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Billy in the PTB is fine

LycaxelLycaxel Member Posts: 2

Seriously people are overreacting that Billy is now dead and what not, if yah would watch some games from people that know how to play him you pretty much instantly realize he is still a good killer.

It's honestly fine that they nerfed him he was a powerhouse since the beginning and the only killer that doesn't need to rely on hitting m1 well times change people so does balance start adapting and stop overreacting this ptb isn't out for long and I'm sure if this hits live servers more people will see that Billy is actually fine


  • Buily09Buily09 Member Posts: 2,132

    No, it's not fine.

    His power is overheating way too much. His add-ons are mostly bad / weak or ######### tier (like seriously, 4.4 m/s for faster charge speed or little bit faster when someone is trying to blind you?).

    They need to seriously buff his power back to not be as much punishing to use chainsaw.

    I saw people allready ruining his power (overheating again) when you want to chainsaw someone and someone have sprint boost (very common perk btw) and this Survivor will just run away, you are forced to again stop your chainsaw, that's btw also eating charges for overheat, great.

  • pizzamess11pizzamess11 Member Posts: 149

    I disagree and every streamer I've watched play him disagrees hes not dead hes still stronger then probably most of the killer cast in terms of effectiveness but hes just not as fun anymore. and it's not like his base kit was op, just 2 maybe 3 add on combos, I would've been fine if those were nerfed into the ground in play mostly without add ons anyways cause crack and insta feel cheap but the overheat mechanic in my honest opinion just removes my reason for playing him.

  • LycaxelLycaxel Member Posts: 2

    Playing as a red rank survivor much saying there are barely any run perks getting used they aren't even meta , again overheating isn't much of a big problem once again like every other killer they need to rely on the m1 so why not Billy why does he need to be the only one that can't be punished for using his ability wrong when everyone else does

    Some of the add-ons sure are not the best like the blinding one but he also needs to be punished missing with his chainsaw

    Now you tell me "run perks counter his new chainsaw" yes so does iron will counter spirit of course there will be perks that counter a killer its good to have counted play against a killer there are a lot of cool down killers like nurse yet they are some of the best performing killers

    Knowing BHVR this comes to the live servers sure tweak the add-ons a bit some of them are lack luster but base Billy how he is now is fine

  • RaymondRaymond Member Posts: 4

    I agree that Billy in the PTB is fine cause the overheat mechanic doesn't change much. I could say that Balanced Landing is not as fun anymore that doesn't mean that it's a bad perk now is it or do I need to make a post saying "RIP BL NOT FUN ANYMORE" I didn't see people like TrueTalent having problems with the new Billy against good survivors. https://youtu.be/W86hRWVF80I?t=1170

  • pizzamess11pizzamess11 Member Posts: 149

    How does the overheat not change much m1lly is a meme cause good Billy's will almost always go for the chainsaw now you are forced to do it, it takes what was fun about billy i.e. chainsawing around the map, and curving and nueters them to uselessness chainsawing is barely worth it now and you cant go to far or you over heat when trying to saw someone when you get to the destination and screw yourself, and curving is just straight dead, they took what made Billy fun made it not viable to do and now going for the safe backrevs is the most optimal way to play him which is just really boring. Then insult to injury almost all his new addons are either near useless or an active detriment to use, the only good ones are the just the reskined old ones.

  • AxeAxe Member Posts: 1,061

    I agree killers shouldnt be allowed to use their power, its tottaly broken. Next up: Wraith can no longer move while cloaked because that is unfair

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