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Whats your opinion on this latest ptb

Curious to see what people think about the ptb. If you can please state why you made your choice.

Whats your opinion on this latest ptb 104 votes

I love it!
Ihatelifeanarchy753Vixleydoitagain_konchokFerixstarxenotimebongbm33gfedMapersonstargazer9Lycaxel 12 votes
I don't care.
DustinSleepyWilloMat_SellaKiPiDito175UistreelTodgeweihtAwkward_FiendnotstarboardPlooshKnoop_Dogg 11 votes
I hate it!
WeedericktwistedmonkeyNext_RaDarkside84yeetRoyaltyNehalennyaDoccyzip_zoobidy_bopNoxeriasKarltastiskStormhaven13TtjboysFengInAThongZerLukaswisdomwielderNiteN_⑨OtakuZeroleemur5Kind_Lemon 81 votes


  • TodgeweihtTodgeweiht Member Posts: 3,666
    I don't care.

    It's not that I dont care, its that I feel on the fence about the changes. On one hand the billy nerf is atrocious and on the other the bubba buff seems amazing.

  • onemindonemind Member Posts: 3,089

    I dont play billy anyway and recently started playing bubba and this happens

  • dragonizerxdragonizerx Member Posts: 1
    I hate it!

    I think hillbilly's heat builds up way too quickly which strictly limits mind games, I think having a bit more time before overheating would be better.

  • OicmorezOicmorez Member Posts: 7
    I hate it!

    F this update

    I recently play the game less and less. I think that I'll straight up just quit for good soon if this is the "balance" we are going for.

  • pizzamess11pizzamess11 Member Posts: 149
    I hate it!

    Why would a nerf to the most balanced base kit killer in the entire game need a nerf, sure insta saw and crack billy were a little op but they could've just nerfed those his base kit was perfect, they even said hes balanced in the patch notes.

  • konchokkonchok Member Posts: 1,500
    I love it!

    No, they said his chase was balanced in the patch notes. You know what's not balanced. When Billy slugs survivors in positions that are impossible to save from then one hooks everyone. The changes that they made make it so that Billy cannot snowball. Did they go a bit overboard, I'm still withholding judgement, but I suspect they'll dial it back a bit.

  • then4321then4321 Member Posts: 219
    I hate it!

    I HATE the UI revert (I'm at 1440p) and I really don't care for the aura change.

    As for Billy, I understand the change to the overheating mechanic, and I like it, but maybe he overheats a tiny tiny bit to fast.

    The only real gripe I have with Bubba is his M1 and pick-up animations are bugged.

  • StrancolStrancol Member Posts: 158
    I hate it!

    Billy changes makes no sense. You can't mindgame and addons are #########. I wish they could revert these changes and nerf insta saw.

    The only good thing in this PTB is Bubba rework...


  • Cancan71Cancan71 Member Posts: 694

    I don't hate it, I think Billy needed some tuning due to all the recent changes like maps and toolboxes, but I do think it's a little much.

    Bubba is being ignored by everybody because everyone is complaining about Billy. I think the bubba changes are good but it's early days. Opinions from the PTB change over time, just like how sabo was OP when it was released in PTB.

    Overall I think I'm in the middle ground. I don't hate the changes but I don't love them either. I do think that some tuning is needed before it releases to live.

  • DingDongsDingDongs Member Posts: 684
    I hate it!

    No more facecamp bubba :(

  • EndstilleEndstille Member Posts: 2,246
    I hate it!

    When you read of people who state stuff like billy breaking everything.. you know they are just potatoes. Billy never broke anything. Glad that another killer is removed from the roster, pick rate will go down like nurse. Utterly unfun killer now with useless addons.

    Well time to main spirit and getting rid of all the moris as soon as dc penalties are activated again.

  • JustalittlepeeckJustalittlepeeck Member Posts: 1,101
    I hate it!

    There is more bad than good. Billy rework, most addons made into jokes. Perk changes are minor, "basic attack only" requirement for knockout is ridiculous. I commend devs for buffing bubba, though these changes didn't address his main weakness which windows (moreover, this rework made it worse since no fast saw now), but at least he can do something except camping, wow.

  • VixleyVixley Member Posts: 54
    I love it!

    Billy changes were needed but the devs went overboard. I don't mind the overheat mechanic as revving as a mindgame multiple times after failing needed to be stopped. However, overheat shouldn't cancel a rev, this would mean that the mindgame can still work, but if you fail it multiple times you can't just go for it again.

    The addons for Billy are a bit odd, I don't mind some but they do need tweaking.

    Bubba rework is amazing in my opinion, I do really enjoy it.

    Oh, also perk buffs are pretty neat.

  • twistedmonkeytwistedmonkey Member, Trusted Posts: 4,262
    I hate it!

    I like the leatherface changes but hate the Billy changes.

    Everything about Billy feels strange. The overheat while nice on paper seems way overturned and makes you only use the chainsaw at certain times removing a lot of the fun going for long curves or trying hits. The roar well that has to go imo as it just becomes annoying and serves no purpose.

  • GameramblerGamerambler Member Posts: 2
    edited July 2020
    I hate it!

    The Bubba changes are great, he needed the love and the Perks changes are also good in my opinion. I will admit I've only played a month so I am not the person to ask about how the add-ons changes or effects. But even with my limited experience playing around with Billy, the overheat mechanic is too extreme of a penalty in the state it is now. I Feel it would be better if the overheat didn't build up as fast, or it only increases as you charge the meter, letting you be able to reduce the heat if you let the button go, but at a slower rate. I feel I understand why the devs made this change, so Billy players have to commit to their chainsaw dashes more, but at least give some room to let Billy mind game.

  • TheOptimiserTheOptimiser Member Posts: 138
    I hate it!

    One of the worst updates ever!

  • Mat_SellaMat_Sella Member Posts: 2,955
    I don't care.

    I mean, i literally cant play it.

  • Kind_LemonKind_Lemon Member Posts: 2,559
    edited July 2020
    I hate it!

    I'm very dissatisfied with their lack of ingenuity and with their inability to see and solve the problems that actually exist. I even forced myself to change my Steam game review for this PTB just to be clearer on how their game balancing and design has declined. I really want to be able to enjoy this game without A. being frustrated in-game and B. being frustrated outside of the game due to nonsensical developer decisions.

  • kingoftheirish1992kingoftheirish1992 Member Posts: 159
    I hate it!

    To bad devs live in sound canceling bubble. Guess you can afford one with all the license killers and outfits they push. Personally like going against good hillbillies at this point a killer protest is the only way to open up their eyes. Either don't log on or just play survivor so no game can be found.

  • DustinDustin Member Posts: 1,633
    I don't care.

    Using the vote option I did to act as a neutral as I have mixed opinions on this update.

    BHVR did an outstanding job with Bubba. The addons are interesting and the power is decent now. I could suggest more adjustments but I feel like right now he's in a spot where I can't exactly complain.

    The changes to the perks are overall good and well thought out for the most part.

    The Hillbilly changes are too restrictive to the base kit and the addons are poorly thought out. Nerfs to insta-saw and being able to go back and fourth between gates in EGC constantly because overbuffed addons were needed. However both basekit and addons were nerfed removing a lot of the fun factor from Hillbilly to play as and maybe even against if he's too weak now. Removes that excitement factor when versing Hillbilly because it feels like he has a leash holding him back now. I could live with basekit staying the same and addons going live but I would hope BHVR could make overheating harder to do just slightly. Overall very dissatisfied with Hillbilly changes.

  • PlooshPloosh Member Posts: 12
    I don't care.

    Its less that I don't care and more that I'm mixed on it. The major issue I have with the PTB is you can't lunge from high areas anymore. Try it with Billy or Demo it just sucks you back. Not really a massive issue, I just think it looks dumb and it takes some of the ridiculous fun out of high grounds.

    As for the actual changes though... Billy overall sucks. I actually planned on leveling him up and playing him before the changes were announced but now I won't even touch him. He feels restrictive and punishing for every thing you do even if you use his chainsaw properly. They flat out punish you for playing the killer. His addons though... oh his addons. Must I say more? In any case, Bubba feels much better to play and I might actually start leveling him past 35. The perks also look really good so I'm happy with those.

  • Boosted_DwightBoosted_Dwight Member, Trusted Posts: 3,043

    I like the Bubba changes but the Billy changes are too much. I think they ruin what made him fun to play as and against in the first place.

  • immortalls96immortalls96 Member Posts: 4,652
    I hate it!

    This joke of a Billy update is unacceptable

  • JordanMaliciousJordanMalicious Member Posts: 340
    edited July 2020

    Bubba changes seem pretty good across the board.

    In my honest opinion regarding Billy, I think this change will be a good thing. If the changes really cripple Billy after people have taken the time to get accustomed to the new play style, I can see BHVR tweaking the changes in Billy' favor or even reverting some of the changes. I get that Billy is apparently the most "level and fair killer" but I just don't agree with that. He has a zero cooldown ability that can instadown, he has some of the best map pressure and his add ons can make him damn near impossible to juke so no matter how good you are, that chainsaw is gonna find your booty. Just my thoughts of course.

  • pizzamesspizzamess Member Posts: 209
    I hate it!

    I'm a billy main that never uses his op #########, what do you think.

  • Awkward_FiendAwkward_Fiend Member Posts: 686
    I don't care.

    Bubba rework is really nice, some of Billy's addons are cool, and the perk reworks all around are pretty good. Billy though... Some of his addons are extremely worthless and the overheat wasn't well executed nor was it needed.

    I'm neutral on it, but with some changes to Billy this could be a pretty pog midchapter

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