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Saloon needs a rework ASAP

This is one of the smallest maps in the game by FAR, or adleast it feels like it. All the generators are no more than 7 meters away from eachother so it's impossible to get gens. I've never won on this map a single time, either it's because the map is total dogshit or i'm the one who's dogshit. I think it's the former. I really hope this map is addressed soon, because it is one of the most frustrating maps I've ever played. The pallet placements/gen placements are some of the oddest i've ever seen. God forbid you get the doctor on this map, because if you scream he'll be on you in less than 10 seconds. If the map was 3x bigger it would be alot better.


  • andre70x7andre70x7 Member Posts: 27

    I don't understand why you think that, it's one of the smallest maps I've played. A killer can cover nearly the whole map in less than a minute.

  • 53nation53nation Member Posts: 677

    I like the look of the map, but my survivor teams just always seem to get destroyed here.

    I've gotten this map once as killer. A feng was either afk or pretended to be afk. No gens were completed.

    As survivor, ive gotten the hatch once and maybe 3 gate escapes? Its bleak.

    What I would suggest is just go for the saloon gen at the start. Sure, you're visible and noisy, but if you make it out, you're getting that sweet, sweet trophy. Bronze, ya!

  • 53nation53nation Member Posts: 677

    I agree. Its one of the better maps for killer. The level is so damn bright to me. That and the gens for the mostpart always kinda spawn in the same spots. Noticeably more predictable than in some other maps imo.

  • BingBongBoi_69BingBongBoi_69 Member Posts: 39

    Nope, it's generally a lot better for killers than for survivors but I think it's a fairly balanced map (I know, unpopular opinion) because it relys on the skill of the players. For example, if the survivors are brainlets then they'll probably get destroyed no matter the killer; but if the survivors are good then they can rush gens, have decent chases and most of them should escape.

  • RoMainPuppyRoMainPuppy Member Posts: 507

    Literally had three gens along the same wall. THREE.

  • andre70x7andre70x7 Member Posts: 27

    I doubt even if you had comms with the other survivors on discord, all with purple toolboxes and brand new parts gen rushing as hard as they could adleast half of them would die.

    To even escape on this map you need a competent team, which these days is hard to find. I find that every time I play saloon killer ######### me within 20 seconds, or someone else on my team gets ######### in 20 seconds. It's impossible to distract the killer for an extended period of time so that your teammates can get gens because the pallet placements are absolute dogshit. The conditions of winning on this map are the following:

    1. be so godlike at juking to distract the killer so your team can get gens and escape
    2. Have a braindead killer

  • BingBongBoi_69BingBongBoi_69 Member Posts: 39

    To win on this map as survivor you should need to be on comms depending on your rank but the 2nd condition is really easy to fill because matchmaking is so bad right now

  • ggezbabyggezbaby Member Posts: 403

    Its balanced in my opinion. You need to go about it strategically. I try to get the gens in the middle done first. Or the one in the saloon, or the one by the killer shack. You'll be better off getting the more risky gens done first, that way it doesn't snowball in the killers favor when he just has to walk in a straight line to patrol gens. Try to do any gen in the 3 gen and you'll be good. There are tons of pallets and loops on this map.

  • calemcalem Member Posts: 462

    I find the Saloon to be a very interesting map. I wouldn't say it's balanced, and that it is fairly killer-sided, but it is nowhere near as bad as some other ones.

    Aesthetically, it's amazing. I think the layout of the map tiles is what butchers it. One side is dead and open space, the other side is a map-long jungle gym with like 58 breakable walls. Moving a jungle gym from that side of the map to the dead side with nothing but bushes and rocks would do this map some justice. I also have no idea why they gave shack a breakable wall to ruin it for the survivors. It's a staple tile in DBD and the devs decided to just make it near useless.

    I have no problem with the size of the map. Size isn't really an indication of whether it's better for killer/survivor (looking at Haddonfield). It's just poor tile placement and gen spawns. I think the totem spawns on this map are the one good thing apart from aesthetics.

  • ad19970ad19970 Member Posts: 4,713

    I actually think it's one of the most balanced maps in the game, with many interesting and fun loops. I guess someone like Freddy or Spirit could be slightly op on that map though.

    The saloon is actually pretty good for survivors with a very good generator. It's probably best to keep that gen so it ends up being one of the last three gens.

  • Komodo16Komodo16 Member Posts: 1,488

    I'm king od the saloon I had 2 killers give up a clown and a huntress I was there all game basically using bottom window and top window. But they didn't break doors so yeah anyone who thinks its bad for killer is dumb if you cant end chases or they get lucky with lots of pallets I can see an issue or you dont have the good perk set up but this map is great lots of filler pallets that have a balanced spawn rate well not lots and none are safe though thats the bad part to me I think of saloon as a fun map you either do good or bad and you have to use your resources wisely or get rid of them as killer like with doors. Its not like the hawkins or rotten fields to me I think this map is not balanced for anyone hut because it can go either way is what makes it so fun

  • TheRockstarKnightTheRockstarKnight Member Posts: 2,105
    edited July 2020

    It's the same as any other map.

    If the Survivors split up and work hard on their Objective, they'll be fine.

    If they group together in a small area they're at a big disadvantage.

    This is further adjusted in or away from the Survivor's favor depending on whether they use loops efficiently.

    On Saloon this just taken to a extreme because of how easily large portions of the map can become dead zones and how close and visible the gens are.

  • xenofon13xenofon13 Member Posts: 1,241

    2 back to back horrible maps. Both looking perfect but the gameplay is trash.

    My eyes rolling back when i get Saloon, Midwich, and swamp maps.

  • thrawn3054thrawn3054 Member Posts: 5,274

    Uhh no it's not. Nearly every pallet on that map is useless.

  • SiberiaSiberia Member Posts: 353

    I feel like the map is way too small. All the generators are in the same area, around the main part of town. There’s like ONE out in the field area. I love the aesthetic but playing on it is absolute garbage.

  • hahadrillgobrrrhahadrillgobrrr Member Posts: 953

    Saloon needs to be nerfed. Easy fix would be making killer movement impaired for 5 minutes. Like cutting half of movement speed off for 5 minutes should balance the map.

  • Zeon_99Zeon_99 Member Posts: 392

    The map is pretty 50/50. The killer has to commit quite a bit to breaking doors or going up to the saloon. I definitely think there are many other maps that need to be looked at before Saloon, like Haddonfield or Asylum.

  • RagingCalmRagingCalm Member Posts: 407

    I really hope this whole thread is a bait.

  • MrLimonkaMrLimonka Member Posts: 545

    The main saloon is a god loop if you know how to run it. To negate it, the killer has to waste a lot of time to destroy all the walls there. I agree that it is a little killer-sided, but if the devs decide to rework it, they must rework maps like Mother's Dwelling or Blood Lodge to make them more balanced, too.

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