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What I think about the changes as a Billy main.

ZensykZensyk Member Posts: 8

Hey there, I tried to figure out why and what people wanted to be changed about Billy for people who thought he needed a nerf, first thing was add-ons and the second thing was that people felt like he was too opressive by running up to you and just backrevving you with Bamboozle and strong add-ons.

So here is the thing: BHVR hasn't nerfed much about that type of playstyle he can still just Bamboozle a window and backrevv you. They changed the addons to a degree of, yes they are unique but they are super memey. I agree that some of the current add-ons are too strong if combined correctly.

Examples on what I mean: Carburator Tuning Guide with Doom Engravings, or just in general a super low chargerate.

I never felt like any other add-on combinations were really problematic. You guys gutted the Playstyle which was the most fun for people playing Billy, and that is Curving, which now is not really a thing anymore. Unless you want to throw the game.

What I would change after playing Billy on the PTB for 12 hrs straight:

If we keep the Overheat mechanic, I would just lower the numbers throughout the board and would increase on how much overheat depletes in a second. Or something else which would be nice is if Double Engravings combined would work as a combo to a point where you can curve with him still consistently but you would have to suffer a super low charge rate, like atm it is literally useless running those 2 add-ons combined.

Otherwise, do only change some addons, like instasaw and Tuning Guide, leave Billy as is or lower his base charge by a little bit.

I am sad that my baby is being punished like this, that a playstyle which is hard to master and fun to play as/against is being gutted.

I am sure that Billy after this still will be strong, don't get me wrong, but in terms of being creative with your saw... you really can't do anything anymore and he will be pretty boring to play as/against.

Bamboozle on Billy being so strong shouldn't be a reason to why would be nerfing Billy, instead nerf Bamboozle as a perk or rework it. Bamboozle is a really problematic perk not just on Billy. Examples are: Every M1 Killer gets huge value out of it, especially Trapper he can trap the pallet in a jgl gym and then Bamboozle the window and you will get a free hit/down most of the time under that category falls Freddy/Demo aswell. It is actually strong on Huntress which is just insane to me. M1 Killers do need something to help them in chases, I am aware, but since it is so strong on M1 Killers it will be Strong on the stronger Killers aswell. It is hard to design a perk which is good for M1 Killer which isn't insane aswell on strong Killers, for example STBFL it is good on almost every M1 Killer, and it is busted on Spirit or Hag.


Rework Bamboozle instead of Billy, but change his add-ons, don't implement the overheat mechanic which is this punishing give it more playfield.


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