqualified if you break this rule.
  • Hag cannot place traps in the basement or stairs.
  • You are not allowed to use hack-clients or exploits in this game, and will result in an immediate disqualification. Tech’s are not considered exploits (i.e window tech)
  • In the event that a game restart must occur, the team who caused the restart must run the perks and addons they used the previous match, and the other party can change their loadout. If a moderator is the cause of a restart, all teams involved can change their loadout. Restarts are up to moderators.
  • If you do not participate in normal gameplay, you will be warned, if you continue, you will be disqualified.
  • If one of your team members does not show up for the game, they will be given a 5 minute grace period, if they do not show up by then, you are disqualified with no refund.
  • Any trolling on moderator official servers and places will result in a warning, and continued trolling will result in a disqualification/ban.
  • Games will be hosted by moderators.
  • Moderators have the right to ban you from future tournaments.


Quarterfinals: Autohaven Wreckers - Wreckers’ Yard

Semifinals: Crotus Prenn Asylum - Father Campbell’s Chapel

Finals: The MacMillan Estate - Ironworks of Misery

Offering Rules

No offerings can be used.

Killer Addon Rules

The addons you can use is based upon a point system. You have two points per match, and can use those two points on any addon you want. Some addons are worth two points and some are worth one point. Other addons are straight out banned. If you use a two point perk, you can’t use another one; on the other hand, you can use two one-point addons.


Banned: Stitched Bag, Honing Stone, Iridescent Stone, Bloody Coil, Padded Jaws

Allowed one-point addons: Trapper Sack, Trapper Gloves, Strong Coil Spring, Trap Setters, Serrated Jaws, Logwood Dye, 4-Coil Spring Kit, Tar Bottle, Setting Tools, Secondary Coil, Rusted Jaws, Oily Coil, Fastening Tools

Allowed two-point addons: Wax Brick, Trapper Bag, Setting Tools, Fastening Tools


Banned: “The Beast” - Soot, “All Seeing” - Blood, Coxcombed Clapper, “Windstorm” - Blood, “All Seeing” - Spirit

Allowed one-point addons: “The Serpent” - Soot, “The Hound” - Soot, “The Ghost” - Soot, “Blink” - Mud, “Windstorm” - Mud, “Swift Hunt” - Mud, “Blind Warrior” - Mud, “Swift Hunt” - White, “Shadow Dance” - White, “Blink” - White, “Blind Warrior” - White, “Swift Hunt” - Blood, “Shadow Dance” - Blood,

Allowed two-point addons: Bone Clapper, “Windstorm” - White


Banned: Speed Limiter, Carburettor Tuning Guide, The Thompson’s Mix

Allowed one-point addons: Vegetable Oil, Spark Plug, Chainsaw File, Long Guide Bar, Homemade Muffler, Grisly Chains, Depth Gauge Rake, Death Engravings, Rusted Chains, Begrimed Chains

Allowed two-point addons: Primer Bulb, Thompson’s Moonshine, Doom Engravings Light Chassis, Spiked Boots, Shop Lubricant


Banned: Matchbook, Torn Bookmark, Anxious Gasp, Jenner’s Last Breath, Campbell’s Last Breath, Bad Man’s Last Breath, Spasmodic Breath, Fragile Wheeze, White Nit Comb, Dull Bracelet, Kavanaugh’s Last Breath, Bad Man Keepsake

Allowed one-point addons: Plaid Flannel, Pocket Watch, Metal Spoon, Wooden Horse, Catatonic Boy’s Treasure

        Allowed two-point addons: Dark Cincture, Heavy Panting, Ataxic Respiration


Banned: J. Myre’s Memorial, Vanity Mirror, Tombstone Piece, Scratched Mirror, Lock of Hair, Judith’s Tombstone, Fragrant Tuft of Hair

Allowed one-point addons: Tacky Earrings, Boyfriend’s Memo, Blonde Hair, Reflective Fragment, Jewellery, Hair Brush, Glass Fragment, Jewellery Box, I

Allowed two-point addons: Judith’s Journal, Hair Bow, Memorial Flower, Mirror Shard,  Dead Rabbit


Banned: Mint Rag, Waterlogged Shoe, Rusty Shackles, Grandma’s Heart, Scarred Hand, Disfigured Ear, Dried Cicada, Dragonfly Wings

Allowed one-point addons: Rope Necklace, Powdered Eggshell, Bog Water, Pussy Willow Catkins, Half Eggshell

         Allowed two-point addons: Cracked Turtle Egg, Dead Fly Mud, Bloodied Mud, Swamp Orchid Necklace, Willow Wreath, Cypress Necklace


Banned: Iridescent King, Iridescent Queen, High Stimulus Electrode, Order of all classes, All purples, All Greens

Allowed one-point addons: Calm - Class I, Maple Knight, Moldy Electrode

        Allowed two-point addons: Polished Electrode, Restraint - Class II, Discipline - Class II


Banned: Glowing Concoction, Begrimed Head, Iridescent Head, Venomous Concoction, Berus Toxin, Infantry Belt

Allowed one-point addons: Coarse Stone, Bandaged Haft, Amanita Toxin, Yew Seed Brew, Shiny Pin, Manna Grass Braid, Deerskin Gloves, Pungent Fiale

        Allowed two-point addons: Leather Loop, Fine Stone, Yew Seed Concoction, Rusty Head, Oak Haft


Banned: The Grease, Carburettor Tuning Guide, Speed Limiter

Allowed one-point addons: Vegetable Oil, Spark Plug, Chainsaw File, Shop Lubricant, Primer Bulb, Long Guide Bar, Knife Scratches, Homemade Muffler, Grisly Chains, Depth Gauge Rake, Chili, The Beast’s Marks, Rusted Chains, Light Chassis, Begrimed Chains, Award-winning Chili

Allows two-point addons: N/A


Banned: Kid’s Drawing, Outdoor Rope, Red Paint Brush, Paint Thinner, Jump Rope, Swing Chains, Nancy’s Masterpiece

Allowed one-point addons: Sheep Block, Garden Rake, Nancy’s Sketch, Wool Shirt, Green Dress, Cat Block, Blue Dress, “Z” Block

Allowed two-point addons:  Prototype Claws, Outdoor Rope, Pill Bottle, Class Photo,  Unicorn Block


Banned: Amanda’s Secret, Amanda’s Letter, Tampered Timer, Crate of Gears, Bag of Gears, Jigsaw’s Sketch

Allowed one-point addons: Workshop Grease, Shattered Syringe, John’s Medical File, Combat Straps, Video Tape, Utility Blades, Razor Wires, Face Mask, Rusty Attachment, Interlocking Razor, Face Mask

Allowed two-point addons: Last Will, Rules Set No.2, Jigsaw’s Annotated Plan, Slow-Release Toxin


Banned: Redhead’s Pinky Finger, Tattoo’s Middle Finger, Cheap Gin Bottle, Solvent Jug, Cigar Box, Ether 15 Vol%, Garnish Makeup Kit

Allowed one-point addons: Smelly Inner Soles, Robin Feather, Fingerless Parade Gloves, Ether 5 Vol%, Sticky Soda Bottle, Starling Feather, VHS Porn, Bottle of Chloroform

        Allowed two-point addons: Flask of Bleach. Ether 10 Vol%, Sulphuric Acid Vial


Banned: Bloody Hair Brooch, Wakizashi Saya, Prayer Beads Bracelet, Mothers Daughter Ring, Fathers Glasses, Dried Cherry Blossom

Allowed one-point addons: Zori, Shaiwase Amulet, Origami Crane, Gifted Bamboo Comb, White Hair Ribbon, Rins Broken Watch, Muddy Sports Day Cap, Juniper Bonsai, 

Allowed two-point addons: Kaiun Talisman, Rusty Flute, Katsumori Talisman, Katana Tsuba, Dirty Uwabaki, Yakuyoke Amulet


Banned: Smiley Face Button, Iridescent Button, Cold Dirt, Fuming Mixtape, The Legion Pin, Filthy BladePin

Allowed one-point addons: Scratched Ruler, Mischief List, Friendship Bracelet, Never Sleep Pills, Mural Sketch, Julie’s Mixtape, Etched Ruler, Defaced Smiley Pin, Joey’s Mixtape`

        Allowed two-point addons: Susie's Mixtape, Stolen Sketch Book, Frank’s Mixtape, Stab Wounds Study, Nasty Blade


Banned: Black Incense, Iridescent Seal, Devotee’s Amulet, Severed Toe, Vile Emetic, Incensed Ointment

Allowed one-point addons: Prayer Tablet Fragment, Olibanum Incense, Limestone Seal, Healing Salve, Prophylactic Amulet, Potent Tincture, Hematite Seal, Emetic Potion

         Allowed two-point addons: Ashen Apple, Rubbing Oil, Infected Emetic, Incensed Ointment, Worship Tablet, Blessed Apple


Banned: Driver’s License (Broken addon)

Allowed one-point addons: Walleyes Matchbook, “Philly”, Headlines Cut-outs, Cheap Cologne, Reusable Cinch Straps, Telephoto Lens, Marked Map, Olsen’s Wallet, Leather Knife Sheath, Lasting Perfume, Knife Belt Clip, Drop-Leg Knife Sheath

Allowed two-point addons: Chewed Pen, Night Vision Monocular, Victims’s Detailed Routine, “Ghost Face Caught of Tape”, Outdoor Security Camera, Olsen’s Address Book


Banned: Deer Lung,

Allowed one-point addons: Rat Tail, Rotten Pumpkin, Black Heart, Sticky Lining, Viscous Webbing, Barb’s Glasses, Eleven’s Soda, Thorny Vines, Brass Case Lighter, Violet Waxcap, Lifeguard Whistle, Vermilion Webcap, Upside Down Resis, Unknown Egg

         Allowed two-point addons: Rat Liver, Red Moss, Leprose Lichen, Rotten Green Tripe, Mew’s Guts


Banned: Renjiro's Bloody Glove, Iridescent Family Crest, Akito's Crutch, Lion Fang, Scalped Topknot, Kanai-Anzen Talisman

Allowed one-point addons: Bloody Sash, Childs Wooden Sword, Polished Maedate, Ink Lion, Yakuyoke Talisman, Rotting Rope, Cracked Sakazuki, Blackened Toenail

         Allowed two-point addons: Splintered Hull, Wooden Oni Mask, Shattered Wakizashi, Yamaoka Sashimono, Chipped Saihai



Hellshire Iron, iridescent Coin, Barbed Wire, Gold Creek Whiskey, Prison Chain

Allowed one-point addons: 

Jaw Smasher, Marshal's Badge, Poison Oak Leaves, Rusted Spike, Modified Ammo Belt, Rickety Chain, Snake Oil, Spit Polish Rag

         Allowed two-point addons:

Bayshore's Cigar, Bayshore's Gold Tooth, Honey Locust Thorns, Tin Oil Can, Wanted Poster, Warden's Keys, Chewing Tobacco


Banned: Scarlet Egg, Rust-Colored Egg, Lost Memories Book, Crimson Ceremony Book, Obsidian Goblet, Iridescent Seal Of Metatron

Allowed one-point addons: Lead Ring, Dead Butterfly, Copper Ring, Black Strap, Wax Doll, Spear Head, Leopard-Print Fabric, Valtiel Sect Photograph, Tablet Of The Oppressor

         Allowed two-point addons: Forgotten Videotape, Cinderella Music Box, Misty Day, Remains of Judgement, Mannequin Foot, Burning Man Painting

If a banned addon is used during the quarterfinals, you will receive a warning, and the match will restart. If this happens again, you will be disqualified. It is a disqualification in the semifinals and finals.

Killer Perk Rules

All bloodpoint boosting perks are banned: Beast of Prey, Distressing, Hex: Thrill of the Hunt

  • All other perks are allowed.

If a banned perk is used during the quarterfinals, you will receive a warning, and the match will restart. If this happens again, you will be disqualified. It is a disqualification in the semifinals and finals.

Survivor Perk Rules

All bloodpoint boosting perks are banned: No One Left Behind, Prove Thyself

All other perks are allowed, however, the same perk cannot be used multiple times in a match (meaning that two Dead Hards cannot be used between two people).

The exception to this rule is the perks Borrowed Time and Decisive Strike, which can be used on two players.

If a banned perk is used or multiple perks are used (minus exceptions) during the quarterfinals, you will receive a warning, and the match will restart. If this happens again, you will be disqualified. It is a disqualification in the semifinals and finals.

Survivor Item Rules

Only one survivor can bring an item in the game.

Plundered items are allowed to be used, the Skeleton Key and Dull Key, however, cannot be used to open the hatch. If you open the hatch, you are immediately disqualified.

Allowed items:

  • Map (Green) (One addon allowed)
  • Allowed addons: Map Addendum, Yellow Wire, Retardant Jelly, Red Twine, Glass Bead
  • Broken Key (Two addons allowed)
  • Allowed addons: Prayer Rope, Scratched Pearl, Gold Token, Blood Amber, Unique Wedding Ring
  • Emergency Med-Kit (One addon allowed)
  • Allowed addons: Sponge, Self Adherent Wrap, Medical Scissors, Gauze Roll
  • Toolbox (Yellow) (One addon allowed)
  • Allowed addons: Instructions, Wire Spool, Spring Clamp, Socket Swivels, Protective Gloves, Cutting Wire, Grip Wrench,
  • Flashlight (Yellow) (One addon allowed)
  • Allowed addons: Wide Lens, Power Bulb, Leather Grip, Battery

If a banned item/addon is used during the quarterfinals, you will receive a warning, and the match will restart. If this happens again, you will be disqualified. It is a disqualification in the semifinals and finals.

Although these rules have been clearly established, all final decisions are up to the moderators. If you complain about any decisions, you will immediately be disqualified, no questions asked. We can retroactively enforce rules.

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  • slunderslunder Member Posts: 141

    First, what is the point of banning add ons that nerf the killer. This is not that bad, but second:

    how can we tell if your not just trying to scam 10$?

  • OneGiantHammerOneGiantHammer Member Posts: 5

    I don't think we would go through this much effort for $10. Added up to $80 for 8 teams and split between 5 people for only $16. At that point I'd work to get more than that in 2 hours. We worked on this in total, combined with everyone's time, about 40 hours.

    As for banning killer perks, we banned the perks that nerf the killer because of the bloodpoint boosting effect.

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