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As a new player, I'd like to share my thoughts.

derppugderppug Member Posts: 239

I started playing Dead by Daylight last month with the arrival of the Silent Hill chapter (and the steam sale). Since then, I've been pretty no-lifing this game and played about 200 hours and reached rank 1 survivor and rank 4 killer. It is easily my favorite game at the moment and the only thing I play, which is surprising considering how much league and overwatch I play. I'd really love to share some thoughts with you guys that I have about the game.

The Pros

  • It's a more relaxed game than the other games I've played and the toxicity feels much less than other games. It is also really nice to not allow typing during the game, which would cause some more distracted teammates to be keyboard warriors throughout the game.
  • There are so many maps and variations of them that it has yet to feel bored because of this. I'm a little over 200 hours in and sometimes I'll still find myself not even completely sure of the best way to loop certain structures on maps. Or I am finally getting to know where pallets might be vs where they always are, creating moments of intensity where I am running through a field looking to check if a pallet spawned there. When I first started playing the first 50-75 hours felt like I was playing as if I was a chicken without a head, running in open fields praying to find a pallet to throw down. Hell, it took over 100 hours to get a feel for some of the more distinct maps (looking at you Haddonfield) and even now the Game still confuses the hell out of me.
  • There are so many different ways to play each role and learning them teaches you how to be more adaptable to situations. This can be from different perk builds aimed at certain styles among the survivors. Or the various ways killers approach the game and the specifics to each one (e.g. Hag wants to control an area and manipulate chases to push survivors into her traps, while the Nurse wants to be extremely aggressive with injuring and downing people with her insane map pressure).
  • There's a lot of different survivors and killers to pick from with a consistent schedule as to when new ones will be released. Although it feels like 80% of the playerbase picks the same things, it doesn't stop you from exploring the huge cast. There is also a range of technical ability among each of them. Certain killers, like Huntress or Nurse, will take much longer to "get good" at, seeing as they have high mechanical skill. Or it might even be a more subtle difference like Jeff being a massive, loud survivor that makes it impossible to hide from the killer, verse someone like Claudette who just blends in. And knowing that new DLC comes out every 3 months always gives me something to look forward to.

The Cons

  • The grind/bloodweb system is too much and seems to just be incentive to keep people playing for as long as possible (,instead of providing more quality of life). This anniversary event really helped me with knocking some things off my list, but I still feel like I have a long way to go. They really need to make this more casual friendly, especially seeing as their idea of DBD is more of a casual competitive game. I think one of the best ways to shorten the grind is make your prestiged character maintain teachable perks from other characters (so your Oni will never lose BBQ or your Meg will never lose Unbreakable). This would still maintain the need to do a lot of grinding, but you can pimp out your favorite character more easily (and then the grind would be more pleasant).
  • The pricing of certain cosmetics seems a bit much. Things that are just simple recolors should offer an option to buy a bundle at a discounted price. I don't understand why someone has to buy Legion's bunny outfit multiple times to play all the different colors. Maybe make the 1st purchase of the set be 1080 and all the subsequent recolors be 50% off. Or offer the option to buy recolors with iridescent shards once you purchase one of the sets with auric cells. This would offer a new, less frustrating grind for players compared to the BP/perk system. Playing for skins does not feel as hindering as playing to unlock perks.
  • Matchmaking needs tweaking. I don't think there is anything wrong with a casual-competitive game matching people with a game that will challenge them like a rank 8 killer verse a team of 2 Red Ranks and 2 Purple ranks did for me. However, SWF that are not only much above my rank AND are playing together feels very demoralizing. There needs to be a system where people SWFing of any kind can only get match with killers above them. So, a Rank 5 and 8 queueing together should only be matched with red rank killers or a duo with two Rank 1 survivors should only get rank 1-2 killers. This would be the only way to make those kinds of matches ,at the very least, to not be insta-autoloss. This can also be said for putting a rank 14 into a game with purples and reds. They just do not belong there and after playing enough, you can instantly spot these players who are far above their skill-level.

The Neutral

  • There is an insane amount of learning to do before you can feel like you can begin to understand the game. For me, this is a very good thing as I will not bore of the game easily. I understand that I'd have to take loads of hours poured into this game until I can finally feel like I am grasping some of the finer aspects of it. I love games like this and always find myself hardcore playing them.
  • You can really feel that BHVR is a much smaller company compared to other bigger video gaming companies. The bugs alone and how long it takes to fix them really confirm that. But I still find myself enjoying the game, despite coming across things like being unable to pick up a survivor who glitched themselves under a hook or not hearing claudette's screams/breathing/hook noises/etc throughout the entire match.
  • The game can make you feel like you didn't get to play due to factors outside of your control. This means that a tunneling, face camping killer will make sure you don't get to play the game by sacrificing him "winning". Or it can be an SWF that is clearly on coms together, so you see people 3 man healing or doing gens consistently through the game. It is frustrating, but the games are so short that they will be forgotten quickly (if you let them).
  • It's hard to make friends in game. The format of this game just does not foster people to really interact with each other outside of that one match. I have yet to make 1 friend off the DBD platform. I don't mind, but I know others might. 
  • The rank system is "too easy". It's extremely easy to get to red ranks, which does not really give a good indication of improvement or as big of a sense of accomplishment as it does in other games. This can be a positive or a negative depending on what you want out of a game. I just wish there was more distinction between the ranks, as red ranks can feel like a huge bag of inconsistency across the board.


  • OldHunterLightOldHunterLight Member Posts: 3,000

    I'm not new but the grind is the reason I keep playing this game, but sometimes I really just want some double BP events.

    Ranks: rank doesn't mean skill, I know people that have played this game like 50 hours and are a rank 1 survivor.

    Friends: yeah it is hard to make friends so I suggest joining the dbd discord, streamer's discord so you can make friends easier.

    Cosmetics: some are really damn expensive but sometimes there are big discounts on non licensed characters.

    Relaxing: this is the only thing I disagree with you unless you just play for fun.

    I can't relax at all while playing killer if I do, most likely I would lose the match badly.

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