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What's your favorite killer in dbd?



  • TheSneakTheSneak Member Posts: 2
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    I love playing Spirit

  • NoneFieldNoneField Member Posts: 9
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    Pyramid head!.

    Mainly by his design

  • Marsauce223Marsauce223 Member Posts: 4
    The Legion

    I've always like the teenage edginess of Legion and he's real fun to play as even if he is underpowered

  • acampingdocteracampingdocter Member Posts: 20
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  • ToppingPanicToppingPanic Member Posts: 74
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    Pyramid Head

  • a105a105 Member Posts: 34
    The shape (Michael Myers)

    *stares at you...menacingly*

  • PoorfuPoorfu Member Posts: 47
    The Legion

    I would say the Legion. I know it's a scrub killer. Or from what I've heard. Normally when I'm the Legion, I can get a 4k pretty easy. With the other killers, it's a little tricky and I end up feeling stupid. Then again the Legion is the only one I really put most of my time into.

  • Kotoura_san94Kotoura_san94 Member Posts: 7
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    Doctor is my go too and i know he is a easy killer to run and he doesnt really need a toxic perk build to get the job done...

  • LounLoun Member Posts: 20
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    I really like the Wraith, for some reason. He really seems like a chill killer.

  • notstarboardnotstarboard Member Posts: 3,696
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    Huntress is my favorite to play, but Pig is probably my favorite in general because she has so much personality with her roar and her squeak. I'm also a big Saw fan.

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  • TheBananaManTheBananaMan Member Posts: 7
    The clown

    Yeah, I'm one of the rare ones

  • f1uffykinsf1uffykins Member Posts: 77
    The nightmare (Freddy Krugar)

    Bro it was funny getting a 4k with classic Freddy and everyone calls you a cheater

  • Top_1SGTop_1SG Member Posts: 5
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    Honestly, Wraith is amazing. He’s probably the most underrated killer in dbd.

  • ClappingCheeksClappingCheeks Member Posts: 17
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  • LapisInfernalisLapisInfernalis Member Posts: 1,940
    The shape (Michael Myers)

    Mikey is the only Killer, who still scares me. I don't see him that often nowadays sadly, but i always like to play against and as him.The first time I saw him again after ages, I got tombstoned the second I saw him for the first time in that match. I missed that so much.

    I hope he gets some buffs though, since he is a bit weak compared to newer killers and Ghostface can do the stalking so much better than him.

    I also like Freddy (he's my Main), his story and the way he looks. I also tried to get good with him and how he really works before the rework. That helped a lot.

  • illiumredilliumred Member Posts: 10
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    The Pig 🐷

    She is quite versatile imo, a good mix of stealth, aggression and control, based on how you want to play or if you want to play all three styles at once.

    I like her teachable perks (Surveillance in particular), it’s not often that I like all of a killer’s personals.

    What’s more, there’s a snoot to be booped 🐽

  • DezzyTVDezzyTV Member Posts: 80
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    Other: I love Leatherface and Amanda!

  • ElcopolloElcopollo Member Posts: 651
    The Legion

    Overall - Legion. Although lots of people call Legion bad words, i have the most fun playing them. So I main Legion.

    For the strength and trial-domination - I feel like Freddy is my only S-tier (Spireh and Nurse are better objectively, but I personally am not crazy good at Spirit and am very bad at Nurse, so they are not S for me).

    For the default look - Oni, because I really like all the japanese mythology and samurai shenanigans.

    For the skins - Doctor is GOD. But Piggy has great ones also.

    For the cuteness - Piggy. That's the cutest f-ing thing I've ever seen in my entire life.

    For the concept - Plague. The whole idea of bringing someone from such an ancient era is very interesting.

    For the bio - Caleb Quinn, better known as the Deathslinger. It's just simply badass.

    For the Mori - Ghostface and I don't care what anyone else has to say about it.

    For the license - Pyramid Head. I mean, I really love Saw and Stranger Things franchises. But I waited for Silent Hill content FOR SO LONG.

    Out of all the OG killers - Trapper is my big boi.

  • BloodyHatchetBloodyHatchet Member Posts: 48
    edited July 2020
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    I'll have to say mine is doctor. He's really fun to play against and play as. His power is cool and when playing killer is really fun.

  • fairfieldismsfairfieldisms Member Posts: 43
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    I love playing as The Wraith and Spirit, but I enjoy playing against The Deathslinger, The Pig, and The Nightmare the most.

  • The_Doctor_2005The_Doctor_2005 Member Posts: 13
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    Doctor 4life

  • yusdacrayusdacra Member Posts: 56
    The clown

    Clown boi is my fav

  • DrBoneSawDrBoneSaw Member Posts: 39
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  • pizzamess11pizzamess11 Member Posts: 149
    The hillbilly

    Until the overheat mechanic comes through

  • PokPok Member Posts: 100
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    Doc (I only started playing him seriously after the rework), or trapper

  • GrimStomperGrimStomper Member Posts: 36
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  • KnightFall28901KnightFall28901 Member Posts: 17
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  • WalkedMoss92WalkedMoss92 Member Posts: 275
    The deathslinger

    The exact same reason why he's my favorite too, except for the part about relating to being a dude with long hair. I don't care about how good or bad a killer is, I just want to have fun with then, Deathslinger is the perfect example.

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